Help your baby to get rid of cough & cold easily...

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    Follow the below given tips and help your baby to get rid of cough & cold almost instantly.

    1. Gargling with Salt water: Take a glass of little warm water and add a pinch of salt in it and ask your baby to gargle, do it for three time a day, it helps baby to soothe the pain..

    2. Ocimum sanctum: Take a half glass of water, add some carom seeds and Ocimum sanctum leaves boil it for 5 minutes after boiling mix three tea spoons of honey and consume it slowly it helps in relieving chest congestion.

    3. Turmeric milk: Turmeric have antiseptic properties and it is well known to treat viral infections such as cold and cough. Take a glass of little warm milk and add some turmeric power in it and serve your baby at bed time, it helps to get instant relief by stopping runny nose, it also provide energy to your baby.

    4. Soft massage: mix mustard oil with garlic and add some ocimum sanctum leave in it, and rub the oil on baby’s chest very softly, It helps baby to breathe easy and also helps baby to sleep well.
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    Make sure to offer your baby plenty of fluids to keep her becoming dehydrated and to soften the cough. Elevate your child head to drain the mucus give her nasal spray like salinase to loosen up the clogged nose. And allow her to take more than enough sleep.

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