Hi Guys! Where are you all from?

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Heather Ashley, Sep 20, 2017.

  1. Heather Ashley

    Heather Ashley New Member

    Hello! I'm from Philippines and for sure a lot of you are from different countries or from Philippines as well! but we can all be friends here!

    Isn't great to meet new people across the world? Talk to them, give opinions to their topics and share your thoughts. Good luck guy's!

    Nice to meet you all in advance! :)
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  2. tinjus311

    tinjus311 New Member

    Mabuhay! Im from the Philippines too, most of the people I see here are Filipinos anyway where are you from?
  3. DawnsDivination

    DawnsDivination New Member

    Hello! I’m new here today and I’m from the United States! Just wanted to say hello and wish you much luck here! :thumbsup:
  4. Redvhie

    Redvhie New Member

    Good luck to you, too. I'm also new and I'm from Philippines. ☺
  5. Redvhie

    Redvhie New Member

    I'm from Philippines, too. From Pampanga. ☺ Where are you?
  6. DawnsDivination

    DawnsDivination New Member

    How long have you been posting on this forum? And have you had any luck making any money yet?
  7. Redvhie

    Redvhie New Member

    I just started today. No money yet. How about you?
  8. Sean Lopez

    Sean Lopez New Member

    Hello! I'm from the Philippines, our country has a lot to offer. We have different tourist attractions scattered all over the Philippines. People in our country are friendly and hospitable, even though that you're a stranger to them. Food here are very delicious and mouth watering, that each provinces are very proud of. Explore the beauty of mother nature here in the Philippines.

    So if you're an adventurous person, why not try go to the Philippines and discover it for yourself.
  9. Kambas

    Kambas New Member

    Hi there

    Just signed up today :)
    Enjoy learning new information about Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies.

    From South Africa.
  10. zapht_renotae

    zapht_renotae New Member

    I'm from a small town in Pennsylvania, USA. It is nice to meet people from anywhere and everywhere. Hope everyone is well, good luck to you all.
  11. DawnsDivination

    DawnsDivination New Member

    Hi Zapht! I live in Ohio, on the Ohio river right where PA WV and Ohio meet :) nice to see a neighbor. Man they really do mean it when they say it’s a small world :thumbsup:good luck here!
  12. Farha

    Farha New Member

    Hi, I am from Mumbai City ,India.
    Good day to all :)
  13. Jeyteegee

    Jeyteegee New Member

    Mabuhay! Hello! I, too, am from the Philippines. ;)
    I stumbled upon a video on YouTube that talked about Postloop, so I decided to try it.
    So far, I am liking it. I only need to post on the threads/forums that interest me, and it's not coming off as stressful at all, and I get to meet people, like you guys, here on this platform

    Just to add, let me tell you a bit about my hometown.
    I am from a city called Bacolod. It's just a relatively small urban zone, but it has been voted as the no. 1 most livable urban city in the Philippines! Bacolod is not as polluted and densely populated as Manila (the country's capital). You would find fields upon fields occupied with sugarcane, rice and root crops and plantain here that lie alongside industrial buildings and modern houses-- and, I think, that's what makes Bacolod as livable as it is. It provides fresh air and the ambiance of a provincial life and, at the same time, it gives off the air of a busy and economically-stable city as you move past the plantations to the hectic, downtown life.
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  14. kcboclot

    kcboclot New Member

    Hello everyone! I'm also a new member here and from the Philippines just like the proponent of this forum Heather Ashley. I've always been fascinated about these kind of forums. I've wondered if someone will actually reply to me or if ever I did get one, will the reply be even responsive to my questions or will some trolls just throw some annoying one-liner just because they have nothing to do with their time. Ever thought of that? ;)
  15. mmac2663

    mmac2663 New Member

    Hello Everyone!!

    I'm from Sampaloc, Manila Philippines and just like @Jeyteegee, I also came across a YouTube video about Postloop, thought it was very interesting so here I am a very happy member of this group. I was born and raised here in Manila, even though Claire Danes (actress) once described the city as "ghastly", I love it here. The busy streets and the people keep everything alive. I wouldn't want to live anywhere else.

    Hope to find new friends here in this group!
  16. Accelgirl

    Accelgirl New Member

    I'm from Philippines!! Specifically in Batangas City! Batangas is known for the "Kapeng Barako" and has the smallest volcano in the world, it is called "Taal Volcano"

    Just like the others, I also cane across a YouTuber that has a vlog about postloop, I find it really interesting and I have a free time so why not try :)
  17. SonyaS

    SonyaS New Member

    Hi! Im new here, just started today. I am from Wisconsin, USA. It's just turning to winter here. It started snowing this week. It's odd how much I hate the cold yet I live somewhere that is cold most of the year! Hope you all are having a wonderful day and good luck on here.
  18. EncarDM

    EncarDM New Member

    Hi everyone! I'm also from the Philippines, this is all so new to me, being the regular 9-5 employee for almost 5 years. I saw this video in Youtube yesterday discussing how to earn some money online and i decided to try it out. I'm not a tech savvy, nor am I an online junkie, but since I like posting comments on different sites whenever I saw some interesting topics, why not earn some cash while doing it. II enjoy reading all the replies on different topics, some are funny, some are actually informative. I do hope to continue this and meet new people in this platform. Good luck to everyone!
  19. boymom253

    boymom253 New Member

    I am from Seattle, Washington where it rains 7 months out of the year and we have a Starbucks on just about every block. We actually just got our first snow of the year!
  20. RonaR

    RonaR New Member

    Hi everyone I'm also from the Philippines. Mabuhay! (that is Long Live if translated to English) I'm actually new here so it's nice to know that there are many Filipinos joining here in Post Loop. I just discover Post Loop from watching videos in youtube so here I am. I hope that I can also earn money here and share my opinions to you all. Nice meeting you all.
  21. koenjiemily

    koenjiemily New Member

    I'm from Tokyo! What an interesting group of people are hanging out here!
  22. chinitz

    chinitz New Member

    Hello everyone I'm also from the Philippines. It is my first time here and I'm excited to earn from Post Loop. It's nice to see that most of the people joining here are also from Philippines. Hope to see you all in other forums. Let's make our best. Happy Posting Everyone!!!
  23. Ebony Potts

    Ebony Potts New Member

    Hello Everyone, I am from Kansas city. I am a newbie here.
  24. Noragamijeaddo

    Noragamijeaddo New Member

    Hello, I am also from Philippines. It is actually my first time here in Postloop and I want to know more about it and its nice knowing a lot of Filipinos are also here. I know also know this from a Youtube video and right now I'm just getting started to it and I just saw this interesting a topic or to be ore specific I saw the word "Philippines". Great to see we are in the same page .
  25. SantosVB

    SantosVB Member

    I am from Jamaica. Not exactly a well knower country and although we are a third word country, we definitely boast a beautiful island where numerous tourists take time out to visits each year for a for a promised enjoyable vacation. And yes we are located in the Caribbean, a small island and also some notable features includes our food and our music ( known as the land of reaggae ). Also a very traditional island.
  26. Kay Rulaganyang

    Kay Rulaganyang New Member

    Hello I am from Botswana, a small landlocked country within Southern Africa .Home for best tourism sites such as the okavango delta and kalahari desert.I am new on this website and i must say i am glad to be here ,wishing you all a productive stay.
  27. Lee355

    Lee355 New Member

    Hello! I'm from Los Angeles, but living in the Philippines now. I moved to Asia four years ago and tried living in several places, like Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia, Korea, and mainland China. The Philippines is my favorite. So far I've spent two months in Palawan and five months in Boracay. No plans to move out from here any time soon!
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  28. EOsorio

    EOsorio New Member

    Hi everyone. I'm from Spain, but I'm living in Dominican Republic. I know it's not such a well known place, so I'll say that it is in the second largest Caribbean island. Actually, it's about 2 thirds of that island, since Haiti is on the western part.
  29. enuh bler

    enuh bler New Member

    Mabuhay! I'm from Philippines and we have so many great tourist attractions that you will love especially the beaches!
  30. vooa2828

    vooa2828 New Member

    Hi everyone, nice to meet you all. I'm from Mexico and i have just started my journey on the online work world. I hope to be able to provide for myself and my family, if any of you have success stories about this or some advices for beginners i would like to talk to you. Thanks in advance. Wish you all a merry Christmas.

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