How Do You Answer A Three Year Old Who Asks Where Babies Come From?

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Do you tell the children the truth when they ask where babies come from?

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  1. We should tell the truth

  2. We should lie to them. Eg Children are brought by an aeroplane at night.

  3. We should Dodge answering them.

  4. We should refer them to another person like a teacher, pastor, other partner or counsellor.

  1. "Mom, where do babies come from?"

    It is a tough question to answer. How do you answer it?
  2. GBering

    GBering New Member

    That question would be pretty hard to answer but I would choose to dodge the child's question or change the topic so that the kid would not know the truth. It would give them a shock if I reveal the true meaning, so better not destroy the kid's mind. She/He is still too young to know.
  3. Crypton

    Crypton New Member

    I have actually not really given thought about this question, but when confronted with such a scenario, telling the truth is definitely out of the question since it's a crime to "poison" such a cute and innocent being's mind.
    What makes things a bit difficult is that you have to make sure you convince this youngster, so that she or he does not look for answers elsewhere-like online.

    So, the lie has to be believable, even to others this child might discuss the topic with. With all that said, I would tell this 3-year old that children come from Heaven and are born out of eating a lot of food. That's why the woman's belly is always swollen when pregnant. I hope it works!
  4. Cyrus_W

    Cyrus_W New Member

    Wow! That's a tough question.

    I think the best thing would be to tell the truth. Tell the kid that babies come from GOD. That when a mom is ready, she asks GOD for a baby, and GOD answers her prayer. About how the baby comes from GOD to mom, well ... tell the kid that it's a complicated process that only biology teachers know how to explain.
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  5. Unique123

    Unique123 New Member

    The question is more simpler to answer because the child is still small
    Just tell the child to look up to the sky and tell him "Babies comes from God "
  6. I will answer that kid like this. :rolling:

    "Kid, you are too young for that, the magic spell is only effective when you are 18 and above. You need to wait until you get 18 years, I will teach you the magic spell, for you to be an honorable wizard."

    OMG! That's magical :love:
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  7. Aeolos

    Aeolos New Member

    This is my answer when my nephew ask me that question and I quote, "Babies were born when two people fall in love, like your mommy and daddy. You are created by that love and we are thankful of it." . Now that he grows up and did learn how babies were really born, I can't really blame him believing a child is born through love and not with "the intercourse". I really don't like saying it up to now. I'm sorry.
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  8. bee.rthooyah

    bee.rthooyah New Member

    Three year old children doesnt have any idea or will have a hard time to understand the natural process that occurs in creating a life. That kind of questions needs only simple answers. When my 7 year old daughter ask me that kind of question when she around 4 years old. I simply told her that God gave her to me and her mommy which she truly are. I also told her that me and her mommy love each other so much that God decided to give her to us. I told her that, in order for her to value love, family and most specially God.
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  9. Marion102513

    Marion102513 New Member

    This is really a tough question if your kid asks this so in my opinion i just have to dodge this kind of topic. I have a 5 years old daughter who ask me also this kind of question,at first i was shock because i was caught ofv guard by her question and when i recover i just amile to her and tell that "someday when ypu get bigger and old enough i will tell you how babies are made". Maybe i just satisfied her that i explained it to her properly she doesn't ask that again or seem moved on from that topic.
  10. Femyper

    Femyper New Member

    This is sensitive question for a innocent mind. I would just answer the babies came from the womb of a mother and the fruit of the love of your parents.

    TOMSHANJ Member

  12. Very interesting indeed. You must know that the children we have today are not as naive as the children of 60 years. These children have seen women delivering in hospitals on TV. They have seen pregnant women who later gave birth and have babies.

    Children know that children come from stomachs. One has to be careful how to answer. Let your child not term you a lier.
  13. ravelo gerry

    ravelo gerry New Member

    No i wont tell it. First its to early for the innocent child to know the truth. Maybe i will tell the kid when he reach his legal age at 18 plus a magical bonus of how he would do it.
  14. Hecateswolf

    Hecateswolf New Member

    I think at that age, deflection is the answer. As a parent, I try not to lie to my kids (outside of things like Santa and the Tooth-fairy). However, I don't think a child that young needs to know about making babies. Sometimes, the best answer is, "I'll tell you when you're older."
  15. antonToledo

    antonToledo New Member

    How Do You Answer A Three Year Old Who Asks Where Babies Come From? Hahaha, that is a hard thing to explain to a child my friend but to be fair lying to our babies about how babies are made can be quite troublesome especially when they grow up and then they learned that their parents lied to them on how babies are made. in fact, it can be traumatizing to a child if he or she grew up and she is the only one in her peers that doesn't know how babies are made!

    You can still explain to your child how babies are made there certain topics regarding this question just try searching it on google and you'll see a bunch of articles written regarding this topic just try reading one of those articles you might find them useful but in the end it still depends on you if you want to tell the truth or lie about how where from.
  16. Ric

    Ric Member

    I feel we should tell children the truth. If we tell a child a lie at three it is a behavior that is taught but not observed until they come across the truth later in life. At that point they will be told it is ok to lie to children and the cycle starts over. Much of what we understand on the news is like that about politics. By the time we fully understand what's going on we have to recalibrate everything we thought we knew questioning our old beliefs.
  17. Xane911

    Xane911 Member

    I will give the answer, with a story. A story on how people can meet each other, feel inlove, share experiences and their memories, have a quality time and get married. Babies are created out of love, and as time goes by babies will grow up and be part of the new generation just like you'll do.
  18. Carrascoshiela

    Carrascoshiela New Member

    Well it happened to me. All of them asked me the same question. And indid answer truthfully by not giving away so much details of course. I just told them that because their father and I loved each other so much we made love and they are the outcome. I told them that we have so much love for each other that we feel we needed to extend it to other thats why we produce babies. Then I explained them pregnancy and everything but reiterated that it making love has to be done when you reach a certain age and when you already settled down and get married. In my point of view i feel that I meed to tell them the truth to establish trust to your kids so when the time comes that they asked you for advices they will know you are telling them the truth and not just saying what they want to hear to make them feel better.
  19. Dseay

    Dseay New Member

    I was a preschool teacher both time I was pregnant so this is a conversation I've had probably fifty times. I always just answered the question directly with the most factual, scientific information possible. If you respond in a matter of fact way they usually assume that is the answer and then drop it. If they ask follow-up questions, I just answer the follow up question directly.
    Where do babies come from? A sperm and an egg.
    How does the baby get in there? An egg is released, then it is fertilized. It grows inside the uterus, but only when a woman's body is grown up enough to be a mother.
    How does the baby get out? When the baby is done growing and the mom's body is ready it usually comes out through the vagina. It only happens when a woman's body is grown up enough to be a mother.
    Why are babies born in the hospital? Some babies are born at the hospital so the doctors are there to help if anything goes wrong.

    Pro-tip: Make sure you add the "when a woman's body is grown up enough" bit. Otherwise a small child with a vagina may become terrified that a baby is going to come out of it. Learned that one from experience.
  20. 1jayem6

    1jayem6 New Member

    If a 3 year old question me like that I answer it with this " Babies came from God it is the blessing from the above and all you need to do is to love yourself because you are the blessing that can make your mom and dad happy.
  21. Aglotz

    Aglotz New Member

    I would say " from mummy. Why don't you go and ask her about it" either that or the truth, "it was jack Daniels fault"
  22. Dimitri-ov7O

    Dimitri-ov7O New Member

    I would answer with a vague truth like this:

    "Well, babies come from whatever room they were in before they came into the room with us." And that's true if you think about. A room is just a space, and a mother's womb is the space a baby lives before coming into another space or room. The only difference is that a mother's womb has many more amenities than normal rooms. First of all, everything there is free: free food, with delivery; free waste disposal; free transportation; free swimming... babies even get free cable. :D (the umbilical cord)

    Now that I think about it, that would sound so good to 3-year-olds, they would probably want to go back and live their mother's stomachs... So it's probably best to just tell the actual truth: Babies get delivered by storks. :rolling:
  23. 3-years-old is too young. You can either tell the truth or lie and they'll just forget about it.

    Personally I'll lie. If they show an interesting reaction, I'll probably continue messing with them.:sneaky:
  24. Venpenname

    Venpenname New Member

    I know this might be a weird answer or thought,but what is the deal anyway with children being too young to know stuff.what will happen if they know about sex?,why are people afraid of it?,is it fear of them being jaded,who cares,they'll get jaded sooner or later anyway.

    Just many questions.

    BUT,if I were to answer.Id probably give them a real funny answer so that should they remember it,they'd have a good story to tell.
  25. telmog

    telmog New Member

    I say, take Al Bundy's answer, "From a six pack of beer and two horny teenagers!"
  26. Deeyhan

    Deeyhan New Member

    It happened to me before, maybe 4 years ago when I was still in high school. My niece ask we where do babies came from because she saw a baby carrying by her auntie. At first i was amuse. Imagine a 3 years old girl, were of me she still a baby tho! A was really amuse, is that what we called innosense? Na! But, i answer her very cute question. Ofcourse in Filipino since i was a Filipino. I said that, "Babies came from tummy" and when I look at her. I was shook because she literally napping her tummy and said " do I have one here, Am i having a baby like auntie?. Like,,hahaha, I can't help it but just laugh!! Why babies are so cute!!!!! Our conversation goes forward until we end up having her boyfriend in the future and she said she has one, and what's funny about it is he refer to my younger brother Ethan..After that i really can't help but just to laugh.
  27. gmangiamele1954

    gmangiamele1954 New Member

    The best way to answer this question is with an age appropriate response. If the child is four (4) years old, the response will be much different than if a child is Nine (9) year old. There are many, many books that aid in this response. To lie is to deceive, so I just told my children, "I Found You In My Tummy!" … and that was all there was to that!
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  28. Ibijau

    Ibijau New Member

    I think children deserve the truth, no matter their age. Of course, the truth doesn't need to be a graphical depiction of every part of the process, because that's not age appropriate and a tad traumatic for them.
    But a three years old could understand something about babies coming from a seed inside their parents. If you have any photos of the pregnancy stage, it can be a good occasion to show these and explain that's where they come from. Baby pictures can also be brought in to show them how much they've grown, which they might enjoy.
    Of course, this might lead to more questions if your child is of the curious sort, so I think that's something parents should try to prepare for so they don't have to improvise an answer on the spot? It's just one of those questions you know young children will ask sooner of later, and it never hurts to have a little speech prepared!
  29. yssachwan

    yssachwan Member

    When we were young we usually blame adults for not taking us seriously. We get angry of course. However, now that we're an adult, since we've already experienced a lot of things, we tend to forget those feelings. We feel like anyone who is a few years younger than you is childish and should not be taken seriously. We tend to forget that the reason why they were all being childish is because no adult is taking them seriously. That adult is slowly becoming you. Then the cycle goes on.

    Well the main topic is about 3 years old- which are basically toodlers- but the point is these stuffs shouldn't be dodged. We can at the very least mellow down the details. One can simply say that two people engaged with each other that they created a baby. If asked how they 'engaged' then you can say it's a long process that requires mature things and they can know those details once they know the different parts of the body. Kids will know when they're not treated seriously, so just honestly say what you know. If you can't mellow down it, just be scientifically direct. A sperm cell directly went in an egg cell then after nine months a baby is born.
  30. Raysam

    Raysam New Member

    I'd tell the child that children come from God. The process of reproduction is too complex for a three year old to comprehend. So, a simple explanation should do the trick. As for those who've seen childbearing scenes on TV, its God that puts the baby in the mother's tummy and gives her the strength to deliver when its time.

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