How did your parents choose your name?

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  1. Lgeenc

    Lgeenc New Member

    How did my parents named me. Well I have three names, middle name and last name are exempted. The first name and the third name in the three are my aunts' names, Ruby and Rose. And the second name are my parents combination of name. My aunts stubbornly want to insert there names in my name because I am there very first niece and that is why I ended up with a very long name. I remember when I was in kindergarten, our teacher asked us to write our name on the paper from the first line to last line. I'm the last child to passed the paper.
  2. eokki

    eokki New Member

    My dad named me on to his favorite book authored Dale Brown, so yes my first name was Dale.
  3. Amylopectin

    Amylopectin New Member

    Before I tell the story, please keep in mind that in my country, however short your name is and whatever it is, they will always shorten it and give you a nickname. My father named me after him because he believed that I look like him which was absurd because I was fresh from the womb and looked like a potato. His name is Jimwel but that became Jimmy, they dropped the J so it became Immy. He made a few tweaks to make it sound more pleasing to hear so Immy became Imee. But my cousins don't call me Imee, they call me Mimi or Ims or Mi. Imee went through so much just to exist from Jimwel and they weren't going to use it anyway. So it kind of feels weird to hear my name Imee because I'm so used to being called the nicknames they made up.
  4. lourizemae

    lourizemae New Member

    My name is Lourize Mae. My mom got my name from Saint Lorenzo Ruiz. When i was still in my mother's womb they thought that i was a boy, and they want to name me Lorenzo. But then my auntie told my mom, "why not make it Lourize?". And that's how i got the name Lourize. And Mae, because i was born on May 1999.
  5. krisleencastro

    krisleencastro New Member

    My mom chose my name. She used to have a part time job in a city here that is known for shoe-making. Each time she travels, she sees the shoe store named, Krisleen. She finds the name very unique so she gave me the name, Krisleen on my birth.
  6. Kashmir

    Kashmir New Member

    There was not a chance for me to have another name. My mom read a book when she was 7 years old and was learning to read. The title of the book was «Chantal et son chat», the book was in French and it means Chantal and her cat. She liked that name so much so she decided (at 7 years old) that if she ever have a daughter, she would name her Chantal... so when I was born, it didn't take long before I got my name. My dad had no choice but to agree... And if you are asking yourself, yes I love animals, just like in the book :)
  7. Anaideel

    Anaideel New Member

    How did my parents choose my name?
    My mom was a fan of the late Diana, Princess of Wales and martial arts expert Bruce Lee. So it came up with the princess name and action star surname.
  8. beatrixb

    beatrixb New Member

    My mom was/is super into rock music. She named me a variation of the name Beatrice after the Hungarian rock group. They originally started off as a the first female rock band in Hungary in the late 60s, and had a disco vibe to them. Then one of the band member's husband joined and he slowly took over and turned it into the popular hard rock group it is today (popular in Hungary I mean).
  9. Racelle Lizardo

    Racelle Lizardo New Member

    My complete name is Racelle DJMZ Pontanosa Lizardo. Yes! I have a very unique name and I am proud of it. You might wonder how did my mother and father come up with it. So, my story goes this way. My family thought I am going to be the last child of the family so they combined all their names in my name. The "Rac" in my first name is from my youngest aunt Racquel. My mother then wanted to have a son named Russel, since im a girl she just made it "Racelle". Racelle is pronounced as 'race' plus 'elle'. My second name, DJMZ, is pronounced as "Dee James". It came from the initials of my three aunts, my uncle and my eldest sister. D for Diwata and Dong, J for Jesusa, M for Melda, and Z for Zhacantal. Diwata, Jesusa, and Melda are my aunts, while Dong is my uncle. My eldest sister is Zhacantal. So that's how they come up with my unique and weird name. Unfortunately, I am not the last child! But, it's okay. I'm still blessed.
  10. oyoroldan

    oyoroldan New Member

    This is one of the most asked question about me. My full name is Marc Edgregg Roldan. My nickname is Oyo. So as you can see can you get Oyo from Marc Edgregg? Well here's the story. First my full name. When I asked my parents how did they came up with my name, they said that Marc is from apostle Mark and Edgregg is a mixture of both of my grandfathers' names, Eduardo and Gregorio. EDuardoGREGGorio. It's cool right? So here comes my nick name. Well my grandmother's poster father's nickname is "UYO", and grandpa Gregorio nickname is "OYONG". So I think you got it. Oyo is way cooler that their nicknames. HAHAHA
  11. UlyssesBeef

    UlyssesBeef New Member

    The day I was born, my father was afraid to name me same with his because his older brother (my uncle) hated my grandfather for giving him the name "Evnigno", the same as my grandfather. Funny thing actually. My father then scanned the dictionaries for names and named me Ulysses which is hard for me to introduce my self because people find it hard to pronounce my name on the first time, but I find it cool anyways.
  12. Bhanush

    Bhanush New Member

    Its a very simple and short my father's name is ankush and my mother's name is bhanupriya
    Which brings me
    their creation
  13. Thegrabber

    Thegrabber New Member

    Well...I can't really say why cause I don't honestly know why. But i think I've got a hinton why. My late older sister wanted my name to be Aliyu, then she was a favorite to my parents. They tried to give me a name but she insisted that my first name had to be aliyu. So they named me Ali Abbas- meaning Aliyu Abbas. My late older sister knew me with the Name Aliyu while my junior sister knew me As Abbas which i fail to mention she's late too sadly. I love both names. Reminds me of my lovely sisters. So when the name gets matched together it becomes what i type today as Alieyabbas. There's really more to the story than you imagine. So i was named for my sister love. I love my name. I love my sisters always and forever. Alieyabbas.
  14. Flex

    Flex New Member

    All my siblings' name started in letter F. I am the last child so my name should start also in F. Bofore I was born, my mother likes to watch some beauty pageant in TV, she hears one contestant having a name started with letter F and she chose that name for me. Thank you mom for a very unique name.
  15. SonyaS

    SonyaS New Member

    My first name is from my Grandmother's sister who died. Since I'm Italian I have two middle names. The first is my Grandmother's first name and the second is my great Grandmother's middle name. I love the fact that I'm name after three amazing and strong women. It's odd though, my Grandmother's sister died long before I was born but everyone who knew her can't believe how much I am like her. I look a lot like her, even though she was adopted and isn't actually blood related. I also have a lot of the same personality traits and even some of the same mental/emotional problems. I found all of this out as I got older and had already developed the traits and issues. I love that I'm like her though. I guess it helps that I'm obsessed with strange occurrences.
  16. vainporras07

    vainporras07 New Member

    My name come from a promise that my father and his siblings had when they were a child. They had a promise that if their first born child is a girl they would name her Anna Marie. So as of now there is 2 anna marie in the family, me and my aunts daughter.
  17. EncarDM

    EncarDM New Member

    I believe I'm the favorite daughter of both my mother and father, among us three daughters. I was named after both of my grandmother with a little bit of a modern twist on the side.
  18. hopetony

    hopetony New Member

    My name was based on the difficulty my parents passed before my birth,like. I was told that during my mummy pregnancy that things are not going when and they was even a time they taught that they will loose me .
    In the time when my parent taught that all hope is gone,God gave them hope that why my native name is Chidera which means what God has written and my English name is Hope.
  19. Therese Buenconsejo

    Therese Buenconsejo New Member

    My name is Therese and I was named after St. Therese. My parents and grandparents are very religious people and when I was born, they all decided to name me after a well known Saint. My siblings are also named after Saints. Namely, Martin and Theresa. I am 24 years old now and I have a nickname which everyone uses but I am still very happy with my original name.
  20. shiereubim

    shiereubim New Member

    I have a unique first name ("Shiereubim") which was derived from my mothers name and from someone who is very to close to our family. I find it very useful as I am not having a hard time especially when I am requesting/applying for Government requirements.
  21. Amanda Wells

    Amanda Wells New Member

    My mom fell in love with a soap opera character named Mandi when she was pregnant with me. She named me Amanda just so she could call me Mandi. She did this with my younger siblings as well. We have not yet figured out her logic in this situation.
  22. crizza

    crizza New Member

    I don't know. :D
  23. anjanette_clyde

    anjanette_clyde New Member

    It's really funny when someone ask me about my name. How did your parents get your name? is always one of them.

    When I was a kid, my mom scolded me frequently because I always wrote my name incorrectly. It almost always appeared either shorten or misspelled on my papers or notebooks and test papers. It was actually a long name for me that time. Though some of my teachers and friends like it so much. They like it because its kinda unique. I remembered someone told that it is a combination of girl name and a boy. She said that Anjanette was such a beautiful name of a girl while Clyde was a narrative name, supposed to be a boy but in my case, both names were perfectly combined. She even wanted to congratulate my parents for having such unique, a different and beautiful name. That made me smile too. :)

    But then curiosity comes in me with that incident. So, I asked my father who was watching television that time and was the only available. He told me that the first one of my name (Anjanette) was actually came from a sexy celebrity famous back in 80's in my country. And my reaction was; okay... but I hope he was kidding. Because I know her actually for we do have the same name which is kind of odd.. for me. And, I know that she was famous back then. She had even portray a very sexy super hero in a movie that is equivalent of Wonder woman in Hollywood. You know, with the costume that more likely a bra and a panty. (Imagine that) So, she was definitely hot and sexy. And then for the second one of my name which is Clyde, it just popped up to my mothers mind, he just said. That's simple and so, Anjanette Clyde emerged. Hahah :)

    Regardless of everything though, I'm still thankful to them because they love me and they gave me such name. :)
  24. MikeAngelo.P

    MikeAngelo.P New Member

    My parents chose my name Mike Angelo Because my mother was used to love watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles when she was a teenager. Despite that, she admires Michael Angelo because she found him funny and clumsy sometimes. I've read some articles that the fictional characters of TMNT are the true names of some very well known and very important Renaissance artists in real life. And also, I think my name is somehow relevant to I'm doing what I love the most and that is to draw. My father decided to agree with her and today, I'm very thankful to have a name that is connected to some important artists in our human history.
  25. maria corazon foz

    maria corazon foz New Member

    My father told me that using Maria is like Jr when your a male.
  26. atezzia

    atezzia New Member

    I am always asked with the question usually every first day of school. My name is Atezzia Anthonette. And I guess they find "Atezzia" unique and nice. I was actually named after my grandparents. My grandma's name on my mom's side is Artecia. My mom thought to just change the spelling and make it Artezzia, and fortunately, my aunt who prepared my birth certificate misspelled it and typed Atezzia instead. Yes, I just said fortunately because I like Atezzia than Artezzia. Antonette is a combination of my grandpa and granma's name. My grandpas on both sides are named Antonio, and my granma on the my dad's side is Anetta. Those are the reason why I am named Atezzia Anthonette. My friends find it cool that a name that sounds like from a new generatiom was gotten from a name from the old generation.
  27. MauiLani

    MauiLani New Member

    There were three siblings before me, with fairly common names. When I came along my dad suggested coming up with a Hawaiian name. He had been in the islands during World War II, and thought it would be special to have a Hawaiian name. I love having a more unique name!
  28. Lee355

    Lee355 New Member

    My name is Lee. Yes that's my first name, and I am not Asian. Since I moved to Asia a few years ago, I have confused a lot of people with my name. They wonder if I'm part Chinese or Korean, or if that's my last name.

    It's just an uncommon American first name, and I was named partly after my grandfather, Leon.

    BILLWRITER New Member

    Mine was taken from a book. From a German Scientist.
  30. lizardjewels

    lizardjewels New Member

    My parents thought I was a boy and as such were stunned when they realized they had to pick a girl name. My mom thinks my dad just came up with my first name out of thin air because it went well with my brother's name. Actually, it is the name of the girl he dated before he met my mom. My middle name is the name of one of my mother's old best friends, who she doesn't speak to anymore.
    Coincidentally, my brother is named after my dad's closest friends, who he also doesn't speak to anymore.

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