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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by inf3kted, Apr 12, 2011.

  1. inf3kted

    inf3kted Guest

    Hi, I just only recently joined Postloop and still abit confused hehe :)

    I'm from Australia currently attending university and undertaking a Double degree in Business and commerce & ICT.

    Hope i can contribute to this community :)
  2. Ryan

    Ryan Guest

    Hey, welcome!

    Please direct any Postloop questions you may have here. You have not yet subscribed to this forum at Postloop. I recommend doing that quickly, because you won't receive credit for any posts you make before subscribing ;)

    What's ICT?
  3. inf3kted

    inf3kted Guest

    Woah that was quick hehe :)

    ICT stands for 'Information, Communications and Technology' :D
  4. Ryan

    Ryan Guest

    I was just curious. Sounded similar to what I studied, and I think it is. My degree was in Management Information Systems.
  5. inf3kted

    inf3kted Guest

    Oh, During my ICT course i do believe we will learn about information systems :O
  6. kayeah24

    kayeah24 Guest

    Welcome here at postloop! :D

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