Hello Everyone, I am new!

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Tina85, Sep 12, 2018.

  1. Tina85

    Tina85 Guest

    Just introducing myself, obviously I am Tina :). I hope I can contribute to this community. I am not the best writer but, I figured I can improve while posting and engaging thoughtful conversation and making a few extra bucks while doing it. Thanks.
  2. Beatle262

    Beatle262 New Member

    Hello everyone !!! I found out a few months ago that after some 27 years the company I work for is closing its plant here in Illinois. I had planned to remain employed until age 72....so much for that idea. Anyway I don't hold out much hope of finding a new job at age 63 so I've searching online for ways to make some money. I found out about "Postloop" so thought I might give it a try. My writing skills aren't the best but I hope to improve as time progresses. Well thank you for listening good luck to one and all !!!
  3. mark joseph vinco

    mark joseph vinco New Member

    Hi Tina, I'm new here also and not good at writing too since this is my first time doing this, Hope we can help each other. Thanks!
  4. kavitha123

    kavitha123 Member

    Hello everyone!!!I'm new in this website.I'm not bad to write anything in this website.Please encouraging me to do this work very nicely.

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