Health Food Tips From 3 European Nations - Secrets of Norway, Sweden, and Ireland

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  1. For optimal health and vitality, we should be eatingCurafen Review at least 50% of our diets in the form of raw fruits and vegetables. Fresh, organic produce, nuts, whole grains and some deep water, wild caught fish are the best choices for a healthy diet.

    The processed foods that have become a staple in the American family's diet has taken its toll on the health of our nation. American's are suffering in epidemic proportions from chronic health conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and some forms of cancer. All of which have been linked back to the unhealthful diets we are consuming and the lack of nutrients contained in our foods.

    Our children are our youngest victims. Childhood diabetes has never been higher and obesity in children is staggering. It doesn't help that our schools serve lunches that are devoid of nutrition and comprised of processed foods, snacks, soft drinks and sweets. The lack of nutrition they are receiving in lunches purchased at school not only leads to chronic health problems but also can affect focus, concentration and the ability to stay on task at school. Behaviors can be attributed to nutritional deficiencies as well. ADHD, outbursts and other undesirable, disruptive behaviors all have links to poor nutrition.

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