How difficult to find an online job as freelancer?

Discussion in 'The Freelance Life' started by Enchanter1, Mar 5, 2018.

  1. Enchanter1

    Enchanter1 New Member

    Well, what makes it difficult is when you have no work experience either online or not. Lucky enough if someone is messaging you that their company is interested in your application. However, what if this project is a scam and you'll never receive payment. Instead, the company is asking you a security cash deposit before they will give you details of the job. This make it worst.
  2. TitaniaLee

    TitaniaLee New Member

    The most difficult part in finding online jobs for freelancer is that, competitions are everywhere. Of course the older freelancers got the advantage over new freelancers like me. Got lower rank, lack of experience, fear on getting scammed lack of proper knowledge on how a certain site works. So what happen is that, most of the time, I end up not getting or winning any jobs. But it's alright. I believe there is always first time for everything. Well of course, old freelancers didn't start knowing everything right? Everyone of us started at a zero point. And its alright. My search continuous until I find the perfect freelancing site for me. I'm willing to wait and search everyday. That's the spirit I guess.
  3. Asif_as

    Asif_as New Member

    It's not so difficult to find an online job as a freelancer. If you are a skilled person then you will surely find a lot of work to do.Just work on your skill.
  4. Crunch_comments

    Crunch_comments New Member

    the difficult part in looking for an online job as a freelancer is the legitimacy of the projects , the clients and even the website that you use. for me its difficult if you depend too much waiting for projects without any regular job coz the thing there is that you are not paid for waiting and its not that fast to get a project because of the number of freelancers that is also applying for the said project especially if you are a beginner.
  5. Nethneth

    Nethneth New Member

    Looking for a freelance online job is very hard. Of course, you have to apply and as a beginner or no experience at all you cannot make any additional to your application that will attract your clients. If they responded you through email and gives you an assignment or for example you can only start by investing, that would be so difficult again to risk your money as an investment and your time to do the job. Scammers are everywhere now and if you are lack of research skill to know if the one you are signing up is legit or not then it would be a big possibility of being scammed. It would be very satisfying to have a work at home even you are taking care of your child but you are also taking a risk of all your hard work if will be paid or not. It is difficult to become an online freelancer but the most important thing we must know what company we are investing our money, time and effort.
  6. weblord

    weblord New Member

    I enjoy being a freelancer because I have no boss to dictate to me what to do but I prioritize my schedule and sometimes I find it hard to sleep until everything that I need to do as a freelancer must be done. I keep a strict schedule, doing my exercises on the gym, no watching of TV, and working hard as well while maintaining a server for my websites and my clients. Aside from composing your multi-million proposal as they say that will end up being rejected, you need to come up with a cheaper price and quicker delivery dates.
  7. joyvera

    joyvera New Member

    Looking for a legitimate online job is not that easy. At first, I thought I could easily find and choose any online job I like, however, there are many considerations to take before committing to one, first is to find out and make sure that they are legit and would not just scam you. Last year, I have started looking up for online jobs since last year, yes, there are many but another consideration is whether it fits my skills and capabilities, then the time commitment needed for the job. As a mother, I am trying to choose for jobs that can give me enough and favorable time to my kids, and I can freely choose the time I would be working with a fair compensation as well. I thought having work experience would get me an online job easily and with the skills I have, it's still a challenge for me, however, I am hopeful that very soon, I will be earning really well.
  8. OscarCos

    OscarCos New Member

    I'm also looking for opportunities, I still can't find a perfect fit for my skills and honestly I lack the confidence that I can do it flawlessly.

    That added to the chance of meeting someone that only wants to take advantage of my time made me hesitate in starting freelance in a more serious way.
    I'll try my best although I'll have to work my way up, little by little I'll get there.
    Freelance is perfect, specially if you want the freedom.
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  9. Jesaiah23

    Jesaiah23 Member

    As a freelancer it is very difficult to apply, but once you get the right job for you then you can earn now. You have to prepare everything once you are applying for a job. Just stay on focus and finish the job.
  10. ps007

    ps007 New Member

    Freelancing, I admit, can be very difficult even for the experienced ones. Competition is anywhere since online applications come left and right, faster than the traditional recruitment in the corporate work where you really get there in person, defend your credentials, and get real-time results whether you you make it or you don't. Something I find unfair in freelancing is that so many people can fake their application resulting to low-quality and sometimes work abandonment. Once they're already in an online group, tons of people can already share what's coming out in the exams, and how the recruitment process goes. It did take multiple trials like me to secure a job online despite my vast experience in the BPO (technical and financial) and the medical industry. But my tip is this, just be persistent on the things you desire and one day you'll be surprised that not only you have your hands wrapped tight around them, but you've also turned them into powerful infinity stones! Sweet ain't it?

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