Healthy breakfasts for busy mornings?

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by ejm2005, Jun 6, 2016.

  1. ejm2005

    ejm2005 New Member

    What do you eat for a healthy breakfast on busy mornings? I like to make overnight oats that I can easily grab and go in the mornings, but I don't always remember to make them ahead. What do you eat that is quick and easy but will also keep you full?
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  2. Finman0507

    Finman0507 New Member

    I love smoothies and make myself healthy smoothies at least 4 times a week. My favourite is almond milk with oats and fruit. The fruit can vary from anything from apples, strawberries, blueberries, paw paw etc.
    Oats first thing in the morning is also a great way to have a healthy breakfast that keeps you full.
    Another thing I do about every two weeks is boil 5 eggs on a Sunday night and store it in the fridge. Every morning that week when I am done with my gym session I immediately eat one egg and eat breakfast later in the morning. This really works at keeping full and also helps not over indulging at lunch time.
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  3. AmandaNV

    AmandaNV New Member

    A quick and healthy breakfast for a busy morning is overnight oats! Overnight oats have quickly become a favorite of mine, and are not only quick to whip up the night before, but they're also very healthy. They include old-fashioned oats, almond milk (or your own dairy preference), chia seeds, and 1 tsp of maple syrup. I got this recipe from Kristin Cavallari's book, "Balancing in Heels." You bring together these ingredients in a glass container the night before, and they're fluffy and ready-to-eat in the morning. Another favorite breakfast option of mine for a busy morning in avocado toast. I prefer Ezekiel bread and I spread avocado on top of it, which I quickly mix with garlic, a bit of salt, and pepper. It's delicious and another great, healthy option!
  4. moneyaccount

    moneyaccount New Member

    I'd have to go with either microwaveable oatmeal or some milk and cereal. Both are easy to make, quick to make, and they're delicious. They're also very healthy as long as I don't get anything loaded with the bad stuff my body would rather do without. I even throw in either a fruit or a yogurt just to give myself some more carbohydrates for that extra energy boost. While it might not be the healthiest, I can add in a cup of coffee to my morning oatmeal or cereal and I'm roaring with energy.
  5. Aaronrex00

    Aaronrex00 New Member

    Are you guys talking about oatmeal based breakfasts? On that note...

    If you're looking for healthy breakfasts that are easy to cook, I have a suggestion for you:

    You'll need 2-3 cups of raw oat flakes, a large banana, some ham slices, 4 whole eggs and salt.

    Crack all 4 eggs and put them into an osterizer without extracting the yolk, use the whole eggs. Then turn the blender on and mix the eggs with raw oat flakes until the mixture is thick enough to make pancakes with it. Keep blending and throw half a banana in. When the mixture is completely homogenized, turn the blender off.

    With that mixture you can make up to 5 small pancakes. They will contain about 24 grams of protein from the eggs plus the protein from the oats, which depends on the quantity you use, same for the carbohidrates (including the banana you used). You'll also get about 44 grams of healthy fatty acids, which makes it a really complete meal with all three macronutrients, complex and simple carbohidrates that will provide you with energy for some hours and a lot of important aminoacids, vitamins and minerals.

    I hope you enjoy them!
  6. MischiefMoony27

    MischiefMoony27 New Member

    I always makes sure I have fruit in the house for emergencies like these. Being able to grab a couple of apples and bananas to hold you over can be really helpful and stop you from bad snaking! Of course, having only fruit isn't really a complete breakfast. I buy these healthy breakfast bars that are really good, natural, and nutritious. That way, I can just throw it in a bag in go. Buying water bottles is also important, because you might not have time to get what you usually do. There is no need for preparation or worry that you might be late. Then, you can be focused on what you're really supposed to be working on that day.
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  7. Matthew Bonds

    Matthew Bonds New Member

    I love smoothies for a quick breakfast. I mix oatmeal, banana, peanut butter, almond milk, cocoa powder, honey and ice and it taste like a milkshake. If you put all your dry ingredients in a cup the night before all you have to do is dump it in the blender and go.
  8. juliemarie07

    juliemarie07 New Member

    Since I have to catch a bus at six every morning to go to school my favorite quick breakfast are smoothies. They're healthy and keep me full for a long period of time . Not to mention you can put whatever you desire in it. I usually make mine with a package of frozen mixed fruits , coconut milk, and whey protein (to help get my metabolism going). If I don't use coconut milk I use orange juice because I love the taste that gives my smoothie as well. Another thing I like to do is boil eggs the night before, peel them, and place them in the fridge. That way when i wake up in the morning I already have eggs done. Along with that I usually eat a rice cake with peanut butter.
  9. Mbelfernandes

    Mbelfernandes New Member

    Oats are great because they are full of carbs, which are easy to burn, and give us that energy boost to start a busy morning. When I know I am gonna have one of those “Can’t talk, I’m on a rush” mornings, I try to get things ready on the night before, but let’s be honest... Sometimes, I’m Just too lazy. So I have a fail proof routine (and recipe) for those moments.

    I always keep oats, and granola on an easy to use canister (no fussing with paper box tabs or plastic bags). I only buy fruits for the week, so they are always fresh, and washed (sometimes even diced). That helps to keep everything easy to handle.

    In the morning, all I have to do is: throw everything into the blender, and from the blender into one of those gym bottles. I get a super healthy smoothie breakfast ready in 5 minutes. Oh, and the recipe: Any fruit you like; 1 – 2 Cups of milk, Oats or granola, Honey or sugar (for sweetening). It’s breakfast in a bottle!

    That is how I get a super easy, super healthy breakfast to go, ready in 5 minutes or less. Hope this helps.

    y make you gain more weight. When you burn a lot of energy, but produce very little of it, your brain tells your body to stockup on anything available. The day you don’t excercise, and don’t skip meals, your body will turn all that food into fat for its energy bank. Ever heard the expression “better safe than sorry”?

    My advice to someone who wants to lose weight without fasting is, go to a professional dietician. Only a Professional will be able to set you on a healthy diet, that will help you to reach the results you want. If you can’t hire a dietician, than do what serious athletes do: Eat lots of fibers to build muscles, and eat carbs (carbs only) before trainings. Have you ever seen runners eating cooked pasta (plain, with no sauce) before a race? They do that because it helps to build up on easy to burn energy for the extra load of exercise.
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  10. Scott Pechacek

    Scott Pechacek New Member

    Smoothies are super clutch for busy mornings when you want to eat healthy but don't have time to prepare a full meal. They only take about five minutes to prepare, and another perk is that you can sneak greens such as spinach and kale into your smoothie without tasting them.

    One thing you can do to reduce prep time is put everything you will want in your smoothie into a bag ahead of time, and then put that bag in the freezer. Then, you can just take that bag out of the freezer in the morning and dump everything right into your blender. It requires a little planning ahead of time, like at the beginning of each week, but makes the whole process so quick and easy afterwards.

    I personally love making chocalate and peanut butter smoothies, because they taste very similar to a Reese's peanut butter cup. I put in a banana, peanut butter, chocolate protein powder, milk, ice, and then different types of greens (usually kale and spinach). The smoothie tastes great, and is also ridiculously healthy.
  11. koenjiemily

    koenjiemily New Member

    I live on protein bars for the morning. And coffee. But I guess I feel lucky enough to get dressed on most days (I am SO not a morning person lol!)

    Yogurt and granola is also A+ in my book. A nice full fat greek yogurt with some good protein to start the day!
  12. stranger_07

    stranger_07 Member

    Eating something healthy in the morning is a must because breakfast is the most important meal of a day.
  13. vinvill

    vinvill New Member

    Cereals,oatmeal,granola or if you are on a rush protein bars which usually consists of those ingredients. But always remember dont drink coffee first because it is acidic bananas are healthy for a start or the ones i mentioned above i read those in a recent study.
  14. Crazycale

    Crazycale New Member

    Recently I have been trying to gain some weight and eat more healthy. For breakfast I started eating brown rice cooked with some butter,eggs and broccoli. Throw in some cheese while your cooking the eggs and you have a really filling breakfast with plenty of carbs.
  15. Olivia Wezdenko

    Olivia Wezdenko New Member

    It’s difficult to prepare a delicious and healthy breakfast, when all you might have is 5-10 minutes to eat in the morning. Many days of the week I have barely enough time to eat breakfast due to being busy. However, even with limited time I always manage to prepare myself breakfast so that I have enough energy for the day. One of my go-to breakfast foods is oatmeal, due to the fact that it only takes a quick minute or two to cook in the microwave. Similarly, I enjoy eating fruit for breakfast, as it takes a short amount of time to cut. To add extra protein, I may eat apples with peanut butter, or, a banana and an egg. These are all very simple, quick, and morning-friendly breakfast ideas for a busy morning.
  16. jrl11203423

    jrl11203423 New Member

    Healthy eating is what I been craving for. I have a busy life and don't really have time for drawn out breakfast life. However; I want my heart healthy; and body to look right. So my go to healthy food is fruit. Now that don't sound so exciting for the creative mind; but i love it. The benefits of fruit is healthy and you get some sweetness on top of all that. Ummm Hmmm! Yummy for my Tummy. :D:rolling::sneaky::sneaky::sneaky::sneaky::sneaky:
  17. benjj25

    benjj25 New Member

    Healthy and Delicious breakfast is what I aim for every day. It should be included with a serving of eggs, milk, any fruit, protein and carbohydrates. Smoothie is also an option. Any nutrient added value is okay with me as long as it doesn’t hurt my budget. Oats and Quinoa is should be in weekly nutrient and rice should be at least every other day. I always include coffee as it is one of the healthiest drink in the world. Green tea or chocolate is an alternative. Milk is something I don’t include much in my breakfast diet as it makes me sleepy whenever I drink one. Bread is also on alternate days with rice. Pasta can be at least once a week also, for variety. Healthy soup just like macaroni soup is a go to also with a healthy salad next to it. I’m looking forward for any suggestions out here to improve my routine.
  18. Aaron Strout

    Aaron Strout New Member

    As it happens I've recently switched my diet to Soylent, which is an all in one, full nutrition meal replacement. I know it's not for everyone, but it is so efficient and easy to manage compared to the hassle of cooking a full breakfast. Soylent is also far more nutritious than most quick and easy breakfast alternatives (such as poptarts, etc).

    I have been on a Soylent diet for over a month now, and I swear it is so nutritious that it makes most food taste like empty calories by comparison.
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  19. Joyce50

    Joyce50 New Member

    Egg sandwich
    For me, my quick healthy breakfast usually consist of a cup of green tea, a fruit and a egg sandwich. I always try to have eggs and wholewheat break because that is like my staple breakfast. I am a busy woman, I have to be at work by 6:30 every morning, I don't have time to be slaving over a stove so early. Luckily my children living with me are grown and can prepare their own breakfast when they get up. However if I'm home for like the weekend and I feel 'fancy' I'll get up early and cook a good-old Jamaican breakfast with coco tea and the works. :)
  20. Lost93

    Lost93 New Member

    If I am rush in the morning, like most of us, I usually eat oatmeal, muesli, with milk or yogurt, it depends what I would like to eat that day. On this, I add cinnamon, nuts, almonds, chia seeds or any other seed I want. After that, I'm not hungry for a long time.
    The other one I'm making for breakfast is macaroni with tuna. I cook 100g (integral) macaroni. I extract one small can of tuna in olive oil into a bowl (with oil), I add one cloven young onion, chopped several olives, sour cucumbers, and tomato cherry. Squeeze cooked macaroni and combines it with a mixture of tuna. This macaroni can be eaten hot and cold, with the addition of more vegetables to taste. If you are not a fan of tuna, you can replace it with chicken or macaroni without meat, only with vegetables with the addition of cooked eggs, mozzarella or feta cheese cut into cubes.
    The third meal I usually make for breakfast is rice with chicken. I cook a cup of integral rice and vegetables as desired (chopped carrots, little pea, corn sugar, red beans) and leave it cool. In rice, I add a piece of grilled chicken cut into cubes and cooked vegetables. I mix half a cup of sour milk with half a scoop of mustard and pour over the rice mixture. And here you can add different vegetables, even fresh.
  21. Kalelkent

    Kalelkent Member

    I do not usually eat my breakfast although some say that it is the most important meal of the day. I believe in intermittent fasting, this is giving your body time to digest and make use of the nutrients that you consumed prior eating again. There has been a lot of scientific studies that back this up.
  22. gabgab1218

    gabgab1218 Member

    Fish, Oats, Eggs and Apples
  23. mallorybrownfield

    mallorybrownfield New Member

    Oatmeal and high fat foods can help sustain your hunger until lunchtime
  24. ghednepo

    ghednepo New Member

    My Quick And Healthy Breakfast is SHAKE .

    Creating your Shake is very easy and useful, You can easily put it in your bag and drink it later, Creating your own healthy shake can make you more lean and good looking, Because It Is Healthy. i will give you some tips and ingredients that i used in my own healthy shake, Remember this it is easier to Drink your meal than to Eat your meal, Because we are people, and we are laze. So here are my Own Healthy Shake.

    +FIRST- Prepare and buy the following: Oats, Peanut Butter, Milk, Banana, Frozen Fruits
    +SECOND- Mix it all in the blender and then BOOM!
    +THIRD- Put your shake in some container so you can drink it later.

    Tips: You can add Whey Protein to your shake to add some protein their.

    Benefits: It can add you some weight if you are under weight.

    It is easy right? but it is healthy. So don't underestimate this shake. It have Carbohydrates, Protein, And Healthy Fats
    that you need in body building so go to grocery and tomorrow start your own healthy shake. THANK YOU EVERYONE
  25. kendiiii

    kendiiii New Member

    My go-to healthy breakfast almost every morning is soaked oats. I always start with the same base, 1 cup oats, 1 1/2 cup almond milk, vanilla essence, and a sweetener of choice, all in a jar. From there I go wild. You can top it off with almost anything you like: peanut butter, frozen or fesh fruit, chocolate chips, you name it. After topping your oats put a lid on your jar and stick it in the fridge overnight. In the morning its ready for you to just grab and go.
  26. Cio

    Cio New Member

    Healty break fast is very important in our everyday living because it is our source of energy as we go all day long in our work it has a saying "In morning eat like a king, in afternoon eat like a prince and in evening eat like a slaves".
  27. TerryShorty

    TerryShorty New Member

    Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so it'd better be strong.
    Try to have some protein in your breakfast, because you haven't received any protein for the last 8 at least hours, so your body needs it. Try some eggs, milk or yogurt.
    Don't forget the carbs which will give you plenty of energy to go to your job, school etc. Try some toasts or cereals.
  28. Scyllune

    Scyllune New Member

    Eggs are great if you're trying to eat very quickly in the morning. I've taken to soy-curing egg yolks and serving them on hot rice with a bowl of pre-made miso soup. If I'm feeling like it, I'll make sunny-side eggs, or scrambled eggs with bits of ham I pre-cut the night prior. Omelettes take a little longer, but they'll get you through the morning for sure.

    Smoothies are great if you're in a rush and have a surplus if fresh fruits and vegetables. Adding a little bit of milk, or a spoonful of peanut butter will add some much-needed protein into the mix, as well as upping the flavor. I'm rather fond of blending kiwi, banana, kale, and carrots together. I usually add a little bit of greek yoghurt and honey into the mix for a little kick of sourness and sweetness.

    Sometimes I make breakfast bars that will keep in the fridge for the week. I toss some toasted oats, dark chocolate chips, dried cranberries, flax seeds, and sunflower seeds with a little bit of maple syrup and honey. I pair this with a rolled omelette and some almond milk for a great start to my day.
  29. maryjone

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  30. Enzieeee

    Enzieeee New Member

    It's amazing someone posted about this thing. This is really important specially if we are always active throughout the day. Hey guys! don't ever forget to refuel first before getting into ride of life! cheers.

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