Hello Postloopers! Quickly post where you're from!

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by KYLEBEST, Jun 3, 2015.


    KYLEBEST New Member

    I am from Ontario, Canada. It's cold up here but don't forget we have summer months too! :p

    Where are you from? Comment below!
  2. Alaskathryn

    Alaskathryn New Member

    Hi there, Kylebest! I'm a neighbor to the west/north, up in Anchorage, Alaska. I'd like to say that it can get cold here, too, but I'm so happy that we've made it to summer and are in to the 24 hour sunshine. Life is good!
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  3. Lovelyl1983

    Lovelyl1983 New Member

    Hi Kylebest im from Alabama
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  4. ashlee2407

    ashlee2407 New Member

    Hello! I am from Evansville, Indiana, but due to my husbands job, we currently live in the lovely (using this word lightly) city of Clarksville, Tennessee.
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  5. ngsaga2014

    ngsaga2014 New Member

    Hello postloop.
    I am from Philippines
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  6. Kristin209

    Kristin209 New Member

    Hi Kylebest! :) I am from Stockton California, USA. It seems that our winter season is disappearing. We are in a drought.:cry:
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  7. erbine

    erbine New Member

    Hi all! I'm in beautiful Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Right in the middle of the continent. We have cold winters and hot summers, but our in-between days in the spring and fall are perfect. Today was one of those spring days where everything is in bloom and the whole town smells fresh and clean.

    Kristin209, I really feel for you guys out in California. We swing from drought to flood pretty regularly, but you guys are in real trouble right now. Here's hoping for some rain!
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  8. Kristin209

    Kristin209 New Member

    WOW! Thanks so much erbine for your well wishes! I really appreciate that! :D Welcome to the forum. :)
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  9. jbsperea3

    jbsperea3 New Member

    Hello Kylebest, I am from Upstate New York, but I currently live in Front Royal, Virginia.
  10. Ginger

    Ginger New Member

    Hello everyone!
    I'm originally from Yorkshire in the north of England and have just moved south to London :)
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  11. C0D3X

    C0D3X New Member

    Hai guys, I'm from Kentucky...it's kinda sad so don't laugh lol
    nice to meet everyone!
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  12. Hi there, I am from the UK living near the Bristol area.

    Pretty new here, glad to be apart of this forum :)
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  13. warda afzal

    warda afzal New Member

    I am from pakistan
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  14. Cornelia Amos

    Cornelia Amos New Member

    Hi, I am from Nigeria, Cornel by name, nice to meet you guys!
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  15. fiveboysmom

    fiveboysmom New Member

    I am from the beautiful Northeast Georgia mountains. The southern part of the Appalachian trail crosses near my home and we love the amazing weather and beautiful scenery.
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  16. SarahLGlover

    SarahLGlover New Member

    Hey there Postloopers!
    My name's Sarah, and I'm from Alabama, USA! I can't wait to get to know all of you through the following days.
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  17. Tigger72273

    Tigger72273 New Member

    Hello everyone!!! I'm new here. I'm from the wonderful small town of Eaton Rapids, Michigan.
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  18. MsKinOki

    MsKinOki New Member

    Greeting, Postloopers! I am originally from the great state of Maryland, USA but am currently living the dream in Okinawa, Japan.
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  19. Jackalope

    Jackalope New Member

    Hello lads and ladies. North East of England chiming in here, not quite as exotic or exciting as some of you lot :)
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  20. Jackie Gallery

    Jackie Gallery New Member

    Hello to all! I'm from Virginia, U.S.A. One of my favorite hobbies is making hand-tied-flies (fishing lures). What do you do in your spare time?
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  21. Steve Hall

    Steve Hall New Member

    Im from Leeds in the UK, but am currently studying in Newcastle which is about an hour north from there.
  22. dotsunlex

    dotsunlex New Member

    Good day, Postloopers! I came from a province known to be the vegetable basket of Cebu, Philippines.

    Nice to meet all of you. Happy posting everyone! :thumbsup:
  23. Lois L

    Lois L New Member

    Hi Kylebest,
    I'm from Detroit, MI, but now I live in sunny Lake Worth, FL with the ocean breeze and a big sky.
  24. Maghook

    Maghook New Member

    I'm from Newcastle, Australia but am in Sydney for a few months. Such a busy and bustling place, so many choices of restaurants! I'm loving it so far.
  25. write_lady

    write_lady New Member

    Hi Everyone, greetings from Northwest Florida! The weather has been nice however it's a bit hot and humid. We're at the beginning of hurricane season so preparing the best we can. Hopefully there will not be any hurricanes this year. It's great to see so many people here from around the world!
  26. lchurches

    lchurches New Member

    Hi All! I'm in the mitten state of Michigan. I'm currently in Mt. Pleasant but am moving to Grand Rapids soon for work.
  27. heidi_mt

    heidi_mt New Member

    Hello from the beautiful Big Sky country of Montana! I'm mom to 6 biological children and have been and am currently "like a mom" to many more. I passionate about advocating for children & their rights. I currently work as a Social Media Moderation Specialist from home. Nice to meet you all!
  28. Alfredo Camacho

    Alfredo Camacho New Member

    Hello there fellow PostLoopers! I am from sunny Southern California! I was raised in Pomona, CA, which is about 30 miles from Los Angeles and now I live in Riverside, CA. I love this area and could not possibly see myself anywhere else in the world. I am pursuing a job in politics and although part of me wants to move to DC, I want to stick it out a few more years in California. I'd rather change careers than relocate.
  29. NickiTikiTavi

    NickiTikiTavi New Member

    Hello everyone! I am from Dallas, TX. It is so incredibly hot this week! Can't wait for Fall to get here!
  30. Taz23

    Taz23 New Member

    Hey everyone, I am from Michigan!!! Summers are nice (with lots of bugs) and winters are cold. Everyone is pretty friendly though :).
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