How did you find PostLoop?

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by AngelikaSo, Mar 21, 2016.

  1. AngelikaSo

    AngelikaSo New Member

    I'm new to this website and I'm interested in how everyone heard about this website?

    I found it through a random pin on Pinterest. It was on one of the master lists on how to make money online. It looked promising and interesting so I clicked on the link and here I am! What is your story?
  2. monstecarlo

    monstecarlo New Member

    I was out with my friend when she told me about Postloop, she said she also saw it on Pinterest and was immediately interested in joining the team. I was also very interested in seeing how the page worked and here I am trying to get into the team and become a writer. It is a great way of investing my time in doing something productive, not that I do not have anything to do but this is a good way of earning extra income by doing what I love the most, interacting with people and sharing my thoughts.
  3. Fatimat

    Fatimat New Member

    I was on a google search when I had found Postloop. I was trying to find online home jobs, and I came across this website. I went into deep search into finding this website. I was looking at blogs from google at home jobs, and I came across someone posting this link of Postloop. I got excited when I signed up because I like commenting on peoples post.
  4. Parker Shelton

    Parker Shelton New Member

    My sister had recently gotten a job writing for a website and I thought it was pretty cool, so I started looking up online writing jobs and I eventually worked my way to Postloop. At first I was extremely skeptical, then I started to read more about it and write some more things and I found that it was pretty cool. How they hire people is brilliant. Instead of doing an interview or submitting a resume they truly find out if you have any talent for the job. If I made a business like Postloop this is exactly how I would model it.

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