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    Hiya! Howdy do?

    My name is Austen, and I am just getting started with online writing through PostLoop. I live in Seattle, WA with my partner of eight years. I plan on getting a puppy very soon as well, most likely a wire haired Terrier or some form of Terrier at least. I enjoy working with others, especially youth, and educating, touring, facilitating events, all in the realm of programming for educational purposes.

    In my spare time I play immersive games like Fallout, Skyrim, Legend of Zelda, or stare wistfully to the heavens and dream of spaceships. I bounce from job to job, careers are not a thing I have any appreciation for unless I am fulfilled by the work. I've tried the corporate world on, from Insurance sales, to retail management, but writing is home for me. To make even a meager income would be a welcome validation.

    If you desire a conversation about absolutely anything I can keep up or step into the ring on virtually any topic. I love Science Fiction, love/hate politics, have an open mind and can appreciate an alternate point of view based on facts and logic. Conversations over dinner are my idea of heaven, and a scholarly debate is as rousing as any sportsball.

    I hope to make some business connections, and some friends, if they are the same all the better. If you really get to know me I'll tell you where to find my Star Trek SIM for online role players :)

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