Have You Tried Transcription?

Discussion in 'Freelance Writing Jobs' started by EBOMOR, Jan 2, 2018.


    EBOMOR New Member

    In your freelance writing search, have your tried working as a remote transcriptionist? How would you compare it to other freelance positions?
  2. Setari

    Setari New Member

    Transcription is particularly only worth it if you have the equipment for it, namely the foot pedal that can control the speed of video to be transcribed. The rate of pay is pretty bad if you're not working for an actual closed captioning company, and it's also super hard to actually get into a company that does transcribing. In my opinion, it's not typically worth it unless you get a well-paying gig for it and have the equipment for it. I've tried transcribing before and having to constantly pause video and go back and replay parts, as well as getting declined for missing a comma or two is outrageous.
  3. Yummy Fiend

    Yummy Fiend New Member

    Look up Rev and TranscribeMe. I have applications pending for both websites.

    Both look like a good deal from here. I've read stories of people earning poorly, and people getting rejected for no apparent reason. I've also read stories of people making a decent living out of those two sites. In any case, you have nothing to lose but half an hour of your time. All you need is a your computer (with internet connection), a pair of headphones, and a PayPal account. Go and apply!
  4. Samelo

    Samelo New Member

    I haven't tried any of the above mentioned websites yet, so I am also interested in hearing about other people's experiences.

    I think the equipment is not a deal-breaker.

    The pay, however, is crucial. If I am to check out any transcription website, I will investigate about the pay. Is it worth my time? How much can I potentially make per hour?

    For anyone who tried transcription websites, please do let us know about the average hourly pay you are getting. Thank you.
  5. ajwise123

    ajwise123 New Member

    I have not tried transcription, but it is something I've been looking into here recently. Typing is a necessity in transcription. Speed and accuracy is a must during a transcribing session. There are many rules for how things have to be done. However, it seems like something interesting to get involved with. Now that I know what transcribers do, I really see myself going into that profession in the future. I like typing and I'm getting more accurate and faster each and every day. Some days I go to my keyboard and practice typing long quotes. In conclusion, transcription is a neat profession to go into. I say if you have any interest in it, try it out.
  6. roshan98

    roshan98 New Member

    I have thought about transcription work. However, I need to work on my typing speed before I apply.
  7. Kerrijenn

    Kerrijenn New Member

    I have tried transcription it can be a good freelance job. However, it requires can be difficult based on what audio is asked to be transcribed. It requires patience and a keen focus on details. The difficulties experienced in doing transcription can make it frustrating at times. The person may have a heavy accent and it can be difficult to distinguish what they are saying. Also, the dialect may be hard to distinguish.It can be a rewarding freelance job therefore if you don't mind listening to the audio patiently and record what is heard this is definitely for you.
  8. dxtrebun

    dxtrebun New Member

    Yes, I have some experience in Transcription jobs and it is one of so many ways of earning money online and it is a good source of extra income too. I have an experience in typing data and information in my pass work so I used this experience when I apply and do my work as a transcriber. As a transcriber you must have attention to details, must be good on following instructions on how you transcribe the given audio or video and must have patience in listening to audios to be able to transcribe it perfectly, for me these are some of the guidelines that must be remembered when applying or working as a transcriber.

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