How can you lose weight ?

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by Anuj, May 13, 2015.

  1. Gemmalynpanis

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    Not eating at night will you gain loss of weight but is very important to eat at night either a small amount of rice or else you get so fat.
  2. aprillyn

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    Hi :) Good day. Just want to share some tips to lose weight. There's a lot of different ways to lose weight , and this is my way , In the morning i eat a lot like rice, chocolate, bread and fruits. Well i eat everything that i like in the breakfast but in the afternoon, for lunch i eat just a plenty of rice with vegetables and in the evening,for dinner i eat fruits . That's how my lose weight.
  3. ayobobo

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    The general weight loss rule is to consume less calories than you burn. If you do this, you'll surely burn fat and lose weight. It is so accurate that you could eat all the junk in the world and as long as you're consuming fewer calories than you burn you would lose weight. Would you develop illnesses due to too much junk? Definitely. But regarding weight loss, you would lose weight by following the calorie guideline.

    You could go online and use a free calorie calculator to figure out your daily caloric needs and start off of there. Simply subtract 500 calories from your daily needs and you're on your way to losing 0.5 pounds everyday. You'll be better off combining this with some aerobic exercise like skipping rope or jogging. You wouldn't only lose weight faster, you would also feel better psychologically as exercise is a proven way to improve mental health.

    Diet soda isn't bad while losing weight. They contain almost zero calories and if you don't take them in excess you shouldn't develop health issues down the line
  4. renics24

    renics24 New Member

    In my experience in fat loss is you have to be CONSISTENT in what you are doing. First you have to remove all the junk food, no processed food, no fast food in your diet to get you started. You need to eat more whole foods like veggies, legumes, lean meats, You ever heard the saying YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT? so you need to watch what you put in. And you gotta go the gym or just starting your own workout when at home cause you need to burn those fats, the way to do that is you workout pump some weights to make micro fiber tears in your muscles and what it does is it heals itself and what yo eat is gonna rebuild the muscle. The muscles you work needs fuel and the fuel of the muscle is FAT you get it?. Your muscle eats the fat and what you eat is the building blocks for your body to make you lean.
  5. bingblong30

    bingblong30 New Member

    Eat healthy food . Drink a lot of water and no to softdrinks or sweetfood and proper exercise have a good rest
  6. ElaineJoyRR

    ElaineJoyRR New Member

    When trying to lose weight, it is essential to always keep in mind the practice of discipline and dedication. Eventhough you may have all the list of weight reduction programs plus recipes or exercises,if one cannot commit to it and have the proper mindset and discipline, everything will be useless. I had an experience of losing 5kgs in 5 months by completely adhering to your diet and exercise regimen
    Eliminating sugars is quite difficult to comply but rest assures it has the best benefit to your body in the future. In addition,cardio workouts such as running, biking or simply walking aid in proper circulation of the body and effectively reduce fat in the long run. Another essential component in weight loss is by having weights
    Even with simple 2 kgs dumbells help your body to gain muscles thus shedding off some extra fat. It will also build your stamina and endurance
    Apart from these, I found out that drinking green tea 1 cup a day could possibly reduce weight also mainly because green tea is an antioxidant. Lastly, water and more water. It keeps your body's cells well hydrated that also provides proper functioning and gives you adequate nutrition and fluid balance during weight loss programs.
  7. s.jahan

    s.jahan New Member

    I do 30 minutes excercise daily. Besides that I also do a mudra called apan mudra. This mudra removes toxin from my body. Apan mudra also helps digestion. The beauty of this mudra is that I can do it anywhere, anytime. Even when I watch television, listening music. Just touch my thumb tip with middle finger and ring finger and lose my weight.
  8. Hdenny

    Hdenny New Member

    Don't over complicate weight loss. Weigh gain comes from over consumption, a problem in ever facet of modern society. So logically the solution is minimalism. Don't fall for diets that want you to buy products, or claim you just need to eat more of specific foods. Simplify your food intake, eat less, learn to tolerate hunger and ignore cravings.
  9. Sydfishes

    Sydfishes New Member

    The most guaranteed way to lose weight is with CICO (calories in calories out). Find a website such as Lose It, of MyFitnessPal and record every bit of food and drink that goes into your mouth. By entering your height and weight, the website you choose should tell you how much you can eat in a day while still having enough of a deficit to lose weight. I know that MyFitnessPal will connect with your Fitbit, as well as other apps to make recording how much you burn easy! The more you exercise, the more calories you can eat. You will have an easier time satisfying your appetite when you stick to whole foods. Veggies are low in calorie and high in bulk. Also be sure you get enough protein. Eggs are a personal favorite of mine because they are low calorie but have healthy protein and fats. Buy a large water bottle if you can and drink from it all day. Remember that cravings usually pass after 20 mins. Lastly, find a community to support you. Whether its family, friends, weight watchers, or r/loseit. A support system will help hold you accountable and keep you on track
  10. katherinebenefield

    katherinebenefield New Member

    One of the first and only thing you should consider while losing weight is, whether or not you are eating within a caloric deficit. As long as you are within a caloric deficit you will lose weight, regardless of what you eat. Though that is true, eating well and exercise will also help. The best advice I can give, is to keep within that caloric deficit with healthy foods that are high in their nutritional values, along with thirty minutes to an hour of exercise daily. Another thing you can do that is simple is to stop drinking your calories, just stick to water.
  11. Kateyy222

    Kateyy222 New Member

    Losing weight doesn't mean starving yourself, you're killing youself hehe.
    These are the things that I personally do to lose weight:
    1. Hydrate yourself (ofcourse)!
    2. Do your exercise/workout atleast 2-3 times a week.
    3. Never skip your meal (but cut the carbs!)
    4. Avoid fastfoods, softdrinks, and sweets and beers hehe!
    5. Eat healthy.
    6. Make your meal plan, always include fruits to your diet.
    7. After 6 diet (that works for me).
    And yeah that's it hope this helps :))
  12. ghelle

    ghelle New Member

    I'm a lactating mom so its so hard for me to lose weigth because i can't take any dietary supplement to lose weight then my friend suggested me to drink warm water in the morning wait atleast 45minutes to take breakfast and dont eat to much sugar and make it daily so i try it almost 2 weeks and i amazing about the effect on my body i lose 5 pounds and until now im still doing the same procedure.
  13. nckmct

    nckmct New Member

    The weight loss program that helped me lose weight is Intermittent Fasting. I did the 18-6, it means 18 hours of no eating and 6 hours of eating time. If you want to be exact I will usually start my 6 hours of eating by 11pm and then end it by 7pm which if you compute is 6 hours of eating. Then the remaining hours would be for fasting hours. In this hours I usually do my running this will help you burn more calories because your body is using your own fat in the end will help you make lose weight faster. To help me lose weight faster is to track my calorie intake, I believe losing weight starts with your diet. I’m in my 1500 calorie per day then the workout per day.
    I started from 75kg to 65kg today
    I am highly encouraging you guys to try Intermittent Fasting because it will help you lose weight easily.
  14. JoyRam

    JoyRam New Member

    One of the best things you can do to become healthier is to base your diet on whole, single-ingredient foods. I think going back to basics will help a lot for weight loss. I believe that one of the secrets of my grandma when she is still alive, is she use ginger in almost all the food that she is cooking, that's why her body is really fit and slim.

    I usually cook food and incorporate it with ginger like Tinola (It is the favorite food of our national hero Dr. Jose Rizal), Nilaga (pork) and Bulalo (Beef bone marrow soup). I can also add some veggies that help me feel fuller. Ginger has a lot of benefits in our body, studies have found that supplementing a diet with ginger lose further weight than those who don't, due to the increase in the body's leptin, which is the compound that makes the stomach feel full.
    With this recipe, I was able to lessen the fat intake as well because I just boiled it and no need to put oil in it. At the same time, the amount of soup that you can be able to sip in it will help add hydration in your body.
    So, the key how you can lose weight - BACK TO BASICS!
  15. Apaciblerj

    Apaciblerj New Member

    exercise or going to gym everyday i guess and eating some healthy food that has no fats hahahah
  16. cDada

    cDada New Member

    Eat Breakfast Every Day one habit that's common to many people who have lost weight and kept it off is eating breakfast everyday. Many people think skipping breakfast is great way to cut calories, but they usually end up eating more throughout the day. Studies show people who eat breakfast have lower BMI that breakfast skipper and perform better whether at school or in the boardroom. Try a bowl of whole grain cereal topped with fruit and low fay dairy for a quick start you day.
    Choose Liquid Calories Wisely sweetened drinks pile on the calories but don't reduce hunger like solid food do. Satisfy your thirst with water, sparkling water with citrus, skim or low fat milk or small portion or 100% fruit juice. Be careful of alcohol calories, which add up quickly. Limiting alcohol to the weekends can be a huge calorie saver.
    Eat More Produce Eating lots of low calories, high volume fruit and vegetables crowds out other foods that higher in fat and calories. Move the meat off the center of your plate and pile on the vegetables. Try starting lunch or dinner with a vegetables salad or bowl of broth based soup.
  17. CherrySign

    CherrySign New Member

    For you to lose weight you need to know what are the causes of gaining it. It maybe overeating, sleep habits, or reaction to food that you didn't that affect you. Like now there is a medical test that you will find out what kind of food that causes you bloat. For me I've been two months doing an on and off Keto/ Low carbohydrate diet because I really get excess weight with sugar and carbs so I really tried to avoid it and the result are amazing, within this period I got 10 kilos off my weight.
  18. animae

    animae New Member

    Proper diet and exercise for atlesst 2-3x per week.
  19. alphaandromeda

    alphaandromeda New Member

    for some people, lose weigh is needed. they are some ways to do it. such a arrange calories you eat, don't eat random food that contain many fat on it, then get used to jogging cause it's the cheapest sport that make you reduce your calories. And one important thing is just ignore someone who make body shaming on you cause it will make you get stress and finnaly u get sick.
  20. Floris564

    Floris564 New Member

    1. eat healthy!
    Eat your vegetables, fish, meat, fruit, diary. Nothing else. No refined food, so soda, just water, tea or coffee.
    2. Exercise!
    Just move around, everything is beter than sitting behind a desc. Stand, lift weights, run, HIIT training.
    3. Drink water!
    Just drink enough water to stay hydrated. you have to consume every 2 hours a glass or a sip of water. Except at night.
    4. Sleep well!
    Get your sleep and feel rested. Minimum of 8 hours of sleep every night.
    5. No stress!
    Reduce your stress, because stress makes you fat.
    6. Intermittent fasting!
    Change your pattern of eating. For example eat twice a day. In the morning and in the evening. No snacks allowed between those meals. Just eat 2 hours a day.
    7. Restrict your callories!
    You can eat healthy, but if you simply eat too much you will get fat. Even if you eat healthy you have to restrict your callories.
  21. sungoddess88

    sungoddess88 New Member

    very well said. Lifestyle change is the answer. With all the hype we get from social media, people have been trying all sorts of weird diets and stuff . Keep in mind, a diet is a temporary thing, our body still needs all the nutrition it requires, skipping meals and stressing ourselves is not the answer. However I believe in the principle, what you take in - you also give out. So i think if you eat all those food then it is your responsibility to your body to exercise it by taking walks or adapting a physical activity that not just helps you maintain your weight but challenges your mentality and increases your strength. Find something you enjoy doing and maintain it, because we cannot be puppets of this social hype, this just provokes depression and insecurity. We owe ourselves to eat whatever we think we want and need, and then we give out, we run, bike, or dance..etc. it is not just to lose weight, but it helps us think clearly, choose smartly and decrease our stresses.
  22. yvonniejude2019

    yvonniejude2019 New Member

    Losing weight is truly one of the most challenging endeavours one could do. You need patience, endurance and strong discipline in order to achieve good results. Although both exercise and proper diet are needed to reduce some weight, the latter is actually more vital than just doing physical activities, and this is based on my experience. Even though I was doing some exercise routines everyday, I feel like I was barely losing weight. Yes, I gained some muscle but I still feel bloated inside. And by using a weighing scale, I confirmed that I barely lost a kilo despite a whole month of strict exercise. I asked myself what could be the problem. I realized I was not eating properly and sometime I was over-eating. So I did some research on how to have a balance diet, and by following them, I managed to lose 5 kilos in a month. Therefore, give more focus on what you eat first, then accompany it with proper regular exercise in order for you to lose weight!
  23. preachys

    preachys New Member

    I agree with this because when you do something to lose weight and enjoy it then you can easily lose weight because its giving you something which is fun.
  24. juliehaney1976

    juliehaney1976 New Member

    Water is the most effective way to loose weight, you should always drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. You would also want to do a regular exercise routine, along with eating healthy. It is ok to have a cheat day here and there, but don't over load yourself with a lot of carbs.
  25. fordhamgirl914

    fordhamgirl914 New Member

    What worked drastically for me was something very simple, but difficult at the same time. I gave up added sugars and decreased my intake of carbohydrates which turns into sugar. Being disciplined when going out and not ordering soda, chips, or even candy bars was no simple task. I stuck it out and now it's a lifestyle. I lost 20 lbs with minimal exercise. I mainly stretch, meditate and walk when it fits into my schedule. Now I look forward to new and exciting healthy routines !
  26. veselinnesterov

    veselinnesterov New Member

    What matters the most is to be in a caloric deficit if you want to make it work. At the beginning sounds really hard but once you get to know what is needed and start reading the nutritional agenda on the back of the product, this will make the change for you. Consult a nutritionist who can advise what is needed from each macro-nutrient according to your goals. What works for someone does not mean it is going to work for you. We are all different. Listen to your body and do not be afraid to make changes. Losing weight is simple - if you know what you eat and if it is less than your maintenance level, you will lose weight. If you eat more than that - you will gain. Do not make this process more complicated than it should be. Keep it simple.
  27. Deeyhan

    Deeyhan New Member

    I don't do hussle work out just to loss weight, all I do is Water Theraphy! I drink 1 glass of a luke warm water the moment i woke up. In sone research that I've read before this theraphy helps improve you health, skin, fitness. In japan they take this theraphy as part of their morning rituals.
    I had been trying this for almost 3 years and counting because its really effective. What did I do is.
    1.I drink just after I woke up
    2. Don't eat after an hour that you drink
    3. Drink water atleast 9 glasses a day or more, take note as much as possible
    4. Do not usually drink cold drinks
    5. Do not drink water beneath 7 pm.
  28. Logan1121

    Logan1121 New Member

    I am 175 cm. and 115 kg. 6 months ago. Now I'm 90 kg. I lost 25 kg. with in 6 months with my new style of eating patterns. I tried intermittent fasting 16/8. 16 hours of fasting and 8 hours window for eating. Plus I started going to the gym as well. It really works, all of my colleagues noticed the big weight difference now. Also I cut down caloric drinks and ate less refine carbs. Losing weight is not hard, the only one that is preventing someone to lose weight is their own self. Start now and be patient, one step at a time. You will be happy with the result. I know I am. ;):thumbsup:
  29. sofianebgh

    sofianebgh New Member

    You can eat whatever you want ,but not whenever you want nor how much you want ,it's simple don't eat until you are hungry and don't eat until you're full ,don't tell me you are hungry all the times ,we eat to live we don't live to eat.
  30. houd

    houd New Member

    In order to lose weight there are several rules that you have to follow , first is reducing sugar and starches intake, next you have to follow a balanced diet rich in vegetables and fruits , cut junk food and soda, cut alcohol, increase protein intake , drink a lot of water, exercise ( cardio and lifting weights) , get enough sleep and last but not least is eat small portions six times a day in order to fuel your metabolism.

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