Hello Postloopers! Quickly post where you're from!

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by KYLEBEST, Jun 3, 2015.

  1. lynnedawan

    lynnedawan New Member

    Good Sunday to all! Came from Davao Philippines,looking forward to meet some awesome people in the world!
  2. Brklyn.Bruno

    Brklyn.Bruno New Member

    Shoutouts from Brooklyn, New York!
  3. wabuwabu

    wabuwabu New Member

    Hi guys, I'm from Philippines. We only have two seasons here. Sunny days and rainy days.
  4. JM D Looper

    JM D Looper New Member

    Greetings! I am from Alabang, Muntinlupa City
  5. Kingmeezy

    Kingmeezy New Member

    Michigander, Michiganian, Yooper. No matter what we call ourselves, we are all very lucky to be living in this beautiful state. Thousands of miles of freshwater shoreline. The Northern Lights. Delicious food. And friendly, down to earth people.

    And if you’ve never been, you need to come. We love sharing our beloved home with visitors.
  6. Miss Irvin

    Miss Irvin New Member

    Hey all! Michigander here. The state where it can be 84 degrees today and -6 tomorrow in December. Last night, there was a meteor explosion which caused not only a little hysteria but a 2.0 earthquake. Snowing in April now this, i've seen it all.

    LISA SAPIA New Member

    I am from Des Allemands, LA a little German town about 35 miles south of New Orleans, LA.
  8. jerick.newyear

    jerick.newyear New Member

    Hello everyone! Im from the Perla del mar de oriente (Philippines) where we have rainy (befriended tropical cyclones and typhoons) which teach us how to surf and summer that helps us dry up our surf boards and the land to plant trees for the upcoming ones.
  9. norica

    norica New Member

    pilipino her.. hello guys
  10. chdz42

    chdz42 New Member

    Hello everyone, I'm from Fort Wayne, Indiana. The weather can be nice sometimes, however, most of the time we don't know what we'll get. Just this last week, we hit temps of -14 degrees Fahrenheit. The wind chill was around -42 degrees, which is crazy. But on Monday we'll be at around 50 degrees Fahrenheit. So almost a 90-degree jump in temperatures.
  11. Deeyhan

    Deeyhan New Member

    Im from philippines hope we all became friends!!
  12. sylviajasthy

    sylviajasthy New Member

    Good day,

    I'm from Sabah, Malaysia. It locates on Borneo island. We are currently just ended the drought season.
    Sabah is a beautiful place to live and to visit.

    I'm working as freelance bookkeeping, from home. Enjoying my free time with gardening.

    Our state well knows of famous Mount Kinabalu which locates at Kundasang, Ranau. You may visit Sabah by flying from the main capital Kuala Lumpur. Its estimates 2 hours 30 minutes by airplane.

    Happy sharing and posting guys.
  13. Marjune26

    Marjune26 New Member

    Hello everyone! I am from Philippines and it seems that our summer season is starting right now!
  14. RijadM

    RijadM New Member

    Im from Bosnia and Herzegowina , one of the most beautifull countrys in Europe with a good historical story behind it.
    You can search a little bit information about my country Im sure you will like it .
  15. kirbycorpin02

    kirbycorpin02 Member

    Hello everyone! I am just new here and I am from Manila, Philippines. It's hot in here with 37 degree celsius because it's Summer time. What's your weather out there? :cool:

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