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    If you are a chocolate lover like me, I am sure you have heard the news about chocolate being good for you. Is it true or is this just another one of those foods that is good for us one day only to be found bad for us another day?

    Potential health benefits

    Chocolate research has picked up for the past 20 years, and some of the findings are as follows:
    May reduce blood pressure in people who are hypertensive
    May improve insulin sensitivity in healthy adults
    May improve endothelial function, which affects blood flow in the heart.
    May decrease LDL cholesterol levels
    Contains potent antioxidants which protect against cell damage
    May increase blood flow to the skin and brain
    Chocolate milk may help you recover from exercise better than a sports drink

    As you can see the list is long, and as you can also see, the word potential is key. Don't expect chocolate to fix all of your ailments, but if it isn't as bad as we thought and may even be good? Excellent!

    How much chocolate is healthy?

    There is not a recommended level established for flavanols, and that seems to be the compound in chocolate that provides the potential health benefits. Some of the research with the results listed above was done on as little as 30 calories of dark chocolate daily. That is about the amount of one dark chocolate Hershey Kiss.

    Isn’t chocolate fattening?

    Chocolate does contain sugar and fat, which push the calorie content high. As with any food, you need to balance your intake of calories with your expenditure. One of the predominant fats in chocolate is saturated fat, but much of that is stearic acid, which does not raise cholesterol levels.
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    As a chocolate lover, I absolutely agree! I do think it is important to note that the quality of the chocolate makes a big difference. Snickers bars are not healthy, nor are most cheap chocolate candies we can find in the store. They are less pure, and have way too much sugar and other chemicals. Also, dark chocolate contains more of those good antioxidants than milk chocolate does. Always read the labels, the fewer ingredients in the chocolate you are buying, and the more pure the cocoa, the more likely it will be the healthy chocolate you are looking for. It very well may be that a chocolate (or two) a day can keep the doctor away.
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    Oh this one is surprising. Maybe if the chocolates are dark then maybe it's healthy. If not, you will just get fat and your sugar intake will also affect your skin texture. You might get a lot of acne or pimples because of too much sugar. I cannot suggest chocolate as a healthy food.
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    We've probably heard the buzz about the possible heart benefits of chocolate, Especially dark chocolate. The chocolates antioxidant potential may have a range of health benefits.
    In where that powerful chocolates came from? Cocoa is the plant from which chocolate is made. Bitter chocolate is produced by pressing roasted cocoa kernels (seeds). Cocoa powder is produced by squeezing the fat (cocoa butter) from bitter chocolate and powdering the remaining material. How chocolate is produced? Lets know about it by adding sugar and vanilla to bitter chocolate. And hoe about the white ones? It contains sugar, cocoa butter and milk solids. That wonder cocoa do a lots in our body so have some and explore.
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    I am a chocolate lover, i prefer dark chocolate. I eat dark chocolate, not just to satisfy my craving but it helps me a lot with my health. Since I am an anemic person, so every time i feel dizzy or if i feel that my RBC drops, I grab for a dark chocolate. It can also help relieve stress.
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    I love chocolates... I mean I love dark chocolates, its not sweet its kinda bitter sweet but I love it that way. It gives me extra energy and keeps me awake.
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    I choose good quality chocolate. It may sound strange to you, but dark chocolate has nutritional values similar to vegetables. First of all, dark chocolate stimulates your metabolism. Fats and carbohydrates are metabolized normally and do not deposit. Then it gives you the feeling of satiety and prevents you from eating unhealthy snacks throughout the day.
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    I opt for all natural dark chocolate, preferably organic, without the additional white sugar or dairy. You can find these brands in health food stores. I've read that pure, unrefined dark chocolate is a powerhouse of antioxidants and contains the most key minerals such as copper, zinc, magnesium and iron.

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