How did your parents choose your name?

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  1. lizardjewels

    lizardjewels New Member

    Interesting, I actually know several people named Lee. I wonder if that's a regional thing.
  2. lilybas

    lilybas New Member

    I was born on 2000, according to history, 2000 is "The Great Jubille" for Christians. That is why my parents decided to name me Jobelle. But then, when my mom was about to register my birth, she learnt that I was already registered by my grandmother. I was registered as "Lovely" instead of "Jobelle", and I do not, and could not know the reason why my grandmother named me lovely because she was already resting in peace.

    Yeah, we have mysteries in life, that will stay as mysteries...
  3. Kathryn Brock

    Kathryn Brock New Member

    My mom chose my name from a television show in the eighties. I don't remember the name of the show but she said it was the character that played the mother's name. I like my name because it is uniquely spelled.
  4. bunny72

    bunny72 New Member

    I'm named after my mom. :)
  5. Aziar

    Aziar New Member

    My dad starts the day with a coffee and a newspaper. The day I was born, my dad saw on the daily papers the name of President Gorbachev's wife and thought it a good name. They just changed the spelling from Raisa to Raiza.
  6. strevel

    strevel New Member

    Mine was taken from the Bible somewhere in the Old Testament.
    It's pretty hard to pronounce, people almost always get it wrong the first time they try to say it.
    Feels bad, man. :(
  7. love224

    love224 New Member

    The first letter of our name, me and my siblings, starts with the letter A. Our parents just pick a random name as long as it starts with letter A.
  8. sefie23

    sefie23 New Member

    I think my parents chose my name in a traditional method :) its like combining the names of our grandparents in order to formulate a new name. My name came from my two grandmother, my eldest brother's name came from the combination of may mom and dad's name while the youngest got his name from my grandfather.
  9. My parents named me after an anchor here in our country. She is still pretty much in the media doing her field of expertise in sports. Diane Castillejo is also ageless, a health buff. I have two names by the way. My mom's name starts with L and my father's starts with D. Maybe they wanted their first letter name the same on mine so they named me Liz Dianne. By the way my siblings have two names also and it starts with L, D to.
  10. bette

    bette New Member

    i really don't have an idea how they choose my name..i think its unique but sometimes i get embarrased because they thought its a boy's time,when i looked my name on the girl list,i can't find i decided to looked the male list and yes i found my name there..
  11. Stax11

    Stax11 New Member

    Well, if you happen to come from my country you already know kids are named according to time or situation or season or according to family your father's or mother's side. So when my mum was giving birth to me she passed out. My day was not there so was i finally arrived, the doctor loved this cute little girl and decided to take care of her until her mum regained her strength. So when mama woke up she decided to name me after the doctor who took care of me and that is how i got my cute name (Christa) considering my siblings' name which goes like: Bothofofofofofof, Mwamapapapapa, and nigothomimimi hahahaha. They will kill me if they read this.
  12. Noel Angeles

    Noel Angeles Active Member

    My name is Emmanuel Enrico Noel, it means "God is with us, the King was born on Christmas day".

    Well my parents prepared for a December 25 delivery but luckily I came out at 1:06 AM on December 26, that's why I always get two gifts one for Christmas and one for my birthday.
  13. swacallao

    swacallao New Member

    My name came from my mother's favorite character in a movie. The character was a strong willed black woman. My mother was in love with the character that she vow to name her daughter after her. Lo and behold her first child was a girl and so she named the child after her favorite movie character. But my father don't want to be left out hence my second name.
  14. iammsady08

    iammsady08 New Member

    My name came from the combination of my mother's name and that of my father's name. It was actually annoying at first since both of my parents have really unique names therefore creating a more unique name for me.

    I do remember when I was younger, I really thought I was the only person with my name in the whole word. So imagine my surprise when I found out a fellow schoolmate who shares the same name as mine. We actually bonded afterwards. :rolling:

    Having a unique name is pretty amazing, for it makes me feel special and one of a kind :thumbsup:

    ( Just to share a more amazing detail, my boyfriend also got his not-so-unique name from the combination of his parents' names. Are we destined?)
  15. izzygust

    izzygust New Member

    Personally, my name does not have a significant meaning behind it: my parents chose it because they like the way it sounds.
  16. diana21

    diana21 New Member

    It's because may father's nickname starts at letter "D" that's why my name is Diana and also my siblings name starts at letter "D".
  17. ediehabal

    ediehabal New Member

    My name came from my Mother's name. Yes! You are right we are having the same name! So I am a junior version of my mom. That's why I don't like my name it is because when someone call out our name both of us got our attention :laugh:

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