Housewife?or Working Mom?

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by jaclynkate0427, Feb 3, 2018.

  1. jaclynkate0427

    jaclynkate0427 New Member

    Do you want to be a housewife,and let you partner provide your needs?
    Or housewife at the same time working mom?
  2. NSully

    NSully New Member

    Right now, I am a housewife. I'm glad that I am in the situation where I can stay at home with my children. While I love watching my kids, making sure the bills get paid and keeping the house clean; I have recently wanted to start bringing in some income as well. I am currently working on getting/improving the skills needed to become a work from home mother. It's amazing how many remote jobs are out there, just waiting to be filled.
  3. emgaudet

    emgaudet New Member

    I don't like either of those options. I want a partnership. I want my spouse and I to both contribute to the financial, as well as the domestic needs of our home. Realistcally those things will never be split 50-50; one of us will always make more money, or do more chores around the house. I just think it should be a team mentality.
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  4. khazee

    khazee New Member

    I want an equal responsibility regarding home finances. I don't see anything wrong if i can be both a career woman and a good housewife that can perform my obligation very well, I believe that now a days, men does not bothered on that kind of set up.
  5. Marian Mijares

    Marian Mijares New Member

    I am a housewife and I can guarantee that being a housewife is no easy job. Now that I have a family on my own it is me who take care of my husband and children. I choose to be a housewife because I want to see how my kids been doing. I want to be with them every step of the way. Guide them, protect them, be always there for them when they need me. I embrace the housewife and mother as my full time job. It gives me satisfaction that it is me who take care of the husband and kids not other people. It's my pleasure to serve them give them my love. It is tiring but at the same time fulfilling.
  6. Lindy

    Lindy New Member

    I agree with Emgaudet:
    I have a regular nine to five job, and my partner is an entertainer at night. During the daytime he practices his music and makes sure lunch is ready by the time I come home. In the evening, we have plenty of time to have dinner and spend quality time together. In all this time, we have never even discussed who does which chores or who pays for what.
    When one of us notices something must be done (for example taking out the trash), that person just does it.
    These things are just not worth the argument, according to me. If one of us doesn't feel like doing it, or we don't have the time, it's no problem to ask and the other will take care of it without any problem.

    I really feel like I'm part of a team in this relationship and I wouldn't have it any other way. ;)
  7. Ailyn Talavera

    Ailyn Talavera New Member

    I am a working mom with two jobs, one in the morning and one at night. But still I make sure to keep my son and husband feel that I'm always there for them. Every morning I make breakfast for them and help them get ready for whatever they need to do then I get ready my self afterward. I also drop and pick-up my son to school and help him do his homework.

    Because of that I feel like I did a big part in keeping our family live in a comfortable life.
  8. annevinchie

    annevinchie New Member

    I always wanted to be a doctor when I was a small kid. A pediatrician to be exact. The one who takes care of children when they're sick. Maybe because I was surrounded by children when I was young and I was the eldest of the seven children in our family. Sadly I was'nt given the chance to become one for I have'nt finished my college because of financial matters. But I know that I can still be one in my own little way.
    That opportunity happened when I became a mom. I am my son's doctor, more than that I am his teacher, cook, nurse and everything elase rolled into one. Being a mom is hard, being a working mom is harder, but for me, and I guess being a housewife is the hardest! Today I am a plain housewife. I do all the household chores. I wake up as early as 5 am to prepare my son for his school, and I sleep as late as 12 am just to make sure that everything i the house is in the right place and secured before I go to sleep. I never get paid for doing all of these but being a housewife is so rewarding. Seeing my child grow up before my eyes is enough to pay off my sacrifices and hardships. I also love being with my son almost everyday for everyday is a different day and tomorrow he will be a little bit bigger so I want to grab every opportunity to be with him while he's still young.
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  9. yesido_loida23

    yesido_loida23 New Member

    Nowadays, family has to be more practical. Not only the father can provide the needs of the family. As for me, in my experience, before we got married we tackled about money matters. I am a housewife at the same time a working wife. I do freelance job such as photography, designing and online job to help my husband to provide our needs and to save money for our future family.
  10. belen habal

    belen habal New Member

    I want to be a housewife. Being a housewife is one of my dreams. I only want to focus on my child and to my beloved husband in the future. Being a housewife is not an ordinary task though I don't get paid for it (money). I can get paid a lot of love. Housewife is a 24/7 committed job and for a lifetime.

    I just wish that my future husband has a stable job so that I can fulfill this dream of mine.
  11. Cathyikay12

    Cathyikay12 New Member

    I am a working mom. But if given a chance to choose. I would go for being a housewife. Being a housewife is not a simple job. You will give all your efforts,time and love. My only wish is to take care my family not to work anymore.Be at home cook for them cater them. But it is not really possible because of financial issue. But if this online jobs works for me then i should resign and just focus on this and work at home.
  12. belleamau

    belleamau New Member

    I wanted to be a housewife and just do some small business while taking care of my family. It is so stressful at work and can consume all your energy to bond with your family. If you are a housewife, you can monitor how your kids grow. You will bond a lot with them. You can have all the time to teach your kids to grow into a good human being. You will also have enough energy to love your husband even more.
  13. fyren

    fyren New Member

    A fulltime housewife. Every mom dreams to be a fulltime mom. But now a days it is hard to be a fulltime mom beacause you have to work to survive. So you will missed a lot of things as a mom because your focus will be divided in a lot of things. So, if you will just be a fulltime mom you can focus on your children or on you family a 100%. You have a lot of time serving nutritious food for your family. You have lot of time helping your children in their homeworks. Lot of time attending school events. And lot of time observing you're children on what they are doing. You can 100% guide them in whatever they are doing. There are lot of positive effects in being a fulltime mom, that's why every mom dream to be a fulltime mom.
  14. fyren

    fyren New Member

    Kodus to you. I really feel you. I'm about to cry while reading your comment. Kodus to all the mother in the world. Like you, like me, like everyone!
  15. Neny84

    Neny84 New Member

    There are some situations, one finds herself, it would result to wishing to change the hands of the clock. 80% percent of married woman in the position of being a housewife is regretting accepting to be a house wife in first instance.

    In my country Nigeria were things are falling apart, a husband can't do it all alone, and a woman can't be in the shadow of the man all her life. In a family where the woman is a working class, the family progresses more, lives comfortably, supports the man and can easily carry on in case the husband is deceased.

    A housewife finds it difficult to cope if the husband can't meet up with her needs, thereby exposing her to extra moral affairs, all to meet up for she has limited herself to such life. She feels inferior in the midst of his fellow women, She forgo her ambitions, goals, potential and start living his husband's life style and she virtually become a slave to him.
  16. Neny

    Neny New Member

    The common thing or practice that is very peculiar with African society when it comes to family is making or the husband turning their wives into full time house wives. At first, this practice comes as a form of ignorance on the part of both the husband and the wife but recently it seems to be a ploy by the wicked husbands to keep their wives living as slaves under their home because they would practically depend on their husband completely in everything that has to do with money.

    I would never agree to being a full time house wife. I can't leave my father's house where I lived comfortably like a princess and wasn't a slave to come and become a slave under a man all in the name of marriage. I would rather not get married and be a spinster all my life than being turned into a full time house wife.

    I do agree that I can make some adjustments and compromise in some circumstances based on the need to take care of my children. So, I would be open to taking a part time job in order to have time to attend to my children. This is very understandable in my opinion but staying without working is totally unacceptable to me.
  17. carlyy-KdF3

    carlyy-KdF3 New Member

    Proud housewife here, but working at the same time and i still have time to do what makes me happy during free time... a housewife should not limit us on being an individual, because the only way we can be a good mom and wife to our family is to first take care of our selves, we don't need to be stressed due to work overload..take it as a rewarding challenge and the prize we can get is priceless, that is the love of our family, many of new mom friends talk about being too exhausted and missed the old days where they're at peak of being single..i advise them that being a mom and housewife is the best thing that happens to me and no regrets here in my heart.
  18. HelenWilson

    HelenWilson New Member

    Happy mother! That's what you need first. It has already been proven by psychologists that a little quality time with the mother will benefit the child more than if the mother is always there, but being depressed and trying to stay away emotionaly. Any woman will hate the reasons for her imprisonment. The most terrible thing is that not every mother will notice this hatred in herself and may be cruel in a very secretive way.
    However, my mother on the contrary was mean when she was too tired because of the need to work and take care of children.:confused:
  19. lexiegore

    lexiegore New Member

    I prefer both you can be a house mom and working at the same time. Many moms nowadays work in their own homes, their specific works are mostly freelancers, virtual assistants any many more. Being a working mom at home gives you a lot of privilege for example, you can work anytime you want while taking care of your children and you can also do your house chores first before doing your job.

    I admit that being a mom is not that easy because you need to be responsible in many ways. But it doesn't mean that will be the end of your career. Most moms just prefer to be housewife by taking good care of the family needs. Why don't do both at the same time, be a house working mom is the best way. It will give you a lot of benefit for example you can have lots of knowledge and new experiences and besides you can also help in the expenses of the family.
  20. Rjhane18

    Rjhane18 New Member

    Working mom at home. You cannot buy the time and the happiness of your love ones you cannot see or feels the true feeling of your love ones but case to case basis. For me being a mom is awesome. Working mom or housewife will never be replace by any one in this world. Not everyone see the sacrifices of being a mom since the beginning. But not all
  21. crystal05

    crystal05 New Member

    I prefer to be a home based working mom. Being a hands on mother is a great achievement for me. I personally take care of my child an see to eat that the food she eats are healthy and clean. I can see her grow up. I have the time to relax for my self if I got sick. I can have more extra time on hand, and I can pursue my hobby and learn some new things easily because I can manage my time.
  22. adiyamanilom

    adiyamanilom New Member

    I am a licensed teacher. I am also a full time housewife. I am not yet practicing my profession and lets my husband do the breadwinner thing. There's so much to do at home. House chores are unlimited, after you're done in the laundry, you'll be in the kitchen, cook food, wash dishes etc. On top of it all, there are the kids messing all the work.
    Right now I wanted to land on a job I would enjoy, but not now because my children are still small. They needed me more than ever. Job can wait, but the 'baby time' can easily fade away. I want to be remembered by my kids as they do their 'firsts' in life.
  23. canyouhearmenow13

    canyouhearmenow13 New Member

    I am a stay at home mom and I am very happy with our decision. I am very fortunate to have a husband who is very supportive of our choice to have me stay at home. We feel that raising our daughter ourselves is very important to us and that we want to take the time to enjoy our family at this point in our lives. I have a university degree and will be continuing to upgrade my skills while I am a stay at home parent in the hopes that when my daughter goes to school I can enter the workforce again and work part-time.
  24. arianab521

    arianab521 New Member

    I've had maybe 10 jobs in my life and hated like 9 of them, so housewife sounds great to me. Unfortunately I have student loans so that's not an option. If I could I would, but I'd need a few more hobbies to keep me sane. I've said before my dream job was housewife or stay at home dog mom.
  25. naililmuna

    naililmuna New Member

    I prefer to be a housewife and a working mom at the same time. First working will connect us to the world, no matter what kind of job we committed into. Working, is good and healthy for us, both physically and mentally. If you can find a right job, you will be a better mother or wife. Use your inner voice, never deny that your current job is uncomfortable for your family life. Keep finding the right one. I had an experience, I was handed a furniture factory to manage. After I do the managing job for two months, I found it 'was a hard job. But I keep working for 2 years, to make it fair for everyone. Within the time I minimize all bad side effect of the job to my family, and preparing for my own business. Finally after exactly 24 months under assignment, I resigned with qualified experience and well prepared to build my own business. I feel like it is very important to us to keep finding the right job that is healthy, cheers our family and spouse up. We have technology to help us, keep updated on technology. Be a housewife and let our partner to provide everything means, we give up, we stop, and we freeze ourselves to be that nice looking family photograph. Moreover, if you have a daughter, put her to the best school in town; what do you want her to be when she grown up like you? Do you want her to end up to be merely a housewife? I don't think so.

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