How did you build a freelancing career?

Discussion in 'The Freelance Life' started by Krpandey, Feb 18, 2020.

  1. Krpandey

    Krpandey New Member

    I think that it's not easy to make a career in freelancing. You have to work for a long with patience continuously. You can make a career in freelancing and earn a lot of money in this profession. You can start freelancing with Fiverr or Freelancer etc.
  2. paulpaul25

    paulpaul25 New Member

    There is no easy way to make a full-time career in freelancing. Back in the days, I've started by building a strong portfolio and by making connections with people from my industry.
    Both of these methods started generating leads after some time and that's how I got my first clients. After that I've started re-investing some profit into advertising and also asked my clients for recommendations.
  3. pablobaratto

    pablobaratto New Member

    Realmente, a construção vem aos poucos, porque cada trabalho realizado se torna parte de seu currículo e habilidades, no entanto, é importante enfatizar que a carreira a ser realizada pouco a pouco não significa que leva tempo, depende muito em você, em como vai se comportar e se dedicar aos trabalhos, uma boa dica é trabalhar em mais de um lugar, para conseguir mais empregos. Espero ter ajudado você
  4. Grance

    Grance Member

    Before you start freelancing career first you need to build your own portfolio it will help you to find a customer or company that hiring. Back in college im already do some part time job since i love to make A graphic designs like logo design, vector illustration and etc. I save all the works that i alrrafy did and now im using it as a portfollio and now i have so many customers.
  5. lolq828

    lolq828 New Member

    It can be hard starting out as a freelancer, but once you acquire a costumer base and develop a portfolio you can make a living. The work hours are flexible and the projects themselves can be very fun too. Still you have to be careful because sometimes the costumer won't pay you or the project might be a scam. Overall I think it's a good option if you want to work from home and with persistence and patience you can make it work.

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