How Do You Answer A Three Year Old Who Asks Where Babies Come From?

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Do you tell the children the truth when they ask where babies come from?

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  1. We should tell the truth

  2. We should lie to them. Eg Children are brought by an aeroplane at night.

  3. We should Dodge answering them.

  4. We should refer them to another person like a teacher, pastor, other partner or counsellor.

  1. Warren1967

    Warren1967 Well-Known Member

    The best thing that I can tell them is that I will tell you when you get older. For now, just tell them that you are a product of love. That is the reason why you are here and that's why we have babies.
  2. catherineacorda

    catherineacorda New Member

    Parents are the primary sexuality educators of their kids and These topics don’t have to be hard, in fact, they can ultimately inform and spark many years of good conversations.
    Kids learn best when taught in an ongoing, increasingly sophisticated spiral of knowledge, starting when they are very young. Yet, when it comes to teaching about sexuality, both families and schools do exactly the opposite.
  3. jhezz20

    jhezz20 Member

    A 3 year old baby is so innocent.. Whether you tell them the truth or lie,they will eventually orget about it. Just say it in terms which a child can comprehend.
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  4. RyanIsTrying

    RyanIsTrying New Member

    This question is adorable to me. I would probably try to fuel their imagination with the most purest thoughts about such until they're way older, children tend to base the world on what their imagination is so it'd be best to not try to make it sound completely childish but not to much of an adult response, when they grow up they'll surely thank you.
  5. If a 3year old kid will ask that question maybe we should dodge that and explain why. Because theres always right time to know the things we confused before because if we're going to explain it to them at the early age they won't understand it and having a QUESTION again that might themselves to answer it or find the solutions
  6. Amester2003

    Amester2003 New Member

    Well since they are young, they don't need to the specifics. I would tell them when parents love each, the dad will cast a magical spell inside mommy's stomach and eventually it will grow.
  7. mithul

    mithul Member

    ;)It's really difficult to answer but we cannot simply say that"IT IS GIVEN BY GOD"as those words can have a serious impact in their ideas. so the best way could be telling the truth with an example of animated cartoons:thumbsup:
  8. MelvinAngelo

    MelvinAngelo Member

    Yes 3 year old baby is so innocent the mentality of that is where my toys, where my moms, i've been hungry such as that..then after you played together :)
  9. talagirl

    talagirl Member

    I'd tell to ask their mother or the parents about it. Why should I make it complicated of myself? The parents is the main reason why they are born.
  10. Robah

    Robah New Member

    When mommy love daddy,they kiss and hug and a baby come. I can also tell her that God delivers babies when we are sleeping. Alternatively mommy can buy a baby at the hospital.
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  11. Rijumon007

    Rijumon007 Member

    Children are notorious for asking funny and sometimes inappropriate questions. However, if your kid is asking about where babies come from or how they're made, you should try to give them an honest answer that they can understand....
  12. Littlegirl933

    Littlegirl933 New Member

    Questions: "Where were babies born?" How to be born? "Is a sign of curiosity and curiosity of children before school age, which is also an expression of a child's way of thinking. Therefore, parents should try to answer satisfactorily. Questions may be temporarily unavailable, cannot be answered immediately, parents need to be skillful with their children to find the answer, absolutely do not get yelled at, do not let children ask more, or making miscellaneous stories answered through tangerines, which will hinder your child's curiosity and curiosity.

    First, when teaching children about gender, make the concept of the difference between men and women and let children know the father is male, the mother is female, between two people combined to be able to have children. When children ask, "How was i born?", Parents should answer frankly: "You are born of a parent. Mother and father love each other and create children ". Children ask: "So parents create children like?". Regarding this question, it should be clearly explained to children: "after parents get married, father give sperm to mother and met my mother's egg. Eggs are fertilized and these are the first days of the offspring. You have been in the womb for nearly 10 months and have all the development parts now, you do not want to be in the womb anymore so with the help of doctors, you was born."

    Parents should show their children first how to reproduce, from flowering, bearing fruit in plants, and then giving birth to animals (also depends on their ability to develop and age) ) let your child have some relative concepts about the reproductive process, which will be explained in simple words for the child to understand.

    The above solution is scientific and suitable for children from 3 to 5 years old. Thus, it both satisfies the child's curiosity and helps them understand and explain the problem.
  13. iwisting

    iwisting Member

    Just say from the womb of a mother. We really don't have ro explain it in detail because kids won't even understand most of it. Just stick to the fact but not too deep facts.

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