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  1. Contentgenius

    Contentgenius New Member

    Hello everyone,
    I am Jonathan Joseph, a freelance content writer. I have been a freelance writer for some years now.
    However, recently I realized that I find it difficult to win as many writing jobs as I desired due to an over saturation of writers on Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelancer freelancing platforms. This has greatly affected my income level in the last 3 months.
    I am willing to increase the number of freelancing platforms on which I can sell my skill to enable me to increase the level of my income. I, therefore, seek advice and suggestions about other freelancing platforms I can sell my skill as a writer.
    I will greatly appreciate your contributions.
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  2. hotcrossbunboy

    hotcrossbunboy New Member

    Have you tried looking for local opportunities? In terms of looking for freelance writing jobs, I tend to view it as a concentration gradient, but with people instead of particles. When everyone's looking for offline employment, I get online. When everyone's saturating freelance platforms, I try to network on blogging platforms like Tumblr or Quora. Best of luck, though. My advice may not work, given the sheer number of people with similar skillsets. It's almost unavoidable at this point to have employment bottlenecks.
  3. fromabove

    fromabove New Member

    You should try iwriter if your writing is splendid. Since you are an experienced content writer, you should rise through the ranks in no time. Once you achieve that, you will be able to write virtually an unlimited number of projects. You may write on different subjects suitable to your area of expertise. However, you might find early results not so encouraging. This is because there are limited jobs for standard writers who only recently joined. Also, there is nothing as such as bidding for jobs, so all you do is to pick a project and execute. I hope this helps you.

    I presume you are also new to postloop. This, in my opinion is a tremendous opportunity for us. What do you think my friend?
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  4. TwinMomma

    TwinMomma New Member

    When I began writing a few years ago, I had had great success with Hubpages. It allowed me to write what I wanted and when I wanted. It is monetized through Google Adsense, once I added Squidoo, the money was excellent. I then had to change directions. Adblockers are now so widely used that most people do not even see the google ads to click on them. I still generate a small amount of income from hubs and lenses already published, but not near enough to support myself.

    I have found that jobs and sites ebb and flow. That is why I am here. I am making a good living with guest posting, blogging and researching, however, any one or all of those things could come to a screeching halt. It is best to have multiple income flows so if one begins to fail there are others to fall back on.
  5. DennisKoko

    DennisKoko New Member

    I recently registered on some of those freelance writing platforms. I'm yet to get a writing gig but I hope to soon. I'm glad for your eye opening comments so far. I have always had a passion for writing articles and I've written a lot of them both offline and online but I've never thought about making money writing articles. I hope to start commercializing my writing skills by signing up to those freelance platforms.
    Rather than depending only on finding writing gigs on those platforms, I'd also look for local opportunities.
    As regards the initial question, there are other freelance websites dedicated for only writers such as Blogging Pro, Allfreelancewriting and Fourerr. I'm yet to sign up to them but they are part of my long term plans.
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  6. idash

    idash New Member

    I think people depend too much upon Upwork. I get it because that's the name that's out there. But poke around a little bit. Check out sites like ProBlogger has a vast job board. Also, 'HowToMakeALivingWriting' also has a job board and pays for posts itself. The best thing is to niche as much as possible. Whatever sites you go to, be sure to always read their submission guidelines and follow them to the letter. Being too general is not good, because you always need to have a reader/audience in mind that you're speaking to. It's good to target a few great sources, rather than spreading your search efforts too thin. One more great strategy is to use guest posting. Getting your posts onto 'influencer' sites gets your work under the eyes of sites and publications looking for copy writers, but not knowing how to find them. It helps kill a few birds - the potential 'employer' has already been introduced to you, through your writing and your bio - and they see that you are on an influencer's site.
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  7. charles2reality

    charles2reality New Member

    It took me a long time to realize the insight that you offer in this post. Upwork (formerly oDesk) was the first freelancing platform I was hired on, so I stuck with it for a long time. Over time (and especially after oDesk merged with Elance to become Upwork), I noticed that the rates in my offers were dropping while the amount of work requested was going up.

    That's when I started looking into other options. I still use UpWork every now and then, but it is not my primary freelancing platform anymore.
  8. charles2reality

    charles2reality New Member

    My advice:
    1. Keep expanding and experimenting with different platforms until you find the ones you like
    2. Keep refining the kind of content you write and the clients you can help. The better you are at sharing how unique and valuable you are to potential clients, the better chance of getting hired
    3. Keep practicing your writing.
    4. Keep building your portfolio, so you can be ready when you find an opportunity.
  9. Abel_Andolong

    Abel_Andolong New Member

    I'm a newbie at postloop and I really would want to explore further and I knew I have what it takes and the passion in writing as I have maintained in the past a blog and been a contributor at Yahoo. I am new in this platform and I am nearing completion of my application for an online job as virtual Assistant for an American employer. My forte include Sales and Marketing, Project Management, Content Editor and Copywriting as well.

    As I was reading your posts, I think most of you are somewhat experienced and I like that, perhaps you can give me unsolicited advise which platforms should I venture for better opportunities? As I can do the biz part, I'd love to thrive on my personal pursuit in writing and Il give it my best shot, once and for all.

    Would appreciate a heads up from you guys.

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