Hi can we please talk about Umbrella Academy?

Discussion in 'Television' started by alyss225, Jun 1, 2019.

  1. alyss225

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    Please! I just finished the season yesterday and I want to hear all of your thoughts, opinions, theories, likes, dislikes, you name it!

    - I really enjoyed the soundtrack as I already had many of these songs on my playlist.
    - Many parts of the show were very predictable to me.
    - I love Agnes and Hazel with all of my heart and soul.
    - Five and Vanya kind of annoyed me throughout the show, like they had their strong points but I'm excited to hopefully get to like them a bit more in the next season.
  2. krisferanne

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    I have only watched I think until Episode 5 of Season 1. And this is what I know so far:

    Vanya doesn't have any powers or maybe it hasn't been shown yet. And she made a book which tells her life under her adopted father's care or training. I think her siblings got upset when she made the book and they avoid her because of that.

    Luther is something like a beast with super strength. He is I think ashamed of how he looks especially when Allison saw his true appearance. I think Luther and Allison are secretly in love.

    Diego, who is good at throwing stuff, is somewhat like Batman I guess. A vigilante who just wants to help fight crime but I think he is short-tempered. He is a good dancer though.

    Allison has a child from her former flame. I think her powers is manipulating people? I still can't see her standing out among all of the main characters.

    Klaus is a stoner. I can't figure out yet what his powers are. I think he makes the series quite entertaining. I'm not sure if he can really see Six or he just imagining it. On the last episode I watched, he was kidnapped by the agents.

    Number Five maybe doesn't have a name I guess. His character, for me, is quite irritating. And did he just went back to the present to save a mannequin whom he fell in love with? I don't like his character because he is very stubborn and thinks highly of himself.

    I didn't continue watching this series yet because it was a bit dragging for me. And there are still a lot of confusing roles, like the agents. I don't know where they came from and why are they after Five. I also have a lot of questions:

    What happened to them? Why did they eventually left their father? Is Five crazier than Klaus? LOL

    Maybe you can shed some light to what is not clear to me. It might make the series more interesting for me. But please don't spoil me though. I might decide to continue watching it again.
  3. subhan456f

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    At first glance, Umbrella Academy, an upcoming show from Netflix, looks like an amazing superhero series. The characters are (pretty much) orphans, raised to fight crime and do good, but they have to work through their conflicting personalities and confusing family dynamic.

    Oh, and they have to save the world.

    But there’s a shocking moment early in the trailer. The premise is that, on one day, 43 women instantly became pregnant and gave birth. All of a sudden they’re 9 months pregnant, and they go into labor. And that’s just world-building.

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