How do you become a blogger and get paid?

Discussion in 'Website Management & Blogging' started by Jeloop23, May 28, 2019.

  1. Jeloop23

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    If you wanted to visit a place and spent a fortune, you would first go over a checklist and make sure that everything would be worth it. It is also similar in choosing a career, you must have a broad range of knowledge and experience before getting it and you have to work hard for it. I believe that working hard for something we don't care is called stress; working hard for something we love is passion. I would love to blog, it seems to be a passion for me. It came up in my mind that blogging is the easiest online job though I've been spending so much time thinking about it. It also came across my mind if it is really worth it as a full-time career especially that i had no experience about it.

    How do you become a blogger and get paid?
  2. nheilm2020

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    To become a blogger in certain legit blogging website is very simple. Just search the blogging websites on google. If you have found it, study its platforms, benefits, and requirements. If you fit with the said requirements, try to apply and submit some samples if it is needed and wait for the confirmation whether your application is successful or not.
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    Just do a lot of research in making a blog that offers a lot and easy step. We have there GoDaddy, Winx, Blogspot and a lot more. You may find it difficult if you don't study well on how there domain works, they just give simple instruction yet you may fail if you don't follow. Patience and determination is a must. You can also refer to youtube,a lot of vloggers right there shows you step by step process on making a blogsite. Just be resourceful but make sure not to fall on sites that scam.
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    If you enjoy writing, then working as a paid blogger is a great job. Often you can work from home, make your own hours, and get paid to do what you love. Some professional bloggers work full-time at large and small companies around the world, even outside the media. The opportunities are out there, and below are resources to help you find a blogging job, get hired, and become a paid blogger.
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    I saw some post writen above which am not satisfy with the explanation ,such explaination may be confuse by newbie reading it.
    Am a blogger you dont just get paid because you are a blogger for you to get paid for blogging is either you create your own blogg and monotize it with ad-network that will generate you cash like google adsense, and get paid for every single click that your google adsense ads generate.
    Or you chose to write some content for other people or merchant to update their blogg and make money from there.

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