How do you cope up with summer heat?

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  1. JanizeAD

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    Summer time is here. We need to do some things to cope up with it. These are some tips that I hope will help us to keep cool even if it feels like the sun is out to get us. First is drinking a lot of fresh water, me I like a very cold water for my drink to keep me hydrated. Second is by wearing smart, lightweight,short-sleeved, loose-fitting or cotton clothing to keep us fresh all day. Third is to use sun protective products when you're outdoors. There are some lotions and moisturizers with SPF (Sun Protection Factor) that can help our skin protected from the sun. Fourth is to eat fruits and vegetables and avoid heavy meals, alcoholic drinks and too much coffee. I hope we all enjoy our summer vacation.
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  2. marcbarredo13

    marcbarredo13 Member

    The first thing I do to cope up with the summer heat is a drink liters of water every hour to hydrate my body from lost alkaline from heat. It is essential to drink not just 8-10 glasses of water to give your body what it needs to be hydrated on summer. Then next is I avoid staying outside the house on 10 in the morning to 5 in the afternoon because this time, the sun emits ultra-violet rays which is link to skin cancers, sun burns and melanoma. So it is better to to stay indoors from 10 AM-5 PM. Next is I take a bath 3 times a day to feel refreshed and I wear tank tops to keep my body temperature lower. These are my hacks on how I survive the summer heat in the Philippines and I wish you find value on this one. :)
  3. beckertani

    beckertani Member

    You answered the question. Just add the beach thing because I love beach. Just to make good memories with family and friends.
  4. kirbycorpin02

    kirbycorpin02 Member


    It's summer time! It's kind a hard to move when its too hot. There are many ways on how to beat the heat. First is to drink lots of water. It is important to stay hydrated all throughout the day. When you sweat a lot, your body loose its water. Open up your windows. You might not need to use your air conditioner if you optimize your windows. It's a trick to hang a cold damp towel in front of the window to cool the air flowing into your home. You can apply an ice cubes wrapped in towel on your body's cooling points like your neck or behind the knees. You'll get cool gown quickly and effectively.
  5. emax2000

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    Always make sure to carry a water bottle with you it keep well hydrated in the summer heat.
  6. AprilDeOcampo

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    Hydrate as often as possible. Drink more water instead of soda. Protect yourself from the sun, wear sunscreen and use your umbrella when needed. Wear clothes made of cotton.
  7. yhanmar08

    yhanmar08 Member

    We cope summer heat by drinking a lot of water. Water is important to keep you hydrated specially here in Philippines it was really hot in here specially in summer.
    You can go also the beach so that it help you to relax and refresh your body. Plus it is summer time it going to the beach or water park helps you to relieve stress from work or school. It is also the time to bond with the family.
    Maybe I am out of the topic that is the meaning of summer for me.

    Enjoying cold drinks can cope your heat this summer. It is important now this time.
  8. Ken Templin

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  9. elliethegypsy

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    Summer is the best time to drink smoothies and shakes. But I still prefer cold water over those because they can make me more thirsty. Probably because of the sugary sweet it can bring. And of course, the best solution for the heat of summer is to take a bath. The air from the fan and air conditioner is nothing if the heat is just from your body heat, not the weather itself.
  10. Warren1967

    Warren1967 Well-Known Member

    I'd fill the bath tub with cold water and a lot of ice and soak in it while drinking a vety cold drink.
  11. myDive8

    myDive8 New Member

    it's very common here in my country, it's like summer here in the Philippines all year long. What i usually do to beat the heat;

    take a lot of fluids, specially water, stay hydrated is the key.
    wear comfortable clothing
    eat fruits like, watermelon,pears, etc.
    take frequent showers.
  12. Ayhie

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    When it is really hot I always went to the beach and take a swim. And of course by drinking cold water, make a fruit shake, eat an ice cream and eat cold dessert.

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