Hi guys! May I know your hobbies during your spare time?

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Lois Joy Catarroja, Jun 15, 2018.

  1. Lois Joy Catarroja

    Lois Joy Catarroja New Member

    Me, during my free time and when I am in good mood I really love to compose songs and then playing guitar.
  2. bonesmith

    bonesmith New Member

    I keep pet reptiles! I also play the piano, and I enjoy video games, reading, nature photography, fountain pen collecting, growing various houseplants... and freelance work from the computer. :)
  3. Plantgal

    Plantgal New Member

    I love to care for my houseplants. I have quite a collection. I think over 300 plants. They keep me happy and give me a sense of serenity.
  4. newnotions31

    newnotions31 New Member

    Reading, watching movies, and spending time with family. Also yoga - good for health and for relieving stress!
  5. laiza2019

    laiza2019 New Member

    I have done so many things during my free time, but most of all i just listen my favorite music. I love to listen worship songs. With this, i could meditate and i could feel that i can talk and connect to God. But most of the time, listening to love songs is what i like. I feel happy at the same time feeling in love when hearing this kind of music. I could remember all of my happy moments together with my love. Moreover, i make sure that i spend my spare time wisely by giving myself a break from stress and problems in life.
  6. Keoteu

    Keoteu Member

    During my free time i usually Play Games on my computer, workout or watch videos on Youtube and i rarely watch TV.
  7. luklinder31

    luklinder31 New Member

    In my free time, I like hiking, fishing, exercising and I am a licensed pilot.
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  8. singmimi2

    singmimi2 New Member

    During my free time, I love reading mystery articles, learning new skills as well as listening to music.
    I also love to sing as I am a vocalist who performs at various venues every so often.
    My repertoire consists of different genres of music such as Gospel, R&B, Reggae, Pop, and
    Urban contemporary music. Overall, I love all types of music because it is a form of expression.
  9. Ostendosys

    Ostendosys New Member

    In my free time, I like to:
    • Play my guitar
    • Write jokes
    • Play football
    • Go surfing
    • Meet friends
  10. chimmy26

    chimmy26 New Member

    During my free time, I either do nothing at all or a lot of things. I mostly like to just explore the internet, see what everyone has been talking about or just look for other sources of entertainment. I also like drawing a lot, traditionally and digitally. It help me get my imagination and creativity going. Listening to music too, sometimes practicing dances when I feel energetic. I also like to just write or read stories, either fan fiction or original stories. If no other activity interests me at the moment, I end up just sleeping.
  11. rapmartin

    rapmartin New Member

    I usually just watch online movies during weekends and some TV series. When I have extra budget I usually travel to different places
  12. ghelle

    ghelle New Member

    I'm a full time mom so alone time is incredibly rare so when i have a spare time i go shopping for my toddler and also for me and my husband,visit my friends and go out with then. Sometime i go to salon to make me feel pretty again.
  13. Emcsquared

    Emcsquared New Member

    Me? definitely on online gaming with my spare time.
  14. baunty

    baunty New Member

    I usually like to tend my own garden in my spare time and save some money on the groceries and on gym membership. You get to eat organic food all the time which is super expensive when you try to buy then in grocery stores and of course you have to do a lot of physical labor which will keep all your body part moving as well. But the most important part is that it makes me happy, and I think that is al should matter.
  15. Leenvel

    Leenvel New Member

    I usually read a lot of stories on an online book application, most commonly on Romance genre. I love how those famous writer can take me into the world they created. It was roller coaster experience and I loved it. Most of all it teaches me a lot about life.
  16. AdriEvans

    AdriEvans New Member

    I aspire to be a professional digital artist and 2D animator, so I spend most of my spare time drawing. Due to having a very limited amount of hours a week to focus on my passion, I struggle to maintain a healthy balance between my social life and work. However, I'm quickly working on it! I also love reading, writing and playing video games, although I practice most of those when I have a lot of free time.
  17. SurferJo

    SurferJo New Member

    When I'm in the city, Netflix is my best friend. I love to continue watching my favorite TV series. Sometimes if I'm in the mood, I look for a documentary movie about war or design kind of stuff. But, when I'm not in the city which means I'm on the beach, I surf or take a swim or just watch the sunset and savor the fresh salty air.
  18. Razorclaw

    Razorclaw New Member

    I like playing games on my cell phone, watching movies, eating and most especially, sleeping (which is a luxury for me). I also like mall hopping since walking is therapeutic for me and somehow, becoming an exercise without me knowing it. Sometimes, I like seeing nature since it brings calmness in my mind and body.
  19. ronreacolee

    ronreacolee New Member

    I love playing basketball although I am currently recovering from an ACL surgery. I also love playing my video games and mobile game apps during my spare time.
  20. owjeez

    owjeez New Member

    Whenever I have free time, mostly I just browse my social media accounts through my mobile phone. If I get bored, I watch my favorite tv series or watch videos online which is related to beauty, fashion and lifestyle. Sometimes, if I don’t want to sit at home on my free time, I would go window shopping at malls. And last but not the least, If I don’t feel like doing anything during my free time, I just sleep, sleep and sleep.
  21. acewelloy29

    acewelloy29 New Member

    On my free time , I usually watch informational videos , browse the internet and my social media accounts. When I'm on the mood to sing, I play my guitar. If I get bored, I just sleep. I'm not an outgoing person so going out on free time is not my thing.
  22. ElSch7

    ElSch7 New Member

    Meditation, taking nature walks and working online are some of my favorite spare time activities. Painting, sewing, quilting and crafting are how I pass free time. I usually watch tv or listen to music as work my magic. I volunteer a few days a month and donate a lot of things I make or craft to local charities. Sending handmade blankets to children in foster care or little dresses to Africa is a heart warming feeling too.
  23. jozylrose12

    jozylrose12 New Member

    Hi there, During my spare time, what i do is watch YouTube for food reviews, then it makes me hungry. Then what happens next is i will go to the kitchen and cook then eat. Those are the usual stuff that id do when i am home and on spare time.
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  24. Rowenafranco

    Rowenafranco New Member

    Hello.during spare time,i sit on my computer chair and do some online jobs.Watch some inspirational talks and videos.When i finish posting i'm with my dog,teaching her some tricks.I had fun and i feel relax.
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  25. Artemis456

    Artemis456 Member

    Hi. I love to watch movies, listening to old songs and playing with my cats.
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  26. Danna0305

    Danna0305 New Member

    I spend a lot talking to my love ones and when i am just alone i am just lying in bed and watch entertaining videos also i answer surveys in internet.
  27. gobbledygook

    gobbledygook Member

    When I was still working, all I did during my spare time was watch TV series or sometimes read a book. I prefer the former now. I used to love reading a lot but lately I lean more on watching. Now that I'm married, I have a lot of time to kill most of the day. I just surf the web and watch. I also have a book that I've been reading since last week. I'm a slowpoke since I rarely read now.

    The TV series that I'm watching now are Supernatural, The Office and The Good Doctor. The book is entitled The Time Keeper by Mitch Albom.
  28. leodavid09

    leodavid09 Member

    Youtube, play games, tend to our small veggie garden...
  29. rhein09

    rhein09 New Member

    First of all, shopping is a mood therapy. We tend to go out and do shop in malls or boutiques. It is a way to release and get out from negativity the one feels or if someone have a bad day. It is thru shopping we allure ourselves on the things that we want to buy especially clothes, shoes, bags or any collector items that we love to buy and we want to be in our closet. Thus, it gives us a feeling of pleasure making it a good way to release one’s ill feeling and tension.

    Second of all, with the progression of the modern technology everything is just one click away and we can maximize our time because of the power of the internet. Online shopping now dominates the activities that we do using internet. It gives us that sense of convenience as it saves a lot of time and effort. Thru the use of our electronic devices we can shop anywhere and everywhere even on a large scale or varieties. We can choose and buy what we want in just a matter of click.

    Another positive thing about shopping is that it is a good way to spend a quality time with your friends and family. This activity can give fun and it’s a good way to bond with the people special to you. It is also a way to interact with other people especially to those into this kind of activity wherein they can share what’s the latest trend and the in and out when it comes to the products in the market.
  30. AlienOcean

    AlienOcean New Member

    Hey there! The things I do the most during my spare time are singing, skype with my friends who live far away from me, watch netflix and write poetry!

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