How can you say that you are successful already?

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by michpiong, Mar 19, 2019.

  1. michpiong

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    How can you say that you are successful already?
  2. quercitron

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    How do we define success? In reality, this varies completely depending on each person. One person could say he/she is successful in life if they are able to travel around the globe. Or another could say, being successful in life means an reaching old age. Or a person could also say, it is considered a great success in life when you are able to do the simple things that make you happy.

    Some may say that success is easily reached by people whose lifestyle are financially stable. Why? They’re open to numerous opportunities. If an individual wants to pursue a certain goal that requires a mass amount of money, and it can easily be assessed, then poof! ‘Success’ achieved. This opinion may be correct for some, but it does not apply to everyone. Financially stable or not, it all depends on how they define this word - success.

    Every individual has the right to achieve their definition of success, regardless of the labels society sets on them.
  3. yetyet

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    Success is the word that came from our heart every time we feel happy and satisfied. Success is just a state of mind like happiness. Being successful is not just about having the job that you have, the cars the bags and all the material things that this world offers. It's all about being satisfied with what you have, being happy with people whom you love the most, and being grateful for everything. Even kids yelled the word success once they finished their simple assignments, it's an indication that success is just a matter of contentment. Each one of us defines success in different aspects, it's okay as long as we knew we became successful because of our efforts and dedication not because we hurt other people.
  4. justyhet

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    I can say that I am already successful when I know I am doing things right. Whenever I feel the contentment inside me on things that I do, I know I am successful. Simply person like me appreciate things easily and get contented immediately so that is why there's no need for me to become the richest person in this world so I can say I am successful. Happiness and contentment are free but yet difficult to own, because sometimes we are blinded by material things that surround us. This is the reason why a lot o individual who's already at the pedestal but yet don't feel that they are already successful. We have to be contented and happy with what we have,appreciate even to the smallest things that we own, in that way we can feel that we are successful and have a definition of it within our own.
  5. mbrnrd

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    When youlookback to your old self, identified your dream before and be happy and contented for what youve achieved. Whether you achieved or not your original goal, the most important thing is to be happy and contented to all the decisions you had made, planned or not planned

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