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Discussion in 'Nonfiction Writing' started by jovean, Jul 31, 2017.

  1. jovean

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    Hi everyone,

    I wanted to make an ebook about horror stuff. I love watching horror movies and even talking about them. Whenever I go to my friends' house, I always ask them what are their stories about the unknown. Can you guys give me tips on how to start an ebook about horror stuff?
  2. I for one can't stand anything horror even if its a novel or movie i get scared at nights when am alone, i remember the first time i watched a horror movie called "Destiny" after watching the movie i could not sleep so all night i was awake and i was living alone my friends traveled...it was terrible.
  3. Necabo

    Necabo New Member

    I tend to write a bit of horror, so I will give you my advice.

    You will need some ideas to start off with and then develop them into a full story. A good way to get ideas is to get an app called 'Tap'. It is on the app store, should be easy to find, but basically what it is is an app where anyone can write horror stories and publish them to the system. People browsing will be able to find them and read them on their phone. This is a good way to get ideas, not stealing from other people, but getting ideas that you may not have thought about if you had not looked at what is already out there. The app is free and easy to use.

    Once you have an idea, you will need to make it into a full story. The good thing about horror is that these kind of stories do not need to last too long. They can last for ages if you want, but you can have short stories which are just as good. People want to be scared and they do not usually want a long drawn out book when it comes to horror. You will also need to make it somewhat believable. Now of course, that doesn't mean that you cannot use ghosts or monsters to scare people, they are not real but you can still use them, as long as they are used in the right setting. Ghosts are very overused though, so try to keep it unique.

    The style of writing is important here. You will need to make sure that you have a good style of writing to grip users and draw them in. You will want them to keep reading and make them want to know what is happening and why. Entice the user into the book and scare them!
  4. Abigail Joloyohoy

    Abigail Joloyohoy New Member

    I'm not really sure how to write a horror genre story. But I can advise you a few things based on my preference whenever I read horror genres: always describe the situation, let the readers feel the thrill and the heart-clenching emotions through powerful, but simple words, and do always set the theme. Also, do not just focus on the horror stuff, also focus on the character's emotion and some underlying messages that you would want your readers to learn. I think that would be enough to make a good horror story.
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  5. nnacrter

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    I don't know how to start writing a good horror story. But I think you can write a good horror story if you experienced to see a ghost and talk to them. Yes, It's pretty weird. Most of the writers or authors of horror story or novels experienced exorcism in real life. They also said that having a third eye is a gift or talent, and you can also explore another world of scary elements. You can write a horror and thriller story If you experienced it first and If you find it still nightmare for you.
  6. Nazroth

    Nazroth Member

    I love horror! I can reminisce my childhood fear and passion. I'd tuck myself in bed crying after a good horror movie yet would still ask for more.
    I have made short stories and comics when I was in my elementary and high school. The way it sends chills and a sense of mystery always captivates me.
    I suggest to immerse your thoughts into a scenario that chills you to your bones, imagine the most twisted and terrifying ghost/monster you can imagine. Take some hours closing your eyes and envisioning the moment. Basically, if it can't scare you...it can never do so to others as well.
    Personally, I have also seen an apparition when I was 13 years old (no kidding). I even pinched myself till it left a mark until morning to prove it was real. It was one of the most haunting memories I have. I wouldn't mind sharing if you PM me ;)
  7. janey1129

    janey1129 New Member

    I have been a big fan of Stephen King. It gives me an idea of what to write someday. I have been reading other books by Dean Koontz, Anne Rice and V.C Andrews and i hope that i could write something that would scare the pants off of the person reading it. I have also been watching " A Haunting " to get real time stories of haunted places and people who have experienced real hauntings and go on from there!
  8. Adrienne Lessie

    Adrienne Lessie New Member

    Jeepers Creepers! A chilling story, now that's good creative writing. Bringing to life the very things that made you wet your sheets as a child. Haha!

    I remember one night a few years back I had a nightmare, in this nightmare, I was traveling in a car with an old acquaintance and his significant other sitting in the front seat, while my husband and I sat in the back in silence. I was fairly confused as to how we ended up in a car, on the road to who knows where with two people I hardly knew.

    As we were coming to a bend in the road, a man dressed as a modern-day cowboy stood by a strangely placed thicket of large trees and bushes. It was so out of place on the bare, seamless grassy hills that we previously passed, the moment the man made eye contact with me chills immediately raced down my spine. His eyes were dull but gave you the sense of danger, mistrust, and death; he waved out his arm which caught the attention of the driver much to my chagrin. My acquaintance, we'll call him Steve, veered over and stopped in front of the man.

    They exchanged formalities and proceeded to talk about where we were headed, that's when the man chuckled coldly and offered us to lodge up at his place. Everything in my body was screaming HELL NO!!

    Like most nightmares, I couldn't find my voice and had to sit helplessly as, Steve, drove up the dirt path that the man instructed us on. After taking the short trip up that winding dirt road, I instantly noticed that the bright sunny day had quickly vanished into a moonless and starless night.

    Here is where I'll stop the story, hehe, if you want to read more just post back.
  9. Alex Rodriquez

    Alex Rodriquez New Member

    If you're trying to write a horror book my advice would be to make it a horror mystery. Everyone likes a good horror, mystery story with a mind blowing conclusion.
  10. Arli Alzula

    Arli Alzula New Member

    Writing a horror story could be challenging, but with the help of your playful imagination, it would not be as difficult as it seems. It would help if you read a lot of horror stories, and watch horror movies, to get you started. Another good idea is to talk to kids, because they have the most playful and wildest imagination especially when it comes to "scary things". Once decided on what type of horror story you'd like to write, let your imagination take you. A good horror story won't be entertaining at all, if your readers won't get terrified. Internalize on your character/s, describe each scenario as detailed as possible. Make them feel your scare, as if they are inside the story. If time and budget permits, you may opt to visit scary places, to get more inspiration and to fuel your imagination. A road trip at night in some rural provinces, with no, to less post lamps on the road, will give you a good scare if not a good plot of an exciting horror story.
  11. msg17

    msg17 Member

    You may start with asking the people who really has some paranormal experiences. Then, incorporate those into your writing. It may really be a big help for you if you start asking people about their experience first. And then after that, you may start adding your own twists and turns into your story. And make your readers feel the fear!
  12. ClioHistory@23

    ClioHistory@23 New Member

    If you should write a horror stories. You should really research about what people fear the most. Then convey that fear being a reality then it will surely a success. I can say that a horror story is where you begin to question if it's really a reality. I personally stay away from horror stories because it scares me so much. (Laughs to myseld)
  13. jaceollit

    jaceollit New Member

    There's nothing bad about writing horror stories. All of us are fascinated to hear stories about it, specially those who have an actual encounter or stories from our grandparents who says they have experience too at some point in their lives. But I hope if you ever finish a story of such, every time you have a finished story product, may you'll not end up every story with a thought of drawing readers attention or appreciation of these dark forces spirits, not to promote devils and demons, spirits, ghosts, etc.

    We all want great endings in every stories. Some readers would tend to be scared all the time with some imaginations. But hopefully the highlight should not that to be something scared the hell of life. We must not forget that there is God who is alive and all powerful. Greater is He than the one who is in this world. Our minds (or your readers minds) are but a battleground where Satan could use stories, experience, extra ordinary events or whatever he could use just to divert our attention out from the One that we should put our trust and attention to_GOD.

    Now, you can give a time and make a research on those helpful sites which can give you access on creating good e-books for your stories.
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  14. jaceollit

    jaceollit New Member

    try Canva to create an ebook.
  15. Lowel

    Lowel New Member

    The best Inspiration is the real story of individual. Imaginations come alive when there's inspiration.
  16. TrinityTypes

    TrinityTypes New Member

    I think what makes a horror story realistic and frightening are the emotions and weaknesses of the caracters. Make them scared but actually really scared. You want your reader to be scared for the caracter. The reader must grip the book because the moment is so tense. The reader must want and not want to know what is going to happen.
  17. Jocko

    Jocko New Member

    Horror is honestly one of the hardest genres to write, and it's really not a solid place to start if you're looking to get started as a writer. It's arguably second only to comedy, and even then I debate it's actually harder. The reason for that is because it's hard to plumb those depths to find what works and what doesn't for horror, as it is for comedy. They require not only timing, but a certain knowledge of human nature that most people just don't have, and even more don't care to find.

    If you're interested in writing some good horror, go read the greats. H.P Lovecraft, Clive Barker, Arthur Machen, Stephen King and more. Find out what they do well and go after it. If you want a suggestion, check out Stephen King's Danse Macabre and On Writing. These aren't horror novels, but novels that could serve as guidebooks. Especially Danse Macabre, which offers a solid, comprehensive list of authors to sample while you're trying to find your own voice.

    Best of luck, either way. Keep us posted.
  18. Aahz

    Aahz New Member

    It seems strange to me that all of the responses here deal with writing horror fiction when we're posting in the Nonfiction Writing forum.

    If you want to write nonfiction about "horror stuff" then you really need to narrow your topic down. Horror fans are voracious readers but the field is so broad that what they really need is specialized material.

    You mentioned horror movies in particular, but even that is too broad a field for a new writer to make much of a splash. Perhaps you could do create an ebook focusing just on horror movie posters, or soundtracks, or even a "film review" style anthology reviewing horror movie trailers rather than the films themselves.
  19. JCyap

    JCyap New Member

    Non-fiction writing about horrors? That’s creepy! I wanted to write horror books too but I think it’s hard because you got to thrill your readers from time to time and I guess it requires a lot of effort and time. A lot of timing I guess.
  20. Ed_idied

    Ed_idied New Member

    I am quite doubtful in making horror themed write ups. I think to make an effective "horror" story you need to be adept in blending the storyline with unexpected events and just surprise your readers with the element of sporadic encounters between the antagonist and the protagonist. Also, the thing that would make the story more interesting is how it is more grounded and alike with what is experienced in the real world. Example, it would be scarier if the writer would make the antagonist a psychopathic killer than to create a being that defies the laws of physics. In my opinion, it is a scarier thought when it is more likely to happen in real life.
  21. Winna07

    Winna07 New Member

    To start making ebook about horror things, you must have experience first. You can use your experience with the thing you want to do. You should know the feeling of being scared, know the feeling of fear and learn how to put twisted parts in your ebook. Because it's the problem of the stories these days. Cliche storyline, and corny stuffs. And be sure to make your introduction exciting and attention catcher.
  22. whifflet

    whifflet New Member

    This is a better topic for writing articles, as most books about horror won't be popular unless they're written by a recognizable name, like Stephen King. Otherwise, there are plenty of horror blogs and magazines out there you could pitch.
  23. Geeeee

    Geeeee New Member

    Unbelievable twists. Surprising mysteries put to light make a good story. But if you want to write a good horror story it's better to describe what you've felt when you were scared. Get them hooked, give them that atmosphere, and it's even better if you've experienced being scared before because it makes it feel surreal. It also really depends on how you write a scene to make it effectively scary. Don't do cliches, sometimes, it ruins the mood of the reader. As already been cited, if you want a reference or a great example for "horror," I'd also recommend Stephen King.

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