Hi guys! May I know your hobbies during your spare time?

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Lois Joy Catarroja, Jun 15, 2018.

  1. pceug17

    pceug17 Member

    Hey! I play mobile games during my spare time. Mobile Legends is currently on trend right now here in South East Asia, especially in the Philippines. You can always see someone play the game. It is very addicting because you can brag your ranks to your friends. You can also play with them and share some strategies. This is a free to play app but there are in-app purchases to modify the skins of the heroes on your account. I also love watching different contents in Youtube like TV and movie review, gameplays, funny vlogs, etc.
  2. zeljlavujcic

    zeljlavujcic New Member

    I usually watch movies, and read books. I'm passionate reader, most of my spare time i am spending with a cup of tea in one, and a good book In other hand.
  3. Rooneey

    Rooneey Member

    Well my hobbies is playing basketball. Most of my spare time i go to the gym and played with my friends out there who loves basketball. I'm starting to love basketball since i was 2nd year college. I am inspired with my crush. I want to get his attention so i wanted to learn basketball. He loves basketball. So that time i am starting to love his passion.
  4. KostaP5

    KostaP5 New Member

    Best thing to relax to, after a long working day, is playing few rounds of video games, if weather is bad, or going out if it is nice :)
  5. kiefer22

    kiefer22 New Member

    Hi guys! well during me "ME time"... I usually drive...it really makes me feel relax and calm...at the same time listening to country music!
  6. qualf

    qualf New Member

    I used to make origami some time ago, but now I have a new hobby, which is making beads bracelets :)
  7. marcbarredo13

    marcbarredo13 Member

    I have a lot of hobbies during my spare time. Sometimes I box with my punching bag, sometimes I watch motivational videos, sometimes I do high intensity exercises and sometimes I watch movies my Hollywood Celebrity Idols. I have interest in boxing because I want the healthy lifestyle of an Mixed Martial Artist. They are healthy, testosterone is over the roof, strong muscle, better focus & concentration and they have positive outlook in like. I also watch motivational videos on my spare time to get ideas from other people to use it as a growth for my personality. And same with watching movies of my favorite Hollywood Celebrities because they influence me in a good way which makes me a better man today.
  8. ciestlavie

    ciestlavie New Member

    I don't do a lot of things during my spare time because I'm usually working, so if I do get some free time for myself, I often choose to rest or sleep. When I'm not that tired and have enough energy, though, some things I do include reading, watching movies or films or series, playing mobile games, singing to random songs, grocery shopping, baking, cooking, and working out.
  9. bnjgzmn

    bnjgzmn Member

    Read a book or two. It will sharpen your mind and add knowledge that can never be stolen by anyone. Or if you are lazy like me, you can try audiobooks and someone will read it for you. It is also makes me sleep so that is a plus for me since im kinda insomniac. But if reading is really not for you, just sleep MAN. Nothings beats naps and sleep.
  10. Warren1967

    Warren1967 Well-Known Member

    I read, lift weights and practice martial arts.
  11. dipo4you

    dipo4you New Member

    During my spare time, I love to play football. I know I also have the bad habit of drinking during my spare time, buy I wouldn't call this a hobby. So my main hobby is playing football. I don't like to watch it that much though.
  12. missmelon17

    missmelon17 Member

    I watch Kdramas and look for an online job so i could earn money and use it for whatever purpose i have.

    Wishing that all of us could lead a happy and contented life! Okay, that is so off topic but yeah! Loveyah all people!
  13. Treveez

    Treveez Member

    I download movies & series and build my brand on YouTube IG and face book
    And search for new knowledge everyday
  14. weeshieng

    weeshieng New Member

    During my spare time, I used to watch my favorite movies. Lay on my bed with pillows around me. Beside me are my stuffed toys. Have some crackers to eat while enjoying watching.
  15. weeshieng

    weeshieng New Member

    I used to bake whenever I have longer time. I asked my nieces to help me preparing the ingredients. It is our bonding also. Once the cake is ready, then we eat it and enjoy watching my nieces' favorite barbie movies.
  16. weeshieng

    weeshieng New Member

    During my spare times, I play with our dogs. They give me a feeling of joy whenever I am playing with them. I love dogs, I treated them as my siblings.
  17. desidesiyo

    desidesiyo New Member

    As a student, there is hardly enough free time for me.

    Most often, I am surrounded by mountains of paper works - research papers, business plans, presentations, individual outputs, and notes that I would have to take in mind in order to give out a beyond average or better, an excellent performance. As a student leader in my school, it is a difficult task for me to find some free time for leisure or for personal improvements because I tend to prioritize others before myself first (A terrible mindset that makes you prone to being abused by others). More so, you would have to get excellent time management skills and be responsible enough to the point that you will not tolerate any procrastination just to get some much and well-deserved free time, however, you'll just end up using it to gain sleep.

    Hence, summer vacation is a golden time for me.

    In my free time during this vacation, I tend to read, write, and draw a lot. Most often, I can be seen staring at my phone's screen intensely because of the web novel, webtoon, webcomic, or manga that I am busy reading. Sometimes, I tend to buy art supplies at the local bookstore in order to hone my skills as a frustrated artist. And whenever I have that tiny lightbulb switch on, I tend to write.

    Free time is sparse so learn how to maximize it well. Sometimes, I study French, Nihonggo, and even Mandarin in case something arises. Knowledge is power.
  18. Mikejanis

    Mikejanis New Member

    Hello there what i do during my spare time was playing poker apps on my android phone at the same time chatting with my co employee and the most eating snacks lol!
  19. Chaiya

    Chaiya Member

    I make sure I use my time wisely, I spend time for my self growth. I always go to Youtube and listen to audios or watch videos that will inspire me, motivate me, elevate my emotions and get hyped up about what to do in life. I learn new skills and research stuff that will benefit me not just not but in the long run. I love reading books as well that will impart wisdom and knowledge to help me function in life. I also love spending time alone and meditate, so my mind won't control me rather I will control my mind to give me peace, make me feel grateful in life and rethink about what I want to do. I also make sure to make time with the people that I love, my partner, family and friends that add quality in my life. I spend my spare time wisely and with a purpose.
  20. andiemay

    andiemay New Member

    Hello! I always watch YouTube on my spare time. I usually watched cooking tutorial, beauty care tips, kpop idol shows, music videos and etc. Also I spend so much time browsing on social media. Besides I also love cleaning our house on my spare time and playing with my little sister.
  21. josuel10

    josuel10 New Member

    During my spare times, I play basketball with my friends, I also browse social medias, Workout and Organizing my belongings.
  22. SonShineStateofMind

    SonShineStateofMind New Member

    In my spare time, I love reading ( I have books collecting that I have bought and not yet touched). I hate when they pile up and I have not found some real time to sit and indulge. I also love "Pinteresting," and adding new items to my existing pinterest boards or creating new ones. I also love experimenting with recipes on pinterest. Last but not least, making soap is real therapy for me. My favorite soap that I enjoy making is a "honey and oatmeal soap" recipe.
  23. Thesease

    Thesease Member

    I would like to regard myself as a boring person.

    I only do certain hobbies in my spare time, such as playing video games and watching TV series. If I'm not doing these things, I mostly sleep, and this sleep lasts for more than 8 hours.

    I am thankful for Postloop, though. It's another hobby than I can do instead of sleeping the whole night. I'm writing posts like this one most of the time now. My full-time job can have few hours of free time when all documents are already finished for the day, making this my top hobby now. It may be boring for most people, but I find it relaxing and it makes me improve my grammar skills and sentence construction.
  24. choii0422

    choii0422 Member

    In my free time, I like to read all the topics in forum here.

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