Hello Postloopers! Quickly post where you're from!

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by KYLEBEST, Jun 3, 2015.

  1. Ryan Allwright

    Ryan Allwright New Member

    I am also from Ontario, Canada. I live about two hours away from Ottawa in Pembroke. It gets pretty hot here in the Ottawa valley around this time of year.
  2. carsey

    carsey New Member

    Hello everyone. I am from Ohio, where we may not be the most exciting, but we can have every type of weather in just one day.
  3. VanessR

    VanessR New Member

    Hello there friends! I was born and raised in Kerrville, Texas. I currently live in Clearwater, Florida where I have been for the past nine years. Miss home, but this is me living on my own and just wanting something different.
  4. Gussie Yvonne

    Gussie Yvonne New Member

    Hello and good evening. It's 10:31pm where i'm from. It's pretty cold since it's been raining the entire evening. Oh, i almost forgot, i'm from Ozamiz city, Philippines. Sending love to all over the world
  5. michimo

    michimo New Member

    Hey, guys! I'm from Dallas, Texas, the state of 24/7 oven temperature. That's what it's felt like lately, anyways. My inner traveler is delighted at all the different locations we're uniting from. :)
  6. AlexisKovlov

    AlexisKovlov New Member

    Hi, all! I'm Alexis, originally from Anaheim, California - I've moved all over the state since then, and now I'm in the Bay Area instead. Nice to meet you all!
  7. Meowth1339

    Meowth1339 New Member

    Hi everyone, I'm from Toronto Canada. I just joined today after hearing about if from a friend.
  8. Sherry Hodge

    Sherry Hodge New Member

    Hello Postloop, my name is Senaiah and I'm from Maryland. I'm pretty new here, and I'm extremely excited to join this wonderful website!
  9. katiesue0506

    katiesue0506 New Member

    Hello everyone! I am from Oklahoma, USA. It is far from an exciting place to live, but it's close to family. This past year it seems we have skipped winter and went straight in to summer. Our days have been ridiculously hot and it doesn't seem like it will be cooling down any time soon.
  10. Quality_Control

    Quality_Control New Member

    Good evening everybody! I'm from South Africa. It seems like everyone is complaining about or commenting on their local weather, so who am I to be different? Here in South Africa our winter is just drawing to a close. It wasn't the coldest winter by any means, but in the part of the country where I live, we had a few extremely cold days and even a few inches of snow. Yes, it does indeed snow in Africa!
  11. DynamiteDux

    DynamiteDux New Member

    I'm from Mexico City, Tacoland.
  12. Liz Johnson

    Liz Johnson New Member

    Hi, Kylebest. I live very close to you in Buffalo, NY. I hope one day to move, since I don't want to spend another winter here. We have what's called the Lake Snow Effect. The cold wind moves over Lake Erie, picks up lots of water, which freezes, then dumps it in Buffalo. Let me give you an example of what the Lake Snow Effect does. You go to the grocery store. There's a few snowflakes in the air. No big deal. You come out with your groceries thirty to forty-five minutes later and the snowplows are racing wildly around the parking lot trying to clear up the snow that's fallen during the short time you were in the store, and you have to dig your car out of three feet of snow just so you can open the trunk and put in your groceries. Fun! I moved up here a couple of years ago to live closer to my daughter, who lives in Toronto, but I think I'll be moving back to Florida as soon as I can. :D
  13. Shannon Paige

    Shannon Paige New Member

    Hi! I'm from Las Vegas, NV. Sounds great, right? Well, in all honesty, I hate living in a tourist city - especially one with disgusting morals such as Vegas. I'd much rather live somewhere wholesome, where they aren't strip clubs, casinos and bars around every corner. I'd like to go to the grocery store without hearing slot machines; I'd like to walk down the street without seeing an ad for 'hot girls'. I'd like to enjoy what my city has to offer without running into thousands of people from all over the world. Not to mention, the heat is absolutely brutal. It's gotten so bad that I'm afraid to leave my house in the summer for fear that I'll pass out. I'd love to live somewhere cooler, maybe Seattle where it rains a lot. Desert climate just isn't for me.
  14. KCxiPost

    KCxiPost New Member

    Hello everyone! I'm from Southern California. The weather is wonderful here this summer!
  15. CarolT46

    CarolT46 New Member

    Hello everyone! I was born and raised in Brooklyn New York for 36 years, but I have been living in Reading Pennsylvania for the past 11 years now. I really like it here, but I am really missing all the excitement of living in New York.
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  16. Lissalicious

    Lissalicious New Member

    From the United States.
  17. L.Terry

    L.Terry New Member

    Hello everyone. I am here in Eagle River, Alaska. Good luck to all. In my spare time these day's I am trying to get extra income online. :D
  18. Dianekane

    Dianekane New Member

    I'm from "America's Finest City", the beautiful San Diego, California. For me "America's Finest City" isn't just a slogan. It is absolutely true!
  19. Citygirlcoop

    Citygirlcoop New Member

    Hello, I'm from Detroit Michigan. It's been real hot here but if you know Michigan our weather is very indecisive..... So 90 and humid today can end with a foot of snow tomorrow.
  20. Kurkela

    Kurkela New Member

    Hello everyone! I'm from sunny Portugal, a small country but huge in potential. Sunsets are amongst the most lingering memories you’ll have from this beautiful country.
  21. StackMoney

    StackMoney New Member

    Are you quite well, (in my British voice.)
    Florida Gators here!
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  22. missnikki

    missnikki New Member

    Hello there everybody!

    I come from British Columbia, Canada. :)
  23. Kennedy Collier

    Kennedy Collier New Member

    Hey. I'm from Jackson Mississippi .
  24. Honcho.Ja

    Honcho.Ja New Member

    Greetings to my specimens tryna make a decent living! I'm from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, I be that jiggy (word I probably can't say on here) and I welcome all peoples to a discussion with me.
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  25. pinkpunkprincess

    pinkpunkprincess New Member

    Hi folks :) I'm from Glasgow, Scotland.
  26. RemyWay

    RemyWay New Member

    Hi folks, I'm from Phoenixville, PA. To reinforce what Jnena0225 said about the weather here, it's not very good. Mostly because of the humidity. In fact, the only time I like it is when it rains.

    I spent a week in Vegas once, and I think the climate there is perfect! It never went below 100° F, and yet it feels lovely. It can be below 80° F here in PA and you'll still break a sweat just going out the front door, lol.
  27. dorval009

    dorval009 New Member

    Hello from McAllen, Texas! A lot of people have never heard of it. McAllen is in the Rio Grande Valley, which is the area south of San Antonio. We're less than 30 minutes away from Mexico, and it' s extremely hot all the time.
  28. Leah Ray

    Leah Ray New Member

    Hey everyone, I'm in Clarksville TN originally from a tiny rural town in IL. You know the type of rural town, 1 stoplight to the whole place and population 2,000. Been here in TN 4 years now! Love the state, can't say the same for the town but it is what it is.
  29. AllisonJL

    AllisonJL New Member

    Hello, Kyle! I'm also from Ontario, Canada.
    People often forget that the weather gets quite warm here, especially in the southern cities! We get quite the variety in weather when it comes to Canada. Between the chilly winter months and the hot summer days, the temperature spectrum is totally covered where I am!
  30. StackMoney

    StackMoney New Member

    Hello Postloopers!
    Renarda Ford
    Jacksonville, Florida here!!!

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