How did you start writing articles?

Discussion in 'Magazine Article Writing' started by MathiasOB, Oct 21, 2017.

  1. MathiasOB

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    For those who have successfully written and submitted articles for magazines, how did you begin the process? Was the time investment worth the payoff? I know that there are plenty of websites that can connect you to publishers of online content who are looking to accept articles, but I have never come across any platform for magazines.
  2. I will try to add value to this with my own perspective. I have started writing blog articles earlier this year and I hope to one day have the opportunity to write articles for magazines. As for the process of writing, I opine that I need to find a topic which I can find and add value to. In other words, find a niche which I am comfortable and passionate with. When you can do it, I think you will enjoy the process on the top of its rewards which is also crucial.

    Currently I have a tennis blog which is also trying to marry an self-improvement element. It is still in the starting phase but given time, I believe it will take flight. Hope this helps
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  3. LiveQuizzer

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    I've been writing since I was in Middle School but I never tried to write in any professional capacity until about seven years ago. It was more out of necessity than anything but here we are, almost a decade later and I'm still doing it although lately I don't really know why.

    It seems to be more of a struggle to write anything every day.
  4. mahjabeen

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    Writing an article was not fun before. But the day i owe my own website i enjoyed writing the major reason behind is i write will full devotion as it is being posted by my name and i update regularly. it is just like my house which i clean , i update and takecare and visitors comments and views appreciation make my website grow more and more.
  5. Adesuwa08

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    I started writing articles for magazine when I was 14 years old, then I was in junior school and my art was being noticed by one of my teachers, she had caught me writing an article about a drunk relative who had been verbally abuse, as I can remember now it was the way I blamed it on the society that made her paused on my table for sometime. I still got whooped in the ass for that but I got published in the school magazine, I never got the credits for it till today, it was the teacher who got all the praises because she drafted it and wrote her name as the writer.

    As a published writer who have written articles for my school magazines and church magazines back then even till now, I attribute my first writing that got noticed in school as my first article ever, even though I had written a whole lot before then. It made me a better writer and it gave me the courage to tell on my teacher's injustice, before I reported her to the authorities she made me exchange my write ups with me not getting whooped, it was really a scary deal but it made me the better writer I am today, amongst all it gave me courage and the discipline to write everyday.
  6. Gretna

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    I remember that the day I started to write articles was a very sad one. It occurred in 2009. I was desperate with no job, no money, no husband and two children to feed. I surfed the web to find a quick way to make money and I found a couple of websites that paid to write articles and guides. I immediately started and I am still doing it!
  7. antonioantonio

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    How you guys write in magazine? Are there qualifications, requirements and others?
  8. Pankajsm

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    Being into technical field for more than 14 years I was more is comfortable writing about technical stuff but not as blogs. My recent shift to a career in human capital transformation helped me get out of my comfort zone. I started reading, writing, talking about a lot of topics that I was not comfortable with before and this is how my journey into blogging started!
  9. Lynn Fowler

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    I am a minister, and started writing Christian articles as part of my ministry back in the mid-70s. I had quite a few published in magazines here in Australia, and a few overseas, through the 70s, 80s and 90s. By the end of the 90s I had started building web sites, and most of my writing activity moved online.

    There are no formal qualifications for writing for most magazines, but you should have a good understanding of the topic you are writing about, either from your personal experience or from very thorough research. You also need to be able to write well, not only with good grammar and spelling but with the ability to express your thoughts in a way that will grab the interest of the reader.

    I think it is more difficult to get published in print magazines these days than when I started out, simply because there are less of them.

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