Horror or comedy?

Discussion in 'Television' started by Leonardozk, Jan 29, 2019.

  1. juanherrera10

    juanherrera10 New Member

    FOR SURE, Comedy. I can't even get started when it comes to horror if I want to pay to be scared then I am going to stay at home and look at my ugly neighbor. I don't want to not be able to look at the screen. Comedy all the way for me!!!!!
  2. Bcaluag

    Bcaluag Member

    I prefer comedy because i'm dealing with so much drama and stress in life. So for a change i want to be enlighten and laugh to escape for a while.
  3. calebkaylix

    calebkaylix New Member

    Comedy. Comedy is far off too helpful than giving yourself imaginary enemies, i.e imaginary horrible beings. Comedy helps you get rid of stress. For horror movies, you just get scared sometimes therefore minimizing your space other than happiness created by comedy movies that keeps you more lively.
  4. michpiong

    michpiong Member

    Of course, I want to comedy rather than horror. I do loves to watch comedy videos or movies than horror. I do believe that laughing is very good to health specially on our heart. I don't waste my time to watch horror to scare myself and will just give me a heart attack. Watching comedy and laughing is also a good exercise for the muscles on our face.
  5. Allanjohn30

    Allanjohn30 Member

    We know that horror movies and comedy movies are really opposite in terms of genre, and based on my experience, both of them are giving intense emotion to the viewers. Horror movie is a metaphor of society's greatest fears, while a comedy movie is a metaphor of society's greatest laughter. I cannot fully choose which is the best because I personally love these two genres, but as far as mood and situation are concerned, these two genres have their own place and time to be watched.

    I commend those writers of horror and comedy movies because of their amazing imaginations.
  6. merci

    merci New Member

    I select Comedy. Watching comedy movies is entertainment and best for positive mood reduces our stress level and creates friendly and enjoyable atmosphere. Laughing is also workout. Our muscles in our face getting exercise and also benefiting our heart and breathing.
  7. eyahserrano

    eyahserrano New Member

    It depends on my mood. When I'm bored, I preferred horror movies for it catches more my attention. It makes your senses awake and aside from that, you are being thrilled by the scenes. I watched comedy movies whenever I'm sad for it helps me to cheer up. I also preferred watching comedy movies when I'm with my daughter for she also loves comedy films. Both horror and comedy films are cool to watch especially if the actors perform well.
  8. janeabiquibil

    janeabiquibil New Member

    I'd go with horror movies. They are actually my stress-reliever because they actually bring out the fears that I am hiding.
  9. cristy21

    cristy21 New Member

    I prefer horror movies, i actually don't know why , maybe its just horror movies makes me scream ,its actually exciting watching horror films with someone who scream like you, i think that will be an awesome bonding
  10. tinatinay

    tinatinay Member

    Horror and comedy are way different from each other, but to answer the question between the two. I would definitely say comedy. It gives good vibes and positive energy to me. Laughing is also way of exercising the muscles of your face. On the other hand watching horror is also my kind of thing. I like the screaming part. I love to watch horror with my friends because after we scream laughter will follow. It sounds crazy but its true.
  11. flake

    flake New Member

    I do like both genre of movies honestly, and there are some very good quality movies in the horror genre, but i cant watch them by myslef! so maybe i prefer comedy movies ?!
  12. goldenraph

    goldenraph New Member

    Horror movies are always scary to me even at my present adult age. When I was still a teenager, whenever I watch horror movie, sleeping at night becomes a big problem and it still hunt me till now though at a lesser degree. Comedy movies, on the other hand, come with lots of fun. I laugh away my sorrow and I stay much refreshed with comedy movies.
  13. qualf

    qualf New Member

    I like horror. I like to feel the thrill and suspense that movie characters feel. Nothing compares to watching a scary horror movies with lights off and audio volume up, especially jumpscares
  14. iansilvino18

    iansilvino18 Member

    Comedy induces laughter, which in turn helps release feel-good hormones. In the stressfull world we live in, a little feel-good every so often helps cushion the blows that life may offer.
  15. userhichou1

    userhichou1 Member

    i love horror movies
  16. marielmarz2392

    marielmarz2392 New Member

    When I was a kid, I love both horror and comedy movies. Like I can literally watch horror in the middle of the night. But I was in second-year college, something strange happened to me. Everywhere I went, I thought someone was following me like someone was around the corner watching my moves. Sometimes, when I went to sleep, I had nightmares like a black spirit trying to get me and there were even times that I felt that it was on top of me grabbing my neck. It was very scary.

    Then I got hospitalized for typhoid fever. A man came into the ward and was supposed to check the old lady on the other bed (for something spiritual) noticed me, and he said, "Something wants to get you. It wants you and it's black, that's bad. White spirit may help you but the black one wants to get you. See a shaman to check yourself and cast the bad spirit away. For now, I can only offer you prayers." Then I realized that the black spirit wasn't just my imagination at all. It was real and he was trying to get me.

    After I got discharged, my father and I looked for a shaman and we found one and he was very old. He first declined since he told us he was not doing that for long already but we begged because I was already scared, I don't even turn the lights off when I went to sleep. Good thing the old man agreed.

    He told to me buy black cloth, a boiled egg, and black female chicken. But first I went to my family members' graves asking for their help. Because that was what the old man told me. I did that and one late afternoon, maybe around 5-6pm, we started the ritual.

    We were all in our house. I was sitting in front of our slightly opened door, covered with a black cloth while holding the chicken (it was outside the cloth) and the boiled egg was cut into half, placed in front of me. The old man began his ritual. He explained how the ritual worked. He said he invited the black spirit to come in and must see the chicken as me so that its attention will be transferred to the chicken. Every time the chicken moved, I got scarier because I shouldn't let go of the chicken and the cloth must cover me the entire time.

    It took minutes for the ritual to finish. It was so scary. After that, we were told not to touch the chicken again, we put the chicken somewhere else and hoped that the spirit would not disturb me again. I think the ritual worked because I went to my normal life. No more nightmares and grabbing of the neck. But since that happened, I stopped watching horror movies. Ever again!
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  17. rvtamayo

    rvtamayo Member

    I do love both. Me and my partner always watch movies together, it is our way to bond and to enjoy each others presence. She loves horror and I love comedy, Maybe if I hadn't disposed of my old collections of CD's and DVD's plus my new selection of movies on my desktop now maybe I had collected around 2ooo or 3ooo copies if I'm not mistaken.
  18. Warren1967

    Warren1967 Well-Known Member

    Though I like them both, I prefer comedy. I want to feel good when I watch something. What I don't like about horror is that most of the time the bad guys always win. It also gives me the chills when I watch horror. So I would rather prefer comedy.
  19. beckertani

    beckertani Member

    Comedy. Laughter is the best medicine. It will keep us young. Look at me. :)
  20. breego

    breego New Member

    For TV..I'm very much into comedy compared to horror. Friends, Whose Line Is It Anyway, The Big Bang theory (season 1-4 mostly) are some of my favorites! I'm not a fan of horror really. I like more suspense and thriller than pure horror like X-Files for example. It has some pure horror episodes but the overall story is about aliens and government conspiracy.
    For filmed format (tv, theaters, streaming), I think comedy fits a series format much better than movies (though I like comedy movies). Especially improvisational comedy like Whose Line Is It Anyway. The one and done episodes are easy to binge and digest too. If I'm watching pure horror, I'd much rather prefer a movie.
  21. Leonardozk

    Leonardozk New Member

    honestly, i'm all freaked out by just reading the story!please tell me it was just a story for scaring us!
  22. Yelyel

    Yelyel New Member

    I choose the comedy, Because laughing is medicine and I'm afraid to watch a horror movie alone because my imagination is so high, I think what if I am in the situation what can i do :rolling:. I'm a little bit crazy if i watching a horror movie and bed time the horror I watch my brain bring it back and I use to sleep but I'm not because I remember all the scary happens in horror movie. That's why if my relative ask me to join to watch a horror movie I will regret it or I'll suggest to watch a romantic, action or comedy than to watch a horror movie :rolling:.
  23. unknownXIII

    unknownXIII Member

    comedy, im not a fun of horror movie it somehow make me bored watching it
  24. bnjgzmn

    bnjgzmn Member

    It always depends on the quality. But there are really people that cannot stand horror movies. But always remember it is only a quality movie if you have a significant someone watching it with you :D:D:D
  25. Sindi25

    Sindi25 Member

    Comedy, anytime! When I was younger I was very much into horror movies and I loved the thrill they gave me. I loved how despite being super scared, I would still continue watching. One day, I watched a movie that traumatized me and since that day I haven't been able to watch horror movies. On the other hand, comedy movies are just so light-hearted and fun. I never have to worry and I know I will always have a good laugh.
  26. jamomandre25

    jamomandre25 New Member

    I rather choose comedy movie i can laugh with my friends and family, rather than horror i don't like suspense and the music that came out when their was a monster.I don't like the looks of the monster in the movie its creepy and scary. And i like to share my experience when i was little, when i was little i try to watch horror movie after i finish that movie and its bed time i see a monster in my dream monster in attacking me and try to eat me. That's why i don't like horror movie after that incident.
  27. sheennayu

    sheennayu New Member

    i prefer comedy when i want to watch alone. but i prefer to watch horror when im with my friends and family.
  28. Missydama

    Missydama New Member

    I prefer horror movies. There my favorite even tho I like comedy movies but I love horror movies the best.
  29. Treveez

    Treveez Member

    Comedy horror is a literary and film genre that combines elements of comedy and horror fiction. Comedy horror has been described as able to be categorized under three types: "black comedy, parody and spoof." It often crosses over with the black comedy genre i prefer comedy
  30. gummybeaarrr

    gummybeaarrr New Member

    i like watching horror movies when me and my friends are watching and it is kind of like comedy because almost all of my friends were scaredy cats and i am laughing because of them instead of being scared of the film haha.

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