Hiking or roadtrips??

Discussion in 'Cars, Sports, & Outdoors' started by dcrdrgz, Oct 28, 2018.

  1. dcrdrgz

    dcrdrgz New Member

    Which activity you enjoy and feel most alive??
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  2. Quophy

    Quophy New Member

    Road-trips everyday, all day. Not saying hiking is bad, i mean i know a couple of people who would actually prefer hiking, but then again i love road trips, the sight seeing and everything about it is pretty cool
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  3. ritz2

    ritz2 New Member

    Hiking and Road trips are both one of my favorite activities. But, if I only need to choose one between the two, I would say hiking, because it makes me close to nature and appreciate the beauty of our environment. Aside from this, it is also a great workout, which means it's good for our health. I'm not saying Road trips are bad, but it's good to take a walk for a while and just be close to nature, besides smokes from cars is not good for our environment.
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  4. zor1448

    zor1448 New Member

    Good day to all!
    I choose road trips over hiking. First, my place is far from any mountains or hills so instead of finding a hill to climb on I prefer road tripping. Second is because I feel a bit strange when we are talking about the forest or a place surrounded by trees and remote places. One of my fear maybe is dark places so I have never tried to do hiking in my entire life though I know that the beauty of nature is the most wonderful creation of God. So for me not to miss the chance that creation, road tripping is the best alternative. I enjoy looking at every scenery I pass on the road and stop over at some native restaurants on the road to taste different cuisines.
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  5. wilbertbarrientos

    wilbertbarrientos New Member

    I like both! Hiking is more thrilling than road trips. When someone hikes he can appreciate everything that goes around him. The nature, the smell of the green leaves and beautiful flowers, the sound of the birds flying all over the sky, and the rays of the sun flowing from his body. For people afraid of heights they prefer road trips. What i like about having a road trip is that you can appreciate a wide view of nature by just sitting there and looking through the windows of the cars. It's like a quick view of seeing things in a very few moment. Road trips are more fun when you are with your friends bringing foods and other snacks.
  6. Martis999

    Martis999 New Member

    I like them both but for me now is roadtrips because it is more fun and less tired when you got home, when we ride we set a high volume speaker and while driving we sing together and we sing aloud! hahaha we sing and shouts but in a place that we cannot disturbed other people. In hiking i like it too but my mother didn't suggest to go with my friends when hiking time, sad reacts only huhuhuhuhuhu.
  7. ynel03

    ynel03 Member

    Hiking because its good for body and mind.Hiking is a powerful cardio workout that can lower your risk of heart disease, improve your blood pressure and blood sugar levels. This is the activity that keeps me feel more enjoy and most alive.
  8. Jabashie10

    Jabashie10 New Member

    Roadtrips are very tiring and uncomfortable especially when the travel is too far. Hiking is better than roadtrips. Its healthy for the body. Its a form of exercise and may be tiring but satisfying. I will always prefer hiking.
  9. FranFran

    FranFran New Member

    Why to compare things that are so different? For hiking you only need your body, to a roadtrip you will need some kind of machine. Hiking is a form of exercise and roadtrip is a way of taveling. Both can be for some people a spiritual way of living or even a daily need - but basicly they are two different things.
  10. Jonk22

    Jonk22 New Member

    For me, road trip. Its a lot more freeing and you get to see a lot of things on the way. It's less tiring so you can focus on whats around you more than hiking. Hiking isn't bad but you move slowly so you see things but you don't see that many things. I also love driving so I could be a bit bias
  11. TonyDaniels

    TonyDaniels New Member

    Hiking since it is slower for you have the chance to explore other places which are not being pass by a vehicle. Through hiking you can enjoy more on seeing beautiful sceneries.
  12. devincci

    devincci Member

    I like hiking than road trips. Hiking is most thrilling than road trips you can make any adventure you want. The advantage of hiking is you can also maintain you physical fitness because in hiking your physical body is needed to move to perform it.
  13. mibridina2001

    mibridina2001 Member

    I prefer hikings especially in going up to hills on an early morning. You can really appreciate the nature if you go on a hike and observe what's around you. Try to listen to the birds and the wind. So relaxing.

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