How can I drive traffic to my new forum?

Discussion in 'Increasing Traffic' started by Tommyhara, Jun 28, 2017.

  1. Tommyhara

    Tommyhara New Member

    Hi there!

    I am making a website about real estate (Sorry I can not share link here for any reasons) . I have set up a forum for it but since I am the only person who has posted in it, I am worried people won't use it.

    Also for this field, it is very competitive and not easy to drive traffic to it. I tried some ways as forum posting or social media but they are not effective, I am think about Google adwords, but this way will consume me more money while the effect then I am not sure.

    I would like to ask what is the best way to get traffic to my new forum?

    Your comments would be appreciated.

    Thank you!
  2. Araaye1

    Araaye1 New Member

    1. provide people a unfastened subscription updated e-zine.
    nearly all people is publishing a e-zine in recent times
    so it is essential up to date offer some thing extra with the
    unfastened subscription. you could provide a unfastened gift or
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    2. offer your visiupupdated|up-to-date|up to dateupdatedrsupupup with unfastened content material. Your
    content will be more attractive up to date updated if
    it's authentic. you can also provide
    humans the choice up to date reprint the content material of their
    e-zine or internet web page.

    3. provide a free on line up to datery. The updated
    can be complete of exciting ebooks, e-zines, web
    sites and so forth. If human beings find your up to datedirecupupdated updated be a
    treasured resource they may up to dateupdated it again and again.

    4. deliver your up-to-date a loose ebook. you may
    also include your own advert inside the e-book and permit
    different humans upupdated it away. if you don't need up-to-date
    make an effort up-to-date one, you could ask other
    writers permission updated their articles.

    five. maintain free on line lessons or seminars. They
    might be held for your net web site's chat room. The
    idea of "stay" information will absolutely entice
    humans updated up-to-date your web website. You up-to-date
    referred upupdated an professional on up to datethe subject.

    6. give site visiupupdated a loose access inup to date your contest or
    sweepstakes. The prizes shouldupdated be some thing of
    interest or value in your visiupupdated. the general public
    who enter will always revisit your net web site up to date
    get the outcomes.

    7. permit up to date download loose software. up-to-date
    be freeware, shareware, demos and many others. you can
    even turn part of your website online into a unfastened software
    up to datery. if you created the software, consist of
    your ad internal and allow other humans give it away.

    eight. provide loose on-line offerings or utilities from your
    net website. They will be search engine submitting,
    reproduction writing proofreading and many others. The service or
    utility up to date be useful in your target market.

    9. supply free consulting up to date people who up-to-date your
    internet website. you may offer your know-how through emails or with the aid of smartphone. humans will up-to-date this
    a large value up to date the factupdated consulting fees can be very

    10. provide your up-to-date a loose club updated
    on line club. human beings want up-to-date belong updated some thing,
    why no longer your on-line membership. you can additionally provide
    away a free e-zine for club participants most effective.
  3. Rumu

    Rumu New Member

    The easiest and fastest way to drive traffic to your site is through traffic exchange via PTC sites, well that's if you just need visits, page clicks, ads clicks and probably comments. The best thing about PTC sites is that you can get visitors to take just about any action you need on you site plus it's way less expensive than adsword.

    You just need to to sign up with one like Rapidworker, create a profile and go to start a new campaign. It will cost you just a few bucks to get a minimum 30 visits in just a few days. You get to choose which country you need visits from, the type of actions you need on your sites and even wether or not to pay if you are satisfied with the task.

    You can also try facebook ads.
  4. I’m only spending about 10 minutes a day on discussion forums, but from this little effort, I have successfully managed to drive traffic from forums every single day to my blog. It’s all because I have a plan, and I stick to it. It’s about adding quality content, but it’s also about 10 different things.

    1. I am active
    In order to get traffic from discussion forums you should be present and publish something at least a few times a week. The more active you are, the more traffic you’ll get. I publish something 3 times a day, every single day.

    2. I use the signature
    I have a link in my signature. The most traffic to my blog (from discussion forums) comes from people clicking on this link. I always add a link to a blog post related to the discussion forum.

    3. I start new threads
    It’s important that you connect with other people and join the discussions, but it’s even more important to start new threads. Every time I start a new thread it receives more than 10 comments, and I get even more traffic, because a new popular thread makes me even more visible.

    4. I use old threads
    Old threads can contain 20 comments and more. When you join an old discussion, all of the subscribers to this thread will be notified that there’s a new message to the thread (if they haven’t unsubscribed). And the thread will jump to the top of the list of threads, and even more people will see it and join the discussion.

    However do read the forum rules. Some forum doesn’t like members bumping up the thread to game the system for their benefits.

    5. I have added my blog feed
    In my profile I have added my blog feed, this way, just below my username and on all the messages I have published on the discussion forum there’s always a link (and the title) to my latest blog post.

    6. I'm always brief
    I usually don’t read long messages, and I believe that most people are looking for a short, straight to the point answer (and question). Hence, I’m brief, I try never to write more than a few sentences in every comment I publish. But I always do my best to add quality content.

    7. I'm always positive
    No matter what people write, I’m always positive. I do my best to answer any question. Nothing good comes from being arrogant or negative. It’s important to understand that there will always be people who are completely new to the topics, and people who have many years of experience.

    8. It's all about helping
    Every time I publish a comment I always want to help, that’s the reason I’m there in the first place. I usually never publish any link to my own blog posts (I already have two links present, one to my latest blog post, and one in my signature). It’s important not to self promote (people don’t like it, and they won’t read what you have to say).

    9. I do my best to follow up
    When I add a comment, or start a thread, I stay subscribed to the thread, and read most of the new comments. If I can add more value to the thread, I do it.

    10. Add value to my profile
    I have added information about myself, like information about who I am, where I’m from, and what my hobbies are. I have also added a picture of myself (an avatar, it’s visible next to all my messages). People want to know who they’re communicating with. Be yourself, make it personal (not a character).
  5. cthebigpic

    cthebigpic New Member

    You can begin by using Postloop to grow your forum. That is exactly what it was designed to do. No one likes to associate with things that other people don't find attractive. When you have a bunch of posts and comments from posters like us, then other people who visit your forum while feel comfortable hanging around and contributing.

    After this, you can post on social media such as Facebook groups, or buy ads to spread out the message.

    Finally, you can make use of influencers to send people your way. It's easy to find them on Instagram and Twitter. For just $5, you can get people from Fiverr to swarm your forum and all you troubles will be over! ;-)
  6. ryanrb

    ryanrb Member

    Facebook paid ads is really powerful. It's proven effective to drive traffic especially now that most of the people are in Facebook. There are many video tips on youtube that teaches how to drive traffic on your websites or link, free or paid traffic. Right now i use Fb paid ads.
  7. Karen Cerin

    Karen Cerin New Member

    Other than paying other websites or paying for ads, just make your topic interesting
  8. kristia0921

    kristia0921 New Member

    Effective text will be good. Your welcome text will be inviting as much as many people as you can. Encouraging Text is amazing and being direct to the point. Others tend to lie in t
  9. Mutin

    Mutin New Member

    You probably have to market the website and wait for some time for more and more people to start visiting the website. Too bad you don’t have enough money to buy traffic from websites like Postloop. Postloop is one of the best places to get traffic. It provides exactly what you are looking for. Other than that, just make the forum SEO-friendly so that you get organic traffic from search engines. You likely won’t have to spend a lot of money on this if you are good at doing it.
  10. Abel_Andolong

    Abel_Andolong New Member

    In the same manner I get quite anxious increasing my business page as Financial Advisor, it is best to help define the process by:
    1. Identifying your audience or demographics which include, job position, income bracket and where to find these millennials who are in need of a place to stay during weekdays,
    2. Use your network clout to find your demographics at certain time of the day, at a price stipulated by the network reached services (eg to reach 2K population etc..)
    3. Use email campaign that has very good visuals and elicits response that they will contact you because you have something they wanted.
    4. Make yourself visible inside malls or public places where you could have greater visibility and access to people.
    5. Get a good looking professional assistant who has charm and glib to converse with prospects.
    6. Provide a big screen to highlight your brand and encourage prospects to ask questions.

    I do hope it gives you some insights in as much I have learned as well.

    Wish you more to sell!
  11. MrT

    MrT New Member

    This niche is ferociously difficult. I built a really nice site in this niche but never got any real visitors.

    What I should have done is to reach out to major influencers in the niche. Not other bloggers, but property companies, newspapers etc. etc.

    I'd seriously recommend you choose an easier niche though. The only way you're likely to succeed in property is if you're the first forum in a new micro-niche.
  12. kwaikin25

    kwaikin25 New Member

    If you want to get traffic with your ads, forums, blogs, site or any social media do you have. I suggest you have to start with Facebook and soon connect every social platform do you have. Why facebook first?, this is today's hot topic and sensational platform for everyone, you can create your Facebook page to promote your business. This platform is very powerful and can create you good figures. You can also get premium and indeed a worth it.
  13. vonnie45

    vonnie45 New Member

    Getting traffic is a difficult challenge. A couple of places that I have had some good experience with is traffic exchange and Pinterest. Traffic exchange sites require a lot of time. Pinterest also takes some time. However, once you begin to build a following it becomes easier.
  14. Tresana

    Tresana New Member

    You can generate traffic to your site by posting on YouTube with a video. You can create voiceover and make an ad. You can share link for your site on social media pages and also in your communities.
    You can also have am affiliate promote your website or you can become an affiliate and promote your own link. There are many different ways in which traffic can be generated to your site.


    Generate traffic is a whole other fulltime job within itself and is the same thing that I am tackling right now! There are plenty of free advertising sites out here now that you can promote your new business and not to mention all of the social media networks and YouTube. I am doing extensive research now on how to expand my business and how to keep my insanity at the same time and it's even more challenging when you are running the whole operation yourself. Well, you most definitely are off to a good start by becoming a member here to get even more exposure. Good luck with you and your future endeavors! What an impressive article and thanks for sharing!:thumbsup:
  16. Rexway4

    Rexway4 Member

    I own a forum and to be specific, its not always easy to drive traffic to your new forum I spend about six months to bring a total of 456 members to my new forum using free traffic.

    Some reliable way to get free traffic is through soocial networking site like facebook or you send mass email to people if you have good numbers of people that will received such masseges .

    You can surf and add your forum link in some traffic exchange site, assign some credit to it and you will get people visiting your forum, if it is interest to them then you will get new Registration to your forum.
    But paid traffic is the best if you need fast growth of your community or forum.

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