Hello Postloopers! Quickly post where you're from!

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  1. ronsappy

    ronsappy New Member

    hi postloop! I'm from Victorias City, Negros Occidental where Victorias Milling Company - Establish and started to operate on 1919, founded by Don Miguel J. Ossorio. This refinery is considered as the first biggest sugar mill and refinery is Southeast Asia and the country's biggest supplier of refined sugar for it supplies about 28%. The 1st sugar mill in the country to earn ISO9002 Certication. It sugar operations is consist of two mill tandems with a combine rated
    grinding capacity of 15,000 tons canes daily. VMC is built in solid 600 hectare agro-indusrial complex ground with interesting attractions such as old American houses, the first Don Bosco Technical Institute in the Philippines, Iron Dinosaur, the fascinating Carabao Sundial, Old Simboryo and the St. Joseph the Worker Parish Church - Dubbed as the “Church of the Angry Christ”, designed by Raymond Antonin, a famous Czech architect in the 1940 which indulges one’s visual sense of cultural and artistic icon. The church is known to be earthquake resilient, considered as the only architectural piece built by the architect in the Philippines and the only church where Mary and Joseph are depicted as Filipinos in native attire which is unique because it represents the First Filipinism in Liturgical Art. Featured in an international magazine, ‘Life and Liturgical Art’ which became a cultural and religious icon and a symbol of avant-garde art. The Church showcases several art masterpieces like the ‘Angry Christ’ mural painted by the world-renowned artist, Alfonso Ossorio, one of the sons of Don Miguel Ossorio, the founder of the VMC.
  2. p4paul

    p4paul New Member

    Hi everyone! I'm from the Philippines, "The Pearl of the Orient Seas". If you're up for an exciting adventure, then this is the place to be. So far I'm enjoying posting and sharing new stuff with people here everyday. Let's be all friends, and maybe someday you and I might visit each others country and say "hello".
  3. Pwani University

    Pwani University New Member

    Hi? My name I am from Nairobi, Kenya. Just realized that i could turn my passion into an income generating opportunity and that is why i joined postloop. I would like to take this time to welcome all Kenyans and the East Africa community to welcome on board.
  4. marienspiration

    marienspiration New Member

    Good day folks! I'm from Philippines but I'm currently working now in Qatar. Nice to meet you all. :);):laugh:
  5. peppy8

    peppy8 New Member

    I'm from the Philippines! :)
  6. VCastle

    VCastle New Member

    Hello everyone! My name is VCastle from "The Pearl of the Orient" Philippines!
  7. justginger

    justginger New Member

    Hello everyone ! Ginger here from from the beautiful Island Philippine ! A well known country for tourist attractions like beaches, Islands, mountains,caves, Corals and more. Filipinos here are very hospitable , warm and friendly. We
    love to entertain people and show them why the Philippines is amazing Country . Here, we always serve filipinos very own food like Adobo, Sinigang and Kare-Kare are just some of the foods which you will surely love to eat . Filipinos also have a varieties of sweets for a desserts. In sports, mostly boys love to play basketball even at a very young of age .
    We also celebrates many special occassions like Fiestas where in everybody are preapring foods and the houses are open to all to celebrate for the day .

    They said, there's no place like home.....I love the Philippines !
  8. Robin Rosales

    Robin Rosales New Member

    Hi fellow Postloopers! My name is Robyn and I have just signed up for an account. I am from a beautiful country in south eastern asia, Philippines.

    Have you ever tried visiting my country? If yes, don't hesitate to post your comment down as to how'd likely you recommend my country to visit by your family and friends.
  9. violet vhenz

    violet vhenz New Member

    Hi! I am from the Philippines. God bless everyone in postloop. I hope everyone are having fun and enjoys this site as I am. Let's be productive in helping and sharing one's thought because two heads are better than one. Lol
  10. Hi everyone, I am from Saudi Arabia! Burning hot sand and Dusty wind. Nice to meet you all!
  11. Fmattson

    Fmattson New Member

    Hello in from Washington, and I'm glad I have the opportunity to practice my writing skills. Im a beginner so I hope I have the skills that are required to become a full-time member and making a little money on the side never hurt. Especially when it's doing something fun!
  12. Zeleil

    Zeleil New Member

    Hello everyone! I am from UAE, where the weather is mostly summer!
  13. bel

    bel New Member

    Hello guys! I'm from the beautiful island of Philippines. The Philippines is the third largest English speaking country in the world. It has a rich history combining Asian, European, and American influences. As of now the rain has just stops. The rainy seasons starts in June and lasts till October. September and October are often the typhoon season in the Philippines. But I could say Philippines is one of the hottest country (in all terms). LOL!
  14. Koutaroy

    Koutaroy New Member

    Hi there! I am from a small town in Wisconsin. It isn't anything special really, we occasionally have festivals but nothing that fun.
  15. Clean Heart

    Clean Heart New Member

    Hi everyone, i am from the Philippines, the country with 7,641 islands comprising of beautiful beaches, amazing tropical places and hospitable people . It's wet season in the months of June to October, kinda cold in November to February and summer time in March to May. The best attractive destinations here are Boracay and Palawan but there are more to see and explore. Hope my country is your next travel destination.
  16. vy rose

    vy rose New Member

    Hi everyone, I am from Nairobi, Kenya. Nice to meet you all nice and resourceful people.
  17. Karen020588

    Karen020588 Member

    Hi postloop! Karen here and i am from the Country where there alot of Beaches, kind and caring people, alot of mountains and trees! Where you are all welcome, Philippines!!!

    Hahahah! :)
  18. LenaS

    LenaS New Member

    Punxsutawney Pa! Do you guys know Punxsutawney Phil :D
  19. grey.sam

    grey.sam New Member

    I came all the way from the beautiful tropical country of the Philippines! Where everything is more fun! :)
  20. mamaniavel

    mamaniavel New Member

    Hey guys, I am originally from the Philippines but recently moved to the Atlantic coast of Canada, Prince Edward Island.
  21. bzmom17

    bzmom17 New Member

    Hi there, I am from the beautiful Island of Saipan, Northern Mariana Islands.
  22. CourtneyLouise..

    CourtneyLouise.. New Member

    Hello everyone, I'm from Essex in the UK. However have been living in Spain for the last 2 years☺️
  23. Hi everyone! I'm from the Seafood Capitol of the Philippines.A beautiful place surrounded by deep blue ocean Roxas City, Capiz.
  24. Brucewayne

    Brucewayne New Member

    Hello Postloopers! I am from Philippines the best tropical country you could have.
  25. Jason Dickson

    Jason Dickson New Member

    Hey guys! I'm from the Nation's Capital, Washington, D.C.! Busy, busy, busy! Much work, fast paced, but not quite like New York! The home of Ben's Chili Bowl!
  26. remroben

    remroben New Member

    I'm happy to see that there are lots of Filipinos here.:)

    Hey everyone! I'm Remro and I live here in Quezon City, Philippines. It usually rains here in the afternoon which dampens my mood a bit, but hey, we can't do without rain, right?:)
  27. danahabarro

    danahabarro New Member

    Hello people! I am from the beautiful island of the Philippines. where people are very hospitable and friendly.
    sumptuous foods, and undeniably amazing sceneries.
  28. via_1226

    via_1226 New Member

    I am a proud Filipino and I am from the Philippines, my beloved country. To be exact, I hail from San Carlos City, Negros Occidental, Region 6. Life is pretty simple here. Like you can have a breakfast of a cup of native coffee at 7 pesos, pair it with rice cake at 5 pesos or a freshly baked bread at 5 pesos with sunny side up egg at 8 pesos. You can walk around the city which is traffic-free or ride a pedicab at 5 pesos to go anywhere in the city! Vamos San Carlos! Mabuhay Philippines!
  29. TMeeeee

    TMeeeee New Member

    Hi postloop! I'm from the Philippines
  30. kellixkristina

    kellixkristina New Member

    Hi everyone, I from Ohio. Cleveland, Ohio more specifically, the place you either love or hate. We had pretty good weather this year, but it's definitely cold now!

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