how can you forgive?

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  1. reizel27

    reizel27 New Member

    Forgiving is not that easy to do it takes time and will power to forget those things they've done to us, but forgiving becomes our self-healing. Those persons become our greatest ghost in our lives and that is why we cannot moved on and open a new and happier life.

    We cannot changed what happened and what they've done, all we need to do is to forgive, accept and move on. Let our selves be free from pain and angered because no one could ever do that except our selves. Everything happens for God's own reason we must be patient to wait when and what it is in His own perfect time.

    You, How can you forgive those people who hurts you so much?
  2. migsmats

    migsmats New Member

    Forgiving is one of the hardest things to do. Specially if we are prideful. But I forgive through thinking about what I've gone through with that person and the importance he/she has with my life. Sometimes it takes time, and that's really okay. Time heals almost everything. Even the deepest scars. Forgiving is forgetting. Forgiving is moving on and accepting. It can be hard sometimes but in the long run, it can be worth it.
  3. rubylyndivi

    rubylyndivi New Member

    Forgiving is a single yet a big word. It so easy to say that you have forgiven somebody who have wronged you, but deep inside it is so hard. However, we should do so no matter how difficult it is because if we don't, we will also suffer from the burden of having not forgiven somebody. We maybe happy outside but there will be no joy in our heart. So what is best to choose, forgive or not forgive? Which suffer most, the one whom you did not forgive or you?
  4. mitchellponce

    mitchellponce New Member

    Forgiving someone is my greatest challenge in life. I have the tendency to hold a grudge even for the longest time. Even though I constantly tell myself to forgive the person but every time I see his/her face, my hatred would come back. Sometimes I would yell out loud just to let go of the feelings, but it didn't work. People would advice me to forgive and forget because they say that holding grudges can have a bad effect to my body and well-being. Sometimes I would just pray that someday it will all go away. I believe that time will heal all wounds.
  5. Menachem Grossman

    Menachem Grossman New Member

    A big hug, I think is the best answer.
  6. avycruz

    avycruz New Member

    It's really hard to forgive especially if the person who has done you wrong is one of the people you love the most. In my case, I don't hold grudges, though. I just let them be because I know, in time, they'll ask for forgiveness. I forgive easily. Actually, what they didn't know is I already forgave them even before they could apologize. If you hold grudges in your heart, it'll only affect you and the quality of your daily life. Take this as an example: if you're holding a grudge for someone, then while scrolling at your favorite social media platform, you see that person posting photos of how happy he/she is. Everything that comes in to your mind would be negative thoughts, like why is he/she like this while I am not. Look at how this person's enjoying life while I'm here boiling myself in anger. Something like that.
  7. DawnsDivination

    DawnsDivination New Member

    Pain. It’s an emotion that none of us particularly LIKE to feel, yet it’s part of life as a human. And sometimes pain is felt because of a betrayal by someone we love. That kind of pain is hard to overcome, yet it is possible to heal through forgiveness.

    Forgiveness heals our own hearts. It heals OUR pain. Forgiveness is not about the individual that hurt you, it’s aboht learning to accept that something bad happened and that we are all human. People mess up and so do you. Forgiving someone for something terrible doesn’t mean that you have to let that person be in your life though. You can forgive someone, but still have enough respect and dignity for yourself to not let someone continue to hurt you.

    Forgive. Just don’t forget. Learn from the experience. Find the lesson, learn and move on. Life isn’t about ONE experience. It’s about many, many different experiences, good and bad. And we must learn how to move in from each so that new ones can evolve.
  8. cuddlestomp

    cuddlestomp New Member

    I've been thinking a lot about grace, about remembering to give people space for the fact that we're all flawed.

    I've also been working on the second step of "forgive and forget." If someone has wronged me and isn't going to engage in working with me to make it better, I can work on forgetting and hope that along the way it will sting less and I can forgive.

    The tricky part is that I know how much being forgotten can sting, though. So as much as I'm trying to eventually forgive, there are definitely some grudges being held along the way. ;)
  9. Reigniel

    Reigniel New Member

    Look at this scenario. You've been offended and hurt by a person that is so close to you.
    That's where unforgiveness is as its high peak. You trusted him/her and at the end end of the day you felt betrayed.
    But the odd thing is, that they ( him/her) did not even know that they hev cross your boundaries.
    The person who hurts you can sleep soundly at night. How about you? Sleepless. Bitter. Hurt.
    Hey! Forgive and get some sleep!
  10. Aziar

    Aziar New Member

    Holding a grudge or staying hurt at someone stresses me, so I easily forgive. In the past I've tried to stay mad at someone who hurt me but I ended hurting and stressing me more. Besides, you don't get anything from not forgiving except more pain and building anger.
  11. alexreyesss

    alexreyesss New Member

    Forgiveness is one word but there are lots of meaning behind it. Forgiveness comes from our heart. It's not hard to forgive because forgiving is like you accept everything what happened even though it hurts you so bad.
    Take it and move on. We cannot live forever with anger in our heart. No matter how pain it caused us our life must go on. We're here on earth to love and forgive. When we commit sins, God will forgive us. So when others do wrong to us, let's forgive them. If God can forgive, we can too. #spreadlove
  12. tongyun

    tongyun New Member

    I'm having a hard time with forgiveness right now. Recently, I did something to offend someone and when I went to his house to find out what I did, he slammed the door in my face. He eventually apologized for his behavior but I find myself still thinking about what a jerk he was and still is. The incident happened nearly a month-and-a-half ago but I think about it and want it to stop. Help!
  13. Davidforumpr86

    Davidforumpr86 New Member

    I have always believed in forgiving, but not forgetting. To me, it is easy to forgive. I don't have a vengeful spirit. I like to argue and fight. But once the fighting is over, I move on. My biggest trouble is not forgetting. It is not that I want to remember those who hurt or betray me. But I don't want to be fooled again. That is why when I know that some person will keep betraying me, I cut them off from my life. Some people say that by doing so I am not forgiving them. But I do forgive them. There is no grudge from my part. However, if I let them in my life, I know they will do the same thing. Thus, I forgive, but not forget what they did.
  14. Jepoyrains

    Jepoyrains Member

    You can forgive by letting the pain away. By accepting that your not perfect and everybody do mistakes. Saying I forgive and forgetting all the sins that he or she have than to you will set your mind free. It's just in you if you want to forgive someone. You can hold the pain inside or you can release and let it go.
  15. ann2195

    ann2195 Member

    That's a tough question for me ! Well,honestly forgiving is not easy. Because sometime you tend to forgive but you never forget. But I know someone that always forgives and I really adore that person. She would always say "Always remember life is too short to be in pain". "Forgive but never forget and learn from it". "People deserves chances ". Those are quite few advices I got from her. And it is true all of us deserves chances and all of us deserves not to be in pain.
  16. miracle2516

    miracle2516 New Member

    Forgiving someone is not really easy. Especially when that certain person hurts you a lot. It's hard to forget the things that made you upset, mad, cry. I know that we must forgive because even god forgave us for everything we've done wrong. But damn it's not really easy. Maybe now I'm not in the stage of forgiving but soon, in god's perfect time. I know I can forgive.
  17. That Guy11

    That Guy11 New Member

    Forgiving starts with focusing on love. Love is all there really is and all we really need just like the Beatles said. Anything other than love is just a perception problem focusing on something that's not real anyways. When we can forgive others we forgive ourselves and make the world a better place.
  18. shairine

    shairine New Member

    That’s a good question and difficult too , but anyway like everybody we have to learn to forgive actually it can take time for me but i can forgive the person but I don’t make the same mistake as being around them
    Or make the same mistake to trust them anymore
  19. KIMIAN

    KIMIAN New Member

    To forgive someone that cause you hurt is not easy. As time goes by, we are able to heal ourselves and forgive the people that cause us pain. Acceptance of the mistakes and lesson learned from what had happen plays a vital role why people forgive.
  20. WillowWonka

    WillowWonka New Member

    Forgiveness is never easy, especially when someone has wronged you in a terrible way. Yet at the same time, not everything has to be forgiven. You do not have to feel pressured into forgiving those who have hurt you, instead take it in your stride to be better than them.
    Either way, forgive or no forgiveness, you heal.
  21. mackyboy

    mackyboy Member

    Forgiveness needs time and effort. you must ask yourself if your ready to forgive and forget but when you forgive theres a saying that its better to forgive than to hate.
  22. porkkyextra

    porkkyextra Member

    You will learn to forgive if you learned to accept and let go of all your hatred. In time, without a heavy heart, you will be able to forgive the person who hurt you.
  23. Tamtam28

    Tamtam28 New Member

    Forgiveness needs time and effort. you must ask yourself if your ready to forgive and forget but when you forgive theres a saying that its better to forgive than to hate.
  24. Ailyn Talavera

    Ailyn Talavera New Member

    Forgiveness if not easy thing to do, but keeping that bad feeling to your self make our day to day life not easy. We can forgive someone easily and that's the best feeling when you do it.
  25. juggy143

    juggy143 New Member

    Forgiving I believe is a process. It is not just when you spit it out from your mouth that you forgive someone while still carrying the pain in your inside is not the real one. Some just settle with that for the reason of peace on the outside but inside, peace would be nowhere to find. Forgiving someone might take time, and so be it. You control your time and your feelings, so do not let anyone dictate you that you should already forgive them when you know for yourself that it is not the right time, not yet and you're not ready and it is okay.

    But of course forgiving someone release us from great burden and I know no one would want to carry a burden for long time. Just take your time, understand your feelings, yourself and take the courage to forgive and you'll just found yourself smiling again!
  26. Kershtin

    Kershtin New Member

    Everyone of us in anyway have hurt someone in our lives, intentionally or unintentionally. No one is perfect.
    I have been faced with that question for so many times, how should I forgive those who've wronged me, hurt my feelings and hurt me physically.

    By the grace of God, I am able to forgive. If we love the one who hurt us we surely need to forgive. In whatever circumstance, we should learn to forgive by moving-on, no grave digging. I can say that when we forgive it does'nt mean we forget. We can never forget whatever caused us pain.
    I've learned from our marriage encounter that for whatever hurt , misunderstanding, indifference -we need to have a dialogue, and talk things over. Find resolution on all faults.
    In my experience, it was so hard for me to forgive my parents for medling with my marriage. It breeds contempt and more anger. I've asked a lot of counselors how to deal with it. Most of the advice are freeing oneself of the anger and letting them know that you're deeply hurt. Sometimes the agressor or the one at fault does'nt know that they've hurt you, thus they won't ask for forgiveness. Forgiveness brings togetherness.

    In my opinion, if only husbands and wives are willing and able yo orive, there would'nt be so much divorce or separated couples, no broken families. There's a quote that says " Forgive others, not because they deserve forgiveness, but because you deserve peace."
  27. Geeeee

    Geeeee New Member

    Forgiveness was taught by our parents. You forgive, just let those who hurt you have another chance, then forget what they've done. By God, forgiving even our worst enemies and giving them another chance are what people need to find peace. They need to let it go, all the grudge and the hate. The past is past you can't go back and change it. And in addition, if you hold a grudge, it's just like digging slowly what should have been buried. So how will you forgive? Just ask the Lord to lighten your heart and give you the strength to forgive.
  28. Kalelkent

    Kalelkent Member

    Forgiving others always start by forgiving oneself first. Those who are having a hard time forgiving others usually has not forgave themselves yet.
  29. puregrace

    puregrace New Member

    I never understood how to forgive or charge others for anything because it is not so easy to be a good human being. Your senses should understand that you should not hurt others easily. Now-a-days, money minded people or those who have a lot of money take easy steps in hurting others. So, how to forgive them? Just because we do not have so much money as they have, we cannot blame them for hurting us.

    They have something that makes them hurt us. Maybe human ego. How far are we going to fight with this human ego? Best is ignore them and keep praying to God that they may realise their mistake one day.
  30. djdencio

    djdencio New Member

    Forgiving someone is hard at first especially if the person is so close to you, but first, ask your self if it is worthy of your sufferings and sorrows that you feel or let time heals everything. Let us forgive our selves first before we can forgive others and we can pray to God to help us forgive the people who hurt us so that we can have a peace of mind and free of hatred.

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