How did you find out about Postloop? Advice for newbie?

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by dragon_girl, Mar 7, 2018.

  1. dragon_girl

    dragon_girl New Member

    Hello! I'm a newbie on this forum and I discovered Postloop through reddit. This is my first time 'working' online and I'm still in the first few stages of getting approved. I'm slightly confused about the logistics of Postloop and how I actually earn money. Does anyone have any successful stories or advice to share? Thank you!
  2. J.leka

    J.leka New Member

    Hello. I'm new in here. I find about this site through YouTube. I was searching for videos how to make money online and i find this site. It is good to write something and make money. You can write in all topics. I like that.
  3. Stax11

    Stax11 New Member

    I found out about Postloop through a friend who works online. Then i went searching about it on Youtube and here I am.
  4. kendyke

    kendyke New Member

    I heard about Postloop through a You tube channel. The presenter with the name Goldengato said many good things about Postloop. He encouraged every one to try Postloop then I decided to come and try Postloop. I have the belief that Postloop is good as I heard.
  5. DarkCraftPlayz

    DarkCraftPlayz New Member

    Hey, I am new on PostLoop. I was just browsing on Google for some ways to legally earn money online and I read about PostLoop on a forum. It looked like the poster belonged to PostLoop and was sharing his own experience. So I thought to check out PostLoop and I was amazed. I didn't know you can earn money so easily and having so much fun. Sites like PostLoop are in great need in today's era.
  6. Javajackson

    Javajackson New Member

    I found out through (which I highly recommend for side gigs). No advice here as I am a newbie too!
  7. Ramchelle

    Ramchelle New Member

    I am newbie on PostLoop.
    I'd been browsing on youtube about " How to make extra income online" so I found out this postloop because of Mr. James Tristan Ruiz.
    He help us on how to register and I think it will help me.
  8. mhelai

    mhelai New Member

    i found it when i watch the video on youtube by James tristan Ruiz, and i think this one is for me cause i love to share ideas and reading topics.
  9. allebischoff

    allebischoff New Member

    I found this site through Reddit as well. I'm hoping to find some assistance in setting up my own blog about living with the day to day of Epilepsy.
  10. Massie

    Massie New Member

    So thankful! I found it while doing research on the internet!
  11. milcah0113

    milcah0113 New Member

    Hi. Im a newbie in PostLoop. I got to watch a guy do a youtube video about it and saw that it is a paying online job. Hope we all get a chance to earn and write about things that we want to say in other forums.
  12. Jaynshi

    Jaynshi Member

    Search engine. Google. I got attracted to it and have been here for few days. So far so good. No regrets.
  13. Imcorbo95

    Imcorbo95 New Member

    I found postloop on youtube while searching for how can I earn online, it has pretty much good reviews so decided to try.
  14. livity6900

    livity6900 Member

    Wow this is such an interesting topic for discussion. I must admit that i just got to know about postloop 3 days ago by listening to Tyler Pratt Tyler has been a mentored and i have been following him for the past 3 months. He has showed me several ways on making money online whilst working from home. Recently he releases a video about how to make money online with Postloop by commenting and posting content. I followed him carefully and practice exactly what he did.

    I am really enjoying the fun and i will like to urge all newbies to join.
  15. jonathan02

    jonathan02 Member

    I'm newbie here too and I'm happy to found it. I found it in one of my friend he tell's me about this so i try to have a chance to be part of this site not for always a discussion. but to hear answer in some interesting topic, I want to hear all of the answer for every forum I enter it,
  16. rhyzom

    rhyzom New Member

    As with most things...
    I think i had discovered Postloop long ago before it was reinvented (or maybe I'm mistaken...), and just now noticed a post about it on Reddit again.
  17. jane0207

    jane0207 New Member

    I found out about it on YouTube. There was a tutorial on how to open a paypal account and I saw the video next to it about postloop.
  18. kirkxyz17

    kirkxyz17 New Member

    I found out about it on youtube a week ago, there is this youtube guy whom I follow that is advertising or suggesting postloop to his followers. his name is James Tristan Ruiz and his also a member of postloop. I find interesting so I try to register and see hows goes. since I am looking for something new to do why not try it. and so far I already finished my first 10 posts and just waiting and hoping to be approved.

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