Hello Postloopers! Quickly post where you're from!

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by KYLEBEST, Jun 3, 2015.

  1. Enigma06

    Enigma06 New Member

    I am from Mauritius
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  2. Enigma06

    Enigma06 New Member

    I am from Mauritius
  3. Sweetdays

    Sweetdays New Member

    Originally, Vancouver, B.C. But I currently live in Las Vegas, NV. Talk about a climate change.
  4. Eka Nitsu

    Eka Nitsu New Member

    Hey, Post Loop!
    I'm posting from the Pearl of the Orient Seas. Philippines!
    Where the beaches today are sunny and breathtaking. It's summer here now!
  5. poisongirl

    poisongirl New Member

    Hello to all you postloopers around the world! I am from Bosnia and Herzegovina (maybe you've heard about it, small county in Southeast Europe, triangle shaped), and I live in one of the most beautiful cities in the world - Sarajevo. I signed up today and this is my 10th post! Hope to write with all of you for a long time!:love::love::love:
  6. bilalahmad97

    bilalahmad97 New Member

    Hello Keylebest,
    I am from Pakistan. Pakistan is a federal parliamentary republic in South Asia on the crossroad of central and western Asia.
  7. milan009

    milan009 New Member

    The country where I belong to is Nepal. It is a very beautiful nation rich in natural beauty. The main reason why many people know this country is The Mount Everest. Nepal is the country where world's tallest peak is located. similarly, Nepal is the country which is known for second richest country in water resources after Brazil. Nepal is a country where Gautam Buddha, who is also known as Light of Asia, was born. Nepal is a country which is in the bucket list of almost every travellers.
  8. Lynette J.

    Lynette J. New Member

    hello, Alaskathryn! I am from Columbus, Ohio. It's definitely not as cold in ohio as it is in Alaska! I do believe the scenery there is killing our trees and mountains. I would love to visit Anchorage to visit the Kincaid Park.
  9. Joshmoy

    Joshmoy New Member

    Hi postloopers! I'm from Nigeria and it's a pleasure to be here. We are currently in the rainy season.
  10. chumzybabe

    chumzybabe New Member

    Hello eveyone, I am from Nigeria, Eastern part of Nigeria to be precise. I am chichi, so glad to be in this forum.
  11. lotusflowerbomb

    lotusflowerbomb New Member

    hi postloopers!,im from the giant of africa where we have diverse form of different cultures,sensational climate throughout the year,thoroughbred ability to get our hustle on,that is why its called the BIG BROTHER OF AFRICA,i just signed up today and i love this.
  12. Taiwo Ademola

    Taiwo Ademola New Member

    Hello to all members of this forum! I am from Lagos state, Nigeria, Africa. A friend of mine introduce me to this great forum and told me i can make money here. I really have to get the bucks here. I guess bucks means money. I am here for real to stay and make it big.
  13. aleumdawo

    aleumdawo New Member

    Hi! I'm from the Philippines!
  14. Plawn1981

    Plawn1981 New Member

    From the beautiful and sunny Southern California is me.
  15. Zeyad

    Zeyad New Member

    Hi Kylebest! I'm Egyptian but I currently live in the United Arab Emirates! Its really hot here :(
  16. osolase

    osolase New Member

    Hi everyone! I am from Ile-Ife, Nigeria. A country with some much sunshine and so much rain. Consider spending your next vacation here. There is so much you can look forward to.
  17. Onyedikachi

    Onyedikachi New Member

    Posting all the way from Lagos, Nigeria. Here in Nigeria, we don't call summer a summer, we call it a rainy season.
  18. Jaymo

    Jaymo New Member

    Hello there, I'm from Kenya.
  19. victorslide05

    victorslide05 New Member

    Hello everyone! I come from Nigeria, the giants of Africa. Nigeria is located in the western part of Africa and she is blessed with many natural resources like coal, crude oil, granite, aluminum and others. We also have a wide range of agricultural produce like yams, beans, tomatoes, chilli, fruits like watermelon, cucumber, cereals like maize and millet etc.

    Nigeria is blessed with two seasons in a year - The rainy season and the dry season. The harmattan comes as a break between the rainy and dry season.
  20. ballyhara

    ballyhara New Member

    Hi there people, I'm from Venezuela, warm tropical country just in front of Caribbean Sea.
    Great white sandy beaches with turquoise water, 24/7.
    Super sunny place, all year around, so using hats and proper clothes is a must.
    Hit me a nice Hello from out there!
  21. Incredibleauthor

    Incredibleauthor New Member

    Hі thеrе, I’m frоm Nigeria.A sovereign соuntrу located іn Wеѕt Africa.Nigeria is a fеdеrаl соnѕtіtutіоnаl rерublіс соmрrіѕіng thirty-six ѕtаtеѕ аnd one Federal Capital Territory. Nіgеrіа bоrdеrѕ thе Republic оf Bеnіn іn thе west, Chаd аnd Cаmеrооn іn thе еаѕt, аnd Niger іn the nоrth. Itѕ соаѕt lіеѕ оn thе Gulf оf Guіnеа, раrt оf the Atlаntіс Ocean, іn the ѕоuth. Thе саріtаl іѕ Abujа.
    I еnjоуеd еvеrу festive ѕеаѕоn especially in thе сіtу оf еxсеllеnсе, Lаgоѕ.
  22. mrkenych

    mrkenych New Member

    Hey! This is a great thread, don't let it die!

    I'm from Venezuela. This kind of jobs are very valuable here. We can earn through internet more than the minimum salary (which is around $30 a month). Some else here is from Latin america? This country have a lot of opportunities and is the incredible inflation that is "killing" us. Postloop and others freelance alternatives represent an exit way for the hard life style we are punished to live in. Aside of this, my country is beautiful in nature. I live in Barquisimeto, a city with pink skies, the musical metropolis of this land...

    Keep posting. We want to know where more postloopers live at.
  23. Khalil A

    Khalil A New Member

    Hello, I am from Morocco. :)
  24. Stella4642

    Stella4642 New Member

    Hello everyone! I am from Guangzhou, China, and at the age of 1, my family moved to the US. Now, we live on the coast of California. Not exactly the coast, but it's a small island very close to the East Bay Area. It's super beautiful here, and we can guarantee at least decent weather according to the season. For example, summer would be hot, but a slight breeze every now and then. You can basically buy whatever you want here. Bags from outlet malls(we have a ton here), different types of candy, brand cars, you name it. There's literally cities known as centers of "selling," like the marketplaces back then. But, yeah, I really suggest visiting the Bay Area some time! Super pretty, modern, nice weather, you name it!
  25. Mayet14

    Mayet14 New Member

    Mabuhay! It's how we greet people from other countries. Though we really don't greet each other like that here in the Philippines. Haha!
  26. Myfurryplace

    Myfurryplace New Member

    Soksabay ! from sunny Phnom Penh Cambodia !
  27. nino gerson

    nino gerson New Member

    Hello!! I'm from Philippines.. Where People are very polite and industrious. We so have so many places here that you can explore and enjoy!! So Visit us now and see.. There is more fun in the Philippines!!
  28. Cecille Eve

    Cecille Eve New Member

    I'm from the Philippines. From a country with 7,107 beautiful islands. Doesn't matter if it's high tide or low tide.
  29. Pb Cates

    Pb Cates New Member

    Hello Everyone I'm from Philippines! :)
  30. Paul Marin

    Paul Marin New Member

    How's everyone doing? I'm from all over but Cleveland is where I was born and live. I was a military brat so shortly after I was born I started my journey. Been to 3 countries, lived in six states, back and fourth between twelve states. Sure its not as much moving as others but it was enough.

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