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    It was a creepy 2:29am, February 03, 2018.

    I had a nightmare but its a random and undetailed sequences. The last part of the nightmare I was dreaming of was, there’s someone talked to me weirdly and said, “Choose someone who will stay. Choose someone who will take good care for you. Choose someone who will love you. And lastly, choose someone who will always looks after you.”So I suddenly open my eyes widely. I totally got confused about my dream. I don’t know what is the meaning about what she said. It was not totally dark in my room. And when I glance at the door I saw someone who’s standing outside. I haven’t see it clearly but I’m pretty sure that it is not my hallucinations. I didn’t move. I shouted “Shooo! Shooo! Shooo!”to let him/her go but it’s not what I thought. I’m afraid and feel threatened. So I forcefully waking my sister to be awake, she’s mad and angrily said ,“ WHAT?”So I commanded her to turn on the lights for a couple of minutes. She said, “I’m still sleepy.” I beg her. I beg her. And I beg her until she gets mad at me. Later on, she asked why? So I told her everything. A MOMENT OF SILENCE, we heard some footsteps and I guess someone’s leaving. My sister was busy typing her phone and she let me read her message said, “ I thought it was my hallucinations, too.”

    It was so shocking. It leaves me hanging and so much confusing. A lot of questions running in my head. What was the connection of the (wo)man in the dark to my nightmare? What is the meaning? Is it true? How? Or was just our hallucinations? Or a coincidence? Or was just our imaginations? But how come, my sister also feels the same way.

    Well, there are a lots of questions in this unfathomable universe that never had an answers and will be never had one. No one can justify it. Even the existentialist cannot prove it but leaves a theories.

    Only thing that we can do is to pray. Have faith on him.
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    I've always been a skeptic young brat when it comes to supernatural things. I never believed in spirits, ghosts, nor witchcraft. Heck, I even considered myself as agnostic! But everything took a complete turn with just one incident I'll never forget.

    It's November 2010, crunch time in the office. Ain't nobody got time for small talks especially those that aren't work-relevant. One colleague of mine, we call him Gretta (a pun for his name), a self-confessed clairvoyant, approached me on my way to my desk.l He said, "Bro, please don't be mad at me. I know you don't believe in such things but I feel I need to tell you this.", so thinking that it's something about the recent shenanigan at work I did stop for a minute lo lend an ear. He mentioned that he's seeing a silhouette of a big person following me since I got in and would want to say something really important to me. Grant also mentioned that this person regrets that he died without saying goodbye and he'd like to let me know that he'll do his best to stay true to his promise. I of course thought it's baloney but just acted interested so as to not offend Gretta. I asked questions which Gretta readily answered like he's memorized a script or something. I'm already thinking of cutting the conversation short when Gretta said that he feels that I'm still skeptic and to prove that he's telling the truth he gave me several pieces of information that I find really interesting. He said that the person's initial starts with the letter A, he's an old friend back in college, we made a promise to each other that deals with the after-life, and he died due to a blood disease involving the immune system. I just ended with a laugh and I can tell his disappointment as I walked away. Come lunch time, I received a call from a College friend saying that one of our closest friends just passed away a few hours ago. Still skeptic about what Gretta has shared with me, I did not care asking for the details and just went straight to my friend's funeral right after work. Once we arrived, my friend's mom rushed straight at me and embraced me. We've already been talking in hours when my friend's mom said, "He wanted to say sorry for not showing up for a long time, and wasn't able to say goodbye either". We just discovered that our friend has been hiding his condition from us all along and deliberately miss our reunion parties because of the shame of having this disease that caused him dark patches on his body, especially on his face. His mom said that his last words include his mom apologizing to me on his behalf for not being able to bid goodbye. I instantly remember what Gretta said so I right away asked my friend's cause of death. His mom said that it was kidney complication that took a toll on our friend's life. Whew! That's quite different from the blood/immunity-related disease that Gretta's mentioned. I was able to breathe freely after that. On our way home, everything seemed to dawn on me:
    *My friend wanted to apologize for not being able to say goodbye to me
    *Gretta said that the person's name starts with A. I remember that our friend's name Bill does not start with A but his real name does. Angelo. WBack in college we just call him Bill for fun
    *Me and Bill had a pact that whoever dies first will do his very best to communicate to the other the existence of the after-life, same as what Gretta's said as well
    *Bill's also a BIG man, much to Gretta's description of the silhouette
    *One last thing, the cause of death where his mom only said that he died of kidney complication-complication from?

    I instantly grabbed my phone and called his mom to ask for Bill's main cause of death.

    And she said, "Lupus".

    Lupus is a fatal auto-immune disease.

    RIP, Bill. We miss you!

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