Hello Postloopers! Quickly post where you're from!

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by KYLEBEST, Jun 3, 2015.

  1. HDartist

    HDartist New Member

    I'm from a teeny tiny town in Southern California, about half way between San Diego and L.A. It's a really rural area (at least two of my neighbors have goats!) but since we're right in between two major freeways, it's easy to get almost anything you need. As much as I like small town life, I would like to live in a bigger city someday. Maybe not L.A. big, but some place where you can get food delivery besides pizza, and there's more than one store open after 10.
  2. Philodhis

    Philodhis New Member

    Hi y'all! I'm from "The place of cool waters"... Nairobi, Kenya. The only major city with a national pack!
  3. Jess Weaver

    Jess Weaver New Member

    Hey there! I'm from the great state of Idaho!
  4. auroraborealis

    auroraborealis New Member

    I am from Cebu, Philippines and it's just hot in my city right now.
  5. olir1234

    olir1234 New Member

    Hello everyone! I’m from Macedonia. That is a small country in Europe. I hope someone knows where is that. :laugh:
  6. mckinney

    mckinney New Member

    Hello I am from the state of Michigan saying hi to everyone here.
  7. VaughnTaylor

    VaughnTaylor New Member

    Hi everyone! This is my first post I am making here and I am excited. I was going to start my own thread with an introduction but decided to just get my feet wet in here.

    I am from a tiny town in Kansas. The town is named after a fruit and everyone has at least one fruit tree in their yard. Just a little fun fact for you. For the past 8 years I have lived in Texas. In a quickly growing suburb that can hardly keep up with the influx of traffic. My husband and I really enjoy our little corner of the world.

    See you guys around the forum!
  8. MakeupDiva

    MakeupDiva New Member

    Philadelphia suburbs, about 25 mins outside the city
  9. dandom

    dandom New Member

    Hi everyone! I'm from Saskatchewan, Canada. It's nice to see how everyone is from all around the world on here!
  10. Writinggirl01

    Writinggirl01 New Member


    I am so far from you, that I might as well be on another planet!

    Just a bit of dry humor in there, but seriously in deep east Texas here is a whole lot different than Canada (not that I wouldn't mind visiting some day).

    Our four seasons are the rainy season, summer, fall, and a cold snap. Granted this year will be my first year experiencing "winter" here, but the other places I have lived in this great state snowed only a handful of times in my lifetime.

    However, I also have been told that it does snow here during the winter!
  11. nani101

    nani101 New Member

    Hey everyone, im from San Diego, Ca but currently moved to the east coast, and i'm loving it. show love
  12. EmmyAdieLeau

    EmmyAdieLeau New Member

    I'm from Ontario, Canada too! I don't know exactly where you are, but where I live, we pretty much have two seasons: Winter. And. Construction...
  13. ReiNyx

    ReiNyx New Member

    I'm in the sunny side of the US, Florida. It's too darn hot here, and too humid -- can I move North already, or go across the pond?
  14. I am from Spring Lake, NC. I recently moved here from Pittsburgh, PA, and I don't think I will ever get used to this heat.
  15. daniashe

    daniashe New Member

    What's happening everyone? I'm originally from Music City Nashville, TN but I'm currently living in beautiful, but dry, Beverly Hills, California. I really miss the thunderstorms and constant tornado watches back at home. Oh, and I miss the intensely colored fall leaves that SoCal doesn't experience. What I don't miss are the cold winters and snow. That's why I moved to SoCal, even though I learned recently that it gets cold here, too, unfortunately.
  16. Feezus

    Feezus New Member

    Hello there! I'm from Turin, Italy. City of excellent chocolate, espresso and good wine.
  17. Habiba

    Habiba New Member

    I'm from India and It's really hot here
  18. Piscean

    Piscean New Member

    Hi everyone,
    I'm from Rhode Island and it is hot and sunny here! We are all looking forward to Fall and lower temperatures. A couple of years ago, we had a brutal winter, so hopefully that doesn't happen again. I don't mind the cold, but I can't take the snow! Since this is my first post, I'm hoping to meet and talk with others soon!
  19. Brooke Ward

    Brooke Ward New Member

    Hello Everyone from Mississippi. :)
  20. Aimee Robison

    Aimee Robison New Member

    Hello Everyone. I am from Ontario, Canada.
  21. IamJek

    IamJek New Member

    I'm from the Philippines, and it's hot here! :laugh:
  22. Rebekah E. G.

    Rebekah E. G. New Member

    From Texas, currently residing in Oklahoma
  23. happylifer

    happylifer New Member

    That's where I grew up and my family lives! Do mind if I ask what part of AL?
  24. happylifer

    happylifer New Member

    Florida girl here! Orlando sunshine is at its finest currently.
  25. Mary Lee

    Mary Lee New Member

    I was born in Goose Creek Tx ( it no longer exists). Raised in Houston Tx., live in Pine Bluff Ar, Arlington Tx, Colorado Springs Co, Manitou Co, Cascade Co, Keller Tx, Denton Tx and Lewisville. I guess this wasn't exactly a quick explanation, but it was thorough.
  26. Shareka

    Shareka New Member

    Hello everyone! I'm from Miami, Florida and I love Vlogger and editing videos in my spare time for my YouTube channel.
  27. Jenny Dy

    Jenny Dy New Member

    Saying hello from Singapore! :)
  28. vrenelli

    vrenelli New Member

    Hi all. I'm from Baguio, the summer capital of the Philippines. It's summer out here. The weather is warm with the cool breeze running through your skin. It rains in the afternoon and it's cold at night.

    Come visit! I would gladly be your tour guide :)
  29. kat2415

    kat2415 New Member

    Hey ya'll, I'm from Kentucky. I am a newbie here but I really like the whole concept. Enjoying it so far and am hoping to meet some great new friends and enhance my freelance writing career.
  30. iamawriter

    iamawriter New Member

    I am from India a country of diversity

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