How do smartphones/mobile phones affected our lives?

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    I can still remember the days when beepers are one of the best things that's happened to mankind. Then when cellular phones were invented and got popular, everyone wants to get their hands on them. Lots of innovations happened from the first cellular phone that was made giving birth to smartphones.

    Almost every person now in the world have mobile phones. It is now a necessity to many, and to some, an addiction. And just like every technological inventions, there are tons of advantages and disadvantages that it brings to us. But overall, it's still one of the greatest invention in the history of mankind. :thumbsup:
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    Smartphones affect our lives, by consuming 60% of our time through the social media, that attracts us to open an app which pops up in our notification bar, us smartphone users will more likely to open that app which will consume our time without us noticing that. we should be wise in spending our time. Create a schedule and divide your time, in that way you would spend most of your time on things that are important and you will more likely to complete the tasks that you've forgotten while your using your smartphone all day.
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    How do smartphones/mobile phones affected our lives?
    There are two Things why smartphones/ mobile phones affected our lives.

    - There is an easy communication if you and someone are long distance. You can easy contact each other unlike before.
    -The negative effect which is not having a proper use of smartphones/ mobile phones. Like spending to much time not knowing there is much priority than smartphone. Also it's been in the trend news that there are a lot smartphone users been addicted, they can't live with smartphone. Sometimes when it is improper use, example when you are driving then you use mobile phone/smart phone, you will be in danger of accident.

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