How can you lose weight ?

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  1. ruthland

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    We can lose weight if we cut our food intake and move more. Make a meal plan to start a healthy eating habit, more fruits and vegetables and cut down on starchy food and don't drink your calories . It is so much better if we will prepare our own food , cutting on salt because it retains water . Drink plenty of water as well , they say drink water half an hour before meal time so you will feel full. Green tea works wonder for me ,I don't feel any cravings when I consume green tea and we should not forget doing cardio exercises at least twice a week and once week of resistance training. So it is basically a change of lifestyle .
  2. charmean

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    I think the key idea when you really want to lose weight is discipline. There are a lot of diet, and exercise programs and many other techniques circulating online because everyone just one to have a healthy and sexy body. I myself have read tons of articles and watched a lot of videos to learn how to lose weight fast. My weight just bothers me too much and my self-confidence was so low. I can't have the liberty to wear the clothes I want because it doesn't suit me. I feel so heavy and I have no energy everyday.

    Here is what I did to lose weight.

    1.I stumble upon this after reading a lot diet and exercise plans, "Eat like a queen during breakfast, a mediocre in lunch and like a beggar for dinner".

    2. Do not eat too fast when you're hungry and you actually need to chew your food several times before swallowing it. This can help you reduce calorie intake and lose weight. In fact, several studies have found that people with weight problems tend to chew their food less than normal-weight people do

    3. Drink water with a sliced of soaked lemon or mixed with lemon juice extract first thing in the morning. Lemon water can promote fullness, support hydration, boost metabolism and increase weight loss.

    4. Do a simple 3-5 minute exercise everyday. You can choose a routine that suites you best. Exercise has the potential to increase your metabolic rate due to muscle tissues' high metabolic output.
  3. gev1989

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    The principle of losing weight (not so important, if you want to get rid of two extra pounds or twenty) always works the same way. You should consume fewer calories than you burn per day, which will result in a lack of energy and consistent weight loss. In this case, a weekly deficiency should not be less than 1500-2000 calories per week, since such weight loss will be dangerous to health. At the same time in order to get rid of 1-kilogram per week, you need to reduce the usual diet by 800-1000 calories. I was a fitness trainer.
  4. Arneza

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    Its better no rice, no sugar, no Pasta, oatmeal, any soy, avoid 3 in 1 coffee,
  5. utkvodka

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    There is only one way to lose fat

    When the body burns more calories than it consumes, it burns fat
    When you dont have enough caloric intake. your body uses fat as source of energy thus fat is burned
    however, this is unhealthy if you do it wrong and im not asking you to starve yourself to death
    Slowly start reducing your extra calories and start exercising daily
    Eat only how much you need to function
  6. mschimmenhausen

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    I find that high protein medium fat low carb kind of diets work best for me. You won't turn hungry as quickly as on other types of diets. I can also recommend doing intermittent fasting, which means you don't eat anything for 16 hours and then you have an 8 hour time window where you can eat some meals, I just ate 2 big meals.
    The last time I went on a diet I managed to lose 20 kilograms by going on an intermittent fasting + low carb diet. I ate max 75 grams of carbohydrates a day. It helps if 20 grams of those carbs are ice cream or some other tasty thing you like eating, so you don't feel like you're only "torturing" yourself.
  7. Katxdjss

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    It is a challenge, everytime you attempt to lose weight. Especially for those people who have slower metabolism. The best way to remove those stubborn carbs from your system is to hydrate. Once you drink water, all toxins are flushed away. Also, there are also a diet called Ketogenic diet. It’s a diet wherein you eat all kinds of protein and from my own research, it’s better than low-carb diet. You see, once you go all protein, your body will use up all the carbs you store in your body for energy, and you reduce weight. You should control it though because high blood is one of its cons.
  8. Bern188

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    There are lots of methods on how to lose weight. But before trying out a new way to lose weight, one must have the determination and motivation to be able to sustain that commitment to reach the goal. Experts say,that one ounce of motivation can drive a person to achieve his goals no matter how hard it is going to be. In regards to "how to lose"it, you got to simply cut down all the bad habits and vices, eat healthy, exercise everyday, sleep at least 8 hours a day and enjoy what your doing. Then in no time you will notice the effects of your plan.
  9. Marcosdc

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    Half cup of rice in the morning and during lunch. And at night I only eat oatmeal then I'll exercise at least 3times a week.
  10. camillephuggins

    camillephuggins New Member

    Honestly, I was able to lose weight when I cut eating rice. I don't eat rice for more than I year and it really helps me lose weight. Aside from that, I also drink warm water every after meals to help me flushes some toxins that I intake. I also do some workouts. Eating healthy foods, limiting myself to eat carbohydrates and sweets, drinking a lot of water are some ways of losing weight. I wasn't able to see fast result but I'm still happy because I am doing it slowly but surely.
  11. cgrayjugs

    cgrayjugs New Member

    Effective way to lose weight is simple... just try to drink a lot of water first before digging up your every meal.. and try to eat more vegetables rather than meat and make it a habit exercise daily as your routine!
  12. cmll21

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    I did lose weight when I don't eat rice for more than a year. I eat wheat bread as a substitute. I also do exercise to help in in losing weight. It really helps me a lot when I limit my food intake most especially the carbohydrate and sweets. Also, drinking a lot of water before a meal will help you as this will make you feel full without taking any food. After meal, drink a cup of warm water to help you release all the toxins that you intake. Losing weight is not easy. I must say that there is no easy way in losing weight. Always make your health your priority. It doesn't matter how long it will take you as long as you are doing the right way. As the saying goes, slowly but surely.
  13. jaycercanlas

    jaycercanlas New Member

    Proper diet and exercise. This is the most basic things you must do when losing weight.
  14. Esang

    Esang New Member

    There are a lot of ways to lose weight. First, you can go on no carb diet by avoiding or less eating carbohydrate. Second, you can also do ketogenic diet it is lowing your eating of carbs and replacing it with fat this diet must need an advise from you nutritionis or dietitian if your body can handle this kind of diet. In a gentle side since the first 2 causes a lot of money if you are on the budget then try to less your food intake and replace it with a lot of water, you can take 2 glasses of water before eating to fill you up. Third, you can do crashed diet. On this diet you will only eat 1 meal a day. Lastly, intermittent fasting, this diet you have to set time for eating. Example by 8am to 2pm you'll not eating anthing by past 2pm you can it all you want until 4pm then continues. Hope this can help you for losing weight.
  15. mariebernadette

    mariebernadette New Member

    Less carbohydrates, or better yet, no carbohydrates at all. I gave it a try a few years ago and it was really effective. I stopped eating rice and pasta, and when I do it was just like three spoonfulls max. My tummy flattened and I lost around 8 pounds in a month.
  16. Pen29

    Pen29 Member

    It is important that you know the consequence of being fat. It's not healthy being fat. You have to start setting a goal. You have to take actions and be smart with your goals. Think of the foods you put inside your body. Think of the activities you are doing how active or not it is. Try to lose weight because you want to have a healthy life. Don't abuse your body by eating too much or everything, and not knowing the bad benefits of it. Eat clean followed by some exercise or some cardio especially if you're not an active person to lose weight and not gain fats.
  17. Tunaturkeydog

    Tunaturkeydog Member

    Yes, "dieting" is just a temporary process. Changing your lifestyle will do the trick. It's quite a challenge cause it's not just what and how you eat but it also involves exercising and sleeping habits. The trickiest part is to get rid of the factors that keep you in your old unhealthy habits. It has to start in creating your own environment.
  18. Isakft

    Isakft Member

    The most important thing to remember when trying to lose weight don't stop eating! It's important to maintain a good and stable income of proteins and carbohydrates even when you want to lose weight. Change your diet by eating healthier, and less snacking! Then I would recommend trying out some cardio exercises, like going for a walk every day for 30 minutes. After a while, you'll see that you can walk further and faster than before, and your weight will also drop with the process.
    When going down some pounds, you should also consider trying out other types of exercise, like lifting weights, where you can turn your fat into muscles, by losing some weight, and staying consistent!
  19. rolandtaguba

    rolandtaguba New Member

    How can you lose weight?

    Eat anything you want! There are no restriction of foods that you will ingest, but of course you should count first how much calories you should take to lose weight. For example you need 1700 calories a day to lose weight, you need to know the calories of every food that you will eat, You should record it so you will not lose track of your needed calories. The best application on mobile today is My Fitness Pal. It will calculate the needed calories of your body to lose weight just input your height, weight, and your desired weight goal. Just record everything on there and it will do the trick. No need to exercise you will achieved your weight goal by just following your daily calories intake, but if you want to have a really good physic and to have a six packs abs, track your calories go to the gym lift heavy for strenght!

    And last the only thing that will stop you from losing weight is your mind, so set your mind to achieved the body that you want and be positive about it!

  20. leezshang

    leezshang New Member

    Loosing weight and having a slim figure is an ultimate goal for every women. However, no mater how much your mind wants to do it, your body wont just know how to cooperate. I have tried several ways to succeed and i was able to loose 11 kilos in 5 months.

    First is exercise - a 20 minute zumba everyday at home can help you reduce atleast 200 calories or the fries you had eaten for snack

    Second is watching over your calories - i had tried to install an app called "lifesum" wherein you were able to monitor your daily calorie level. Within a balanced diet , a woman needs around 1200 calories daily to stay healthy . And to tell you that during snack eating burger plus fries will lead you to 600 calories already, imagine how much fats you will gain if you don't know what you put inside your body

    Third of course is discipline - you can just sit all day and eat chocolates while watching TV , but isn't it better to flaunt a sexy body at the beach ? :)
  21. Yray

    Yray New Member

    The following are the scientific ways to lose weight without diet or exercise.
    Using Smaller plates to eat unhealthy food can trick your brain into thinking you're eating more than you actually are. Therefore, it's smart to consume unhealthy foods from smaller plates, causing you to eat less.
    Eating your food slowly can help you feel more full with fewer calories. It is an easy way to lose weight and prevent weight gain.
    Adding protein to your diet has been linked to weight loss, even without exercise or conscious calorie restriction.
    If you keep unhealthy foods on your counter, you are more likely to have an unplanned snack. This is linked to increased weight and obesity. It’s better to keep healthy foods — like fruits and vegetables — in plain sight.
    Viscous fiber is particularly helpful in reducing appetite and food intake. This fiber forms gel that slows down digestion.
    Drinking water before meals may help you eat fewer calories. Replacing a sugary drink with water is particularly beneficial.
    Serve Yourself Smaller Portions of food.
    People who eat while distracted are more likely to overeat. Paying attention to your meals may help you eat less and lose weight.
    Poor sleep and excess stress may imbalance several important appetite-regulating hormones, causing you to eat more.
    Sugary drinks have been linked to an increased risk of weight gain and many diseases. Your brain doesn't register liquid calories as it does solid foods, making you eat more.
    Red plates may help you eat fewer unhealthy snack foods. This may be because the color red triggers a stop reaction.

    This 2 weeks diet helped me lose reasonable pounds in 2 weeks check it out>>
  22. AlienOcean

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    Nowadays the internet is full of articles and videos about losing weight.
    You can find extreme diets and crazy workout routines.

    In my opinion the first thing to do is set your mind on it. If you're not 100% commited to losing those extra pounds no diet will ever work because you'll eventually give up or go back to overeating right after ending your diet.

    That's why the smartest thing to do is to change your entire life style, step by step and with no rush, in order to achieve a healthier way of life.
  23. orock42

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    I recommend Intermittent Fasting (IF). You do not have to change what you eat, or even how much you eat, and you will lose weight. The idea behind IF is to get your body into a fasted state periodically, so your body burns fat quickly. The most common way to do this is only eat between 8 hours of every day. Of course, it is better to eat healthily too as it leads to better overall quality of life and possibly extends your years.
  24. romilda

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    Just avoid drinking soda, limit carbohydrates and sugar.
  25. Etaypink1

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    How to Become Slim?
    1. Drink Water - Start your day with a glass or two of plain water.
    2. Walk After Your Meals - If you are not cut out for running or exercising then we might have something simpler for you.
    3. Eat More Fiber. High-fiber foods are good for your health and weight loss.
    4. Eat at Home.
    5. Eat less Salt.
    6. Run.
    7. Do Push-ups/Squats.

    very easy
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