how can i get freelance typing job?

Discussion in 'Freelance Writing Jobs' started by jeffrey ilagan, Oct 3, 2017.



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  1. jeffrey ilagan

    jeffrey ilagan New Member

    I want to have an extra income aside from my is not easy for me also. Coz some of the people thst i talk to from internet is asking some saying you to registr this register getting crazy who is telling the truth..but any way im trying again here maybe somebody can help me pls..reply
  2. j_sumaway

    j_sumaway New Member

    visit its a legit Online site that gives freelancers opportunity to earn.. there's a lot of job's available and its free to register. Hope this helps.
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  3. Liz Chloe

    Liz Chloe New Member

    @j sumaway thank you for the information am also in need of the information since been a first-time freelancer it really becomes hard to know what is genuine and what is a scam. And such information can really be of help , any other member with more information of the genuine forums? It will be much appreciated.
  4. nathaliemae

    nathaliemae New Member

    Try UpWork and Fiverr, or Postloop. You just register and boost your profile by just filling everything you could brag about. There are a lot of freelancer jobs posted daily and the easiest is Data Entry for a start. If you wish to earn dollars whilst waiting for a job interview on the aforementioned sites, you may opt to enroll at Clixsense by clicking this link
  5. angeldchaz

    angeldchaz New Member

    There are a lot of ways that you could earn online by typing.
    When you listen to audios that needs to be converted into typed words, that would be called transcription jobs. You can earn high on these type of jobs but it would require a lot of time and attention, because their main concern is the quality of your transcription. You can start earning on these type of jobs in sites like Upwork, Humanatic and Transcribeme.
    When you type using your own ideas or comments without copying content online, these are called content creation jobs. These type of jobs pay higher since you are the one who creates content and your ideas get paid too. Upwork also offers Copywriting content and forum sites like Postloop and Beermoney. Blogging has the highest risk-reward ratio on these since you will be depending on the traffic created by your content.
    You can also put gigs or services on typing on Fiverr and your rate would depend on what you ask. Usually it starts with $5.
    Anyway good luck to you and I hope you find a decent job. Have a nice day.
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  6. I want to earn extra money, due my salary is not enough to provide the needs of my family. I look to many websites but this postloop is the first one I try online. if you have any suggestions please reply to my post. I am afraid of trying to other site because some of them are fake, I' am not good and outsourcing but I am willing to try and hope for the good out come of it.

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