How did your parents choose your name?

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  1. aleumdawo

    aleumdawo New Member

    My name came from my grandma's name!
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  2. Plawn1981

    Plawn1981 New Member

    Because my parents were so proud to have a daughter born in America, they decided to pick the "most American name" they could think up at the top of their heads. Hence, Jessica is my first name.
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  3. Kristina Abrahamova

    Kristina Abrahamova New Member

    My cousin was 4 at the time my mom was pregnant and there was this local tv commercial with a girl called Kristina in it. So my cousin convinced my mom to give me the name Kristina just because he liked the girl from the tv.
  4. cyeag

    cyeag New Member

    When my Aunt Carita came to the hospital to pick up me and my mom, she found my mom sitting on the bed crying. She asked her why, and my mom blurted out we named her... (I'd tell you but it's now my middle name, and remember it made my MOM cry) So my first name, which was my grandfather's 2nd wife's name, became my middle name and my first name became Carita!
  5. bmoyo

    bmoyo New Member

    My name is actually an interesting story. It all started when i had a little baby brother but unfortunately he died. His name was Alejandro. A few years later they had me and named me Alejandra.
  6. tiada

    tiada New Member

    Oh not, I love this topic!My mother named me "Pearl" in my mother tongue, which means beautiful. They hope I will grow up and become a beautiful girl! This was their wish.And, I think I am. Haha!
  7. Rigel401

    Rigel401 New Member

    Rigel is a star in the Orion constellation and my dad is a huge astronomy nerd and they didn't know what gender I was gonna be so they just went with that. Since it works for any gender, I think. I like it regardless. Hey, at least no one else in classes and stuff will have my name, no confusion!
  8. fabianfabbo

    fabianfabbo New Member

    My mum told me she got my name from a calendar. That was during her 8th month of pregnancy. She liked it and didn't even bother looking it up the dictionary or online. The surprising thing is that had someone asked me to pick a name for myself year later I'd still go for the same name. Nothing befits me better than my name..
  9. Bisola Gift

    Bisola Gift New Member

    In my place, a child is named after the circumstances surrounding his or her birth and mine wasn't different either because I was named based on the several circumstance surrounding my birth. I was conceived 7 years after my brother and at a time when all hope was lost.
    During my birth my mom went thru a lot and I was born into wealth as there was food, clothing and shelter, Lolz. So I was named gift from God and a child sought after.
    I guess I have remained a gift because i am the only girl.
  10. Angel Shiflett

    Angel Shiflett New Member

    My mother chose my name when she was eight-years-old. She said she always knew that if she ever had a little girl, she would name her Angela. Most people in my family call me Angel, but my mother hates for anyone to call me Angie since she was a beautician and had a customer she really disliked and her name was Angie.
  11. Jeric_Lindsey

    Jeric_Lindsey New Member

    Hi, In my family on my mother side it is a tradition to have a J in the name, my moms name is Judy, her two siblings are Janet and June, etc, so my father always wanted a son named Eric and it was my mothers turn to chose a name for me, (my father and mother took turns on who got to name the child, there are 5 of us) my mom decided to put a J in front of Eric coming up with Jeric!
  12. juliabennice

    juliabennice New Member

    I don't even have a name for three months, my mom and dad can't decide what they would name me as a baby, so they called me by their pet pig's name while they are figuring out what to call me. And luckily, after 3 months they have given me an appropriate name. They got my first name from my grandmother, and my second name from my other grandmother.
  13. Yiskah

    Yiskah New Member

    My mother, God rest her soul, forgot with all the commotion of my birth that she thought to name me Rachel or Sandy. When my grandpa walked in the hospital room he simply asked "So what are you going to name her?" And without much thought but knowing how he always wanted someone to name their daughter after his mother that he had loved so much, she said. "Sophie Eugenie!" From that moment on he and I were inseparable!
  14. shantaiwrites

    shantaiwrites New Member

    My name was a bit of an accident. My parents had picked out a name long before I was born, and that name was Rochelle. But, on the day of my birth, my mother met a woman in the hospital who happened to changed her mind. My mother found the new name so beautiful and unique, and well, the rest is history.
  15. misplacedhuman

    misplacedhuman New Member

    My name came from my grandpa!
  16. Elissa Hatfield

    Elissa Hatfield New Member

    I was named after my mothers best friend. Her name was Melissa so my mom wanted to be a little bit creative and dropped the m, so i am left with Elissa.
  17. Keibah

    Keibah New Member

    I am African but my name is of Middle Eastern origin. My parents were inspired by an ex Prime Minister of Pakistan so they named me after her. It means unique.
    While growing up i didn't like the name much because i seemed to be the only one bearing the sort of name but now more than ever i love my name. I feel unique, blessed and incomparable. Benazir
  18. Sandra Harriette

    Sandra Harriette New Member

    That is too cute!!!

    My name is a compromise between what my mom wanted (first name was a neighbor or friend, I think) and what my dad wanted. I always feel like it fit me, but it's just a name. I have many nicknames and counting.
  19. Bea Plantar

    Bea Plantar New Member

    My complete name is Bea Caramel Plantar.And darn my mom loves caramel popcorn so she named me caramel.
    Who would have thought?
  20. Sandra Harriette

    Sandra Harriette New Member

    Your name makes me hungry, Bea.
  21. Jc21

    Jc21 New Member

    My mother chooses my name in honor to my late grandfather. At first I never like it but I have no choice, so I decided to take a college course that can give you abbreviation in your first name. Now, I never blame my parent to choose that name instead I am grateful for them.
  22. nino gerson

    nino gerson New Member

    How did my parents come up with my name??
    Well my mother's name is Gertrudes and my Father's name is Nelson
    so they come up with the name Gerson.
    The Nino though comes when my mother gave birth to me i am a blue baby i should not live for long but my mother pray to sto. nino ( the child jesus) and she believes that i was healed by sto. nino so she puts the name nino and gerson to my name..
  23. My name Stefanie is from my dad's name which is Stephen. My second name Nicole is from a royalties' name whom my mom adored so much.
  24. jenmay3

    jenmay3 New Member

    My parents named me after my grandparents. My middle name is a variation of my Grandfather's name, Lyle.
  25. vincent van

    vincent van New Member

    My parents actually get this name of mine VINCENT VAN from the movie before which has a titled BAY WATCH. actually she definitely love to watch this movie when she still carrying me in her womb.
  26. Cecille Eve

    Cecille Eve New Member

    My first name, came from my grandmother's name Cecilia and my mother's name Evelyn. Thus, Cecille Eve was born.
  27. Jessa

    Jessa New Member

    I initially don't like my name as it is so common in my place. I asked my father how he ended up naming me "Jessa," he just simply replied, " when your mom is trying to deliver you, I prayed to Jesus for a safe delivery; and when you finally came out, the first word came out of my mouth was "Jessa."
  28. Pb Cates

    Pb Cates New Member

    My name is Phoebecates. My father gave me that name because of her favorite Hollywood actress Phoebe Cates.
  29. Jhengszki

    Jhengszki New Member

    I got my name from my grandparents of both sides, my father is the one who thinks over it. From my mother's parents, Ernesto and Rosalina, and from my father's parents was Florencio and Escolastica, thus coming up with a name, Erleen Flores. Although my second name has always been mistaken as a surname, I loved how it came to be!.
  30. p4paul

    p4paul New Member

    My mom admired the late Pope John Paul II so much that she named me after him. I've never really bothered asking her about the origin of my name. Maybe because I was never really into names. I still remember that day when the world cried over the death of the beloved Pope. He seems to be a genuine good guy, too bad he departed too early.

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