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    Hi everyeveryone, I'm new here and will try to do well.
    Most of the content I produce is in Spanish, I hope it's valid, but I'll try to post in both languages all the content originally written in Spanish that I can traduce.

    Hope all goes fine with this!!!

    So, what do I write?
    Well, I'd say a bit of a few kind of things. I do write poetry sometimes (mostly in Spanish, and this is difficult to traduce), short stories, fragments of larger stories... Well, it depends on the day. Maybe one day I'll decide to share a recipe, or my feelings, something that's happened to me, opinions about different themes, anecdotes from me or others...
    Also, I'm still learning English, so I'd like you to correct me if I make some language mistake (I have some problems with prepositions). Thank you so much!
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    Hey guys hows it going, im new and im def enjoying my experience here, its funny because i usually post to social media but now im like wait i can get paid for posting my awesome content and not just putting it up for my own verbal release? Ha! Im a musician, songwriter, guitar shreddist, im college educated, a certified Pastry Chef and im also dating a super hottie actress that u probably know, if i was to say whom she is but i cannot, So Nice to be here and whats up from Northern California!

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