How do you deal with depression?

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  1. mharjoe

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    I know the feeling like your alone on a lonely see, like you are drowning but everyone will just ignore you? , That is what I thought before , its hard to be an introvert because you cant express yourself but if you will just let some people in your life or in your heart it will be easier for you to cope up on depression.

    I like you to talk your family , because it is not true that you are alone , remember that as long as you live there will always be someone who cares for you , who loves you although sometimes its hard to see them but Im telling you I've been there on your situation and there is someone who cares for you .

    Just first try to accept yourself adn the wrong things you've done, let go of the past for you to achieve a brighter tomorrow .
  2. elpatato

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    Actually, having a depression is the hardest battle you will ever fight. You just want to shut down all the people around, just want to lay down all day and even the encourage words can't uplift your spirit. Most of the people (people who don't know what depression is) say that it's just mind over matter but no it's not. You don't know how it feels. It feels like you don't know yourself and asking what's going on. It's just more of being unhappy because it felt like you don't have a direction in your life. This had been my experience for the last months and I did not realize that I'm dealing with a depression until I read an article describing this situation.

    Well, first I'm so doubtful and denial that I had a depression. It helps me to reassessment myself to accept the situation that I'm dealing with. Then I decided to make an action to fight this battle by doing an exercise, talking with friends and avoiding melodrama movies or things that can trigger it. It was not easy of course because there is a time that you always back to square one. But keep talking to myself and setting goals helps me a lot to win this battle.

    For those who experienced depression, yes it's true, fighting yourself is the hardest battle. Do not give up to win this battle, if we won on this, we know you can!
  3. Samantha Holloway

    Samantha Holloway New Member

    I think depression is different for everyone. I suggest reading, listening to music, coloring, etcetera. Getting out of your head is vital. Concentrating on something else other than the thoughts in your head is the best way to conquer it. Therapists also recommend exercise because it releases endorphins.
  4. Banaag124

    Banaag124 New Member

    1) making my self busy at work
    2) watching my fave korean movies
    3) having chill outside with my friends
    3) pampering my self
    3) playing games on my phone
  5. sally a morrison

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    I have suffered with depression for most of my adult life. I have used a few different ways of dealing with my depression depending upon the severity of my symptoms. Sometimes I can deal with it on my own, other times I have needed help from a medical professional.

    When my depression was at its worst, I never wanted to leave my bed. I could not function in my daily life at all. At that point, I had to get medical help both in the from of medicine and therapy. It was at that time that I found out that my depression was linked to some childhood traumas and learned of some of my triggers. Now, when I feel depression coming on, I can sometimes intervene early with self care and avoid a more damaging episode.
  6. bazookaredd

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    I believe what AZLEE just said,Realizing is the key to heal depression,if anyone just say No im not affected,iIcan do it on myself , then he or she died. is staring to kill him,aileen wournos ,ted bundy are extreme sample of people loss it all because of depression
  7. Harikrishnan

    Harikrishnan New Member

    In my opinion these are the best things you can do to deal with depression.
    1. Eat healthy, because if your body doesn't feel well your mind won't either.
    2.Socialize, because we are all social animals so being isolated could make us more depressed, you could pickup new hobbies or a classes as a part of this.
    3.Exercise , Refer to 1.
    4.Meditate, Meditation helps the mind to calm down.
    5.Get a Therapist, Most important of all, get professional help to cope with the day to day mess in our life.
    6. Don't ever Drink/Drug yourself or eat to cope with the feeling. Once you do, it won't be the last time you do that.
    7. Break the monotony
    in your life.
  8. MmClavel1890

    MmClavel1890 New Member

    I'm not a professional when it comes to this kind of subject but depression is a serious problem that no one can define unless the person leaves a not or a sign that he/she is depress. For me, the way I handle my depression is I pray, that's the first thing I do. I pray then if I need to cry out loud I do cry out loud. After that I will think of my family, the reason why I'm here in this world and I also think why is this happening to me. After that I'll think of positive and possible answers, then I breathe in and breathe out until I become calm. After that I just turn on radio or I listen to music while I'm on a peaceful place. Then I smile. Because I realize that everything in this world happens for a reason, everything in this world is not permanent, everything in this world has its upside down moment so as much as possible I just only think of positive things and positive thoughts to become a positive person.
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  9. jove659

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    This basically a serious topic. Anyhow at some point of our lives everyone really has undergone depression. On my case I always see things in a positive way or I always look forward and imagine myself if i keep on being depressed. Sometimes when Im depressed, I always made sure to cry and think things over and instill in my mind that it is not ok to be depressed and it is really toxic on your part. i always remind myself that problems are there to keep us strong. Life is never perfect, so better deal with the problem and depression now and move on. Life for me is always being celebrated.
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  10. Johnedriane14

    Johnedriane14 New Member

    Depression is lack of impression to things around us the only thing to depression is meditating calmness, according to experts love cannot cure depression, but care or caring could do
  11. Eljo12

    Eljo12 New Member

    I have read that a high percentage of people suffering from depression respond positively to pharmacological treatments when treatments are prescribed in correct doses and for the necessary duration. If there is not a satisfactory answer to the first attempt of antidepressant treatment it is correct to try a different antidepressant. Even today, even if there is not an antidepressant drug more effective than the other in absolute terms, it is common to observe how each individual has a specific mode of response and therefore it is not possible to establish which antidepressant will be effective for him. Besides the pharmacological treatment, there are now available other treatments such as psychotherapy.
  12. sweetlimern

    sweetlimern New Member

    It is easy to advice someone who is suffering from depression but in reality IT IS DIFFICULT to follow it when you are deeply affected by it. These are only a few of managing depression (1)Get enough sleep,(2) exercise, (2)divert your attention,(3) Have a vacation, (4)Go out and be with your true friends. Hope these helps.
  13. azzday14

    azzday14 New Member

    I struggled depression on my dorm near my school.. I am alone and got no friends at school. I started working out daily and change all my diet and gained mass and strength.. not only that, People started treating me differently. Like in a nice way. And They started to notice me. Before i was invisible to anyone.. To skinny to be noticed. But everthing changed when i started working out.. So i could say its an aesthetic to be healthy.
  14. Natacia Conner

    Natacia Conner New Member

    I have dealt with Anxiety and little Depression. I used to abuse substances to deal with it. Now that I have been clean for almost two years I have other ways to handle it. The following steps are what I do.

    1) Face the route cause. Even if it is nothing at all, face that one thing that is bothering you deep down. Just say it out loud. Cry a little if you have to. Even get angry. Do not let it get out of control, but just allow some of it to come out. Remember that you are human and you are allowed to feel however you want about the thing that is bothering you.

    2)Find what makes you happy. As cheesy as it sounds its honestly the truth. And the quicker you do that the better.
    For me, I absolutely love hippie and bohemian themed items. I set up a hippie-boho area in the corner of my room with tapestries, candles, dream catchers, etc. You can take your time to build up your happy spot or pursue something that makes you happy. Another thing I finally got into was going to the gym. Once you start a project on something that makes you happy, the easier it is to have motivation for everything else.

    3)Keep a journal. Another cheesy thing that even I ignored for years. Since I am not into writing my everyday thoughts, I write a collection of positive and motivating quotes that I either find or think of myself. My boyfriend writes small verses and poems on loose sheets of paper to help him clear his mind. Honestly writing stuff down helps you clear your mind and face your day.

    Those are my top three steps I took on from vigorous research that actually worked for me and my close friends and family struggling with similar issues.
  15. Brifranklin

    Brifranklin New Member

    The first step is realizing you are affected by it. It seems like you have taken a hold of it which is good and now you just need to adjust that monster out of your life. From someone that has experienced both depression and anxiety my number one thing I tell everyone is that you need to talk it out. Once you realize the weakness and vulnerability you are facing you will begin to figure out how to overcome it. For me I worry about everything and want to please everyone before myself. I struggled hard my junior year in high school and almost ended it all. It came out of nowhere and I would have never expected to go through anything so horrible. But with the help of counselor, parents, friends and family I survived and have become such a stronger person. There are days when I feel bad still but what I have to do is get up tell myself I am worth it and keep it moving. Some days are hard and I still have attacks and breakdowns but I know how to control them and get support from everyone.
  16. Maylz

    Maylz New Member

    As far as I know depression is the main caused leading to suicidal for some people, so it's a very sensitive issue nowadays. Being sad or lonely for any reason is normal cause we are just human, but dealing it alone in a severe extent emotion will lead you to a worst scenario which is suicidal.Support system coming from your family or friends is a big help to overcome depression. Having someone that you can share the burden inside is a big relief and you feel that you're not alone. Aside from having a support system you also need to help yourself, do the things that will make you happy, sing out loud, dance until those body of yours released all those negativity inside and if you get tired rest and recharged yourself with full of hope and positivity.
  17. Noel Delin

    Noel Delin New Member

    It depend on how bad your depression is? For me I do some exercise, I listening to good music, and meditating.
    And if I'm still depress I talk my close relatives and best friends for me to calm. Mostly always think positive and put a smile in your face.:)
  18. umservo

    umservo New Member

    There are lot things that makes me depress. From work, finances, career goals, family relationship and even my own.

    But one piece of advice that was given to me by my mentor is to always have faith in God's works.

    Believing on it gives me a positive way of looking to life. I know that there are bumps in the road and sometimes those bumps will make you feel heavy that tend to make us give up everything.

    But if you believe in God you will see that those bumps are not meant for you to give up but actually are way for you to succeed.

    You may get depressed but don't stay that way for too long. Depression for me also helps me in assessing my life. Why did this thing happened? What do I need to do with it? It is also a way for me to look in different perspective. Get the good things from it.

    So for me, to get away from depression is to have faith in God and believe that something good will happen at the end.
  19. Yummy Fiend

    Yummy Fiend New Member

    I'm an introvert. My father is also an introvert, and this is what he told me: Extroverts have it easy. When they feel down, they can just go and be with other people. Us, we need to occupy ourselves to get away from our thoughts. I like working out, tinkering with my car, and writing poetry.

    I don't know what your social inclinations are, but I still suggest you pick up a hobby. Something you can do work on everyday and get good at. Gardening, arts and crafts, a martial art. . . when I'm making progress at something, little by little, it gives me hope. My days aren't so daunting that way.
  20. I deal with depression by first sharing it to my beloved family, they can help me deal with it and make me feel better. It is also much more easy to handle the pain or whats bothering us. Doing entertaining this also helps, it lets you forget about what are getting you depressed.
  21. jelcataruc

    jelcataruc New Member

    I am a new mom and I think I'm experiencing PPD (postpartum depression). I cry over silly things and I don't know what to do with the sadness I'm feeling. Like you, I also don't want to take medications because some people say that what I'm experiencing now is just normal and I was like "how is this normal?!"
    So then i decided to listen to my loved ones advices. Communicate. It's hard to communicate and tell my husband or mom what I'm feeling because I also can't understand myself. My baby cries and so am I. What helped me the most is that I have people around me who understand what am I going through. They always talk to me, they always make sure that I'm not alone, they try to make me laugh and most of all, they helped me on taking care of my newborn. So my advice for you is don't be afraid to ask for help. Communicate to your loved ones, I'm sure they will understand and help you any way they can. Be brave, you are much stronger than your depression! Hoping you see the beauty of life again, have a wonderful day! ✌
  22. New Member

    Every one is different and we all carry different burdens and yours is depression. It is such a sensitive topic because nowadays people are obsessed with the physical beauty and perfection. I might not be experiencing it but I know some who are battling it and coping up. I guess as an individual who's willing to grow, to be different, to excel you should start by learning and understanding yourself first.
    Anxiety is a personal struggle, you might need to have a sense of security.
    If you cannot find order in your life because your failing in various things just know that you're capable of change, find something that you'll enjoy for now to keep you on track. List the things that you REALLY enjoy, something that makes you HAPPY. List it down and remember: do not cheat in this list. After listing it down, do it.
    Do something different for once!
    For example, you do not usually fan girl on celebrities, why not try fan girl today.
  23. benjevander

    benjevander New Member

    Dealing with depression is not easy,but going to Psychiatrist is the best thing to do first to diagnose your mental condition,depressed person tends to feel hopeless,suicidal ideations and they need support system from their families or relatives,medication like antidepressant are also prescribed to ease the signs and symptoms of depression
  24. haisemon

    haisemon New Member

    Having a depression, I think one of the worst situations having this kind of disorder is not being able to fully express what you really feel inside because of the fear of being ignored or misunderstood. It is so overwhelming that sometimes I can't see any solutions besides harming myself. I always blame myself and think that this is all my fault. I hate waking up and getting out of the bed. I just stayed in my room, listening to music, and play online games. My parents are always mad at me, telling me that I've been no good in the family and always nagging me about my behavior.

    I tried to ask help from my best friend. She said that she has been always reaching out to me ever since my depression started. She also said that I was the one who is always rejecting her. Instead of forcing me to speak up and explain it, she just said that she's willing to wait and listen anytime. At that time, I decided to do a reflection. I realized that what I need to stop is isolating myself and start to deal with my depression. I started improving from the little things like, waking up early, cleaning my bedroom, do exercises,etc., until it all became a daily habit. I also decided to attend a church mass every Sunday. At first I was like, "What am I even doing here?". Then later on, it already became a habit and honestly, it really helped me a lot to have faith again. I talked to my parents and explained about my depression I'm dealing right now. Luckily, they understood my condition and asked for forgiveness for them not to be able to notice it in the first place. They also said that they're happy because they've noticed some changes in my behavior.

    However, I still have depression and anxiety but all I can say is I am lucky to have people who already understand and make me feel good whenever I need them.

    I know it is hard to find a person who truly understands you but I think the best way is to ask for a help and be brave to talk to someone. Remember that you are not the only one who's having struggles in life. There is always one person who is willing to listen to you. If you're having difficulties in communicating, keep yourself busy. Do what you love to do like choose something you’ve enjoyed in the past.
  25. fattymadz

    fattymadz New Member

    I've encountered depression to the point that I slash my wrist because I want to die. I have personal problems back then so my only solution is to die. Lucky a nun saw and help me. My family found out about it a gave me guidance. It was really hard for me so what I did is seek God. I went to church and ask for forgiveness and enlightenment.
  26. roamingblackout

    roamingblackout New Member

    Depression is something that so many of us suffer from, but please know that it is possible to get better.

    For me personally, depression made every small task feel massive, and I really neglected taking care of myself. I wouldn't brush my hair or teeth for days, and wouldn't even change my clothes because these small tasks seemed so difficult. I found that breaking things down into the smallest tasks, and writing them in a "To Do" list format really helped me.

    For example, something as simple as brushing my teeth would be broken up into tasks like this:
    1. Get out of bed
    2. Walk to bathroom
    3. Get toothbrush
    4. Apply toothpaste
    5. Brush teeth - 90 seconds
    6. Spit
    7. Rinse mouth
    8. Leave Bathroom

    This made it easier for me to start taking care of myself, and through this method and speaking with a therapist, I was able to improve the state of my mental health.
  27. paddygsound

    paddygsound New Member

    I would have to say that when it comes to fighting off depression, two things hold me in good order. one would be routine, keeping a routine means that I don't really have to think about what is happening, this lessens my anxiety and therefore my depressive moments. Secondly I would have to say mindfulness techniques, which ever suits you.
    Mindfulness I find is particularly good as it keeps me present and in the moment, whilst also allowing me to process my thoughts so that they don't hang over me like a dark cloud.
  28. adonidia

    adonidia New Member

    I myself experienced depression when I was in college. I wasn't able to finish my thesis and in effect, I wasn't able to graduate together with my friends. What I did was to seek professional advice from the university's psychology department. I was then enrolled in their therapy sessions. Talking to your family about your problems would also be beneficial.
  29. pingpongabyss

    pingpongabyss New Member

    The main tools in my depression arsenal are:

    1. Exercise
    2. Sunlight
    3. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
    4. Medication

    I hope that I can get to a point one day where I can cross #4 off that list and manage with just the top 3. CBT is key to it all, though. I had been to talk therapy before and all that did was highlight how screwed up I was, but once I started looking into cognitive behavioral therapy I found it to be much more effective. First, it helps you define all the negative thought processes that feed into the depressive state and teaches you to separate thoughts from feelings from actions so you can find where in that loop you are having problems and cut it short. For example, I will often suddenly feel deeply depressed without knowing why. The easiest thing to do would be to go along with it, because that is what comes most naturally, but since doing CBT, I have been able to recognize that feeling coming on before the depressive thoughts come to follow it, so I am able to tell myself that my body is depressed but my mind doesn't have to be. That almost physical sense of depression is so real, though, and the medication helps keep it at bay really well.
  30. carmelajiao

    carmelajiao New Member

    Depression is a complex medical condition and it is one of the most common mental illnesses that affects millions of people around the world. I am 28 years old and I've had it for 5 years already. I believe that accepting that you have depression and in need of medical attention are some of the bravest things that you can do for yourself. But that is not all. It is important that you exert effort in order to help yourself deal with depression. Some of the things that I do is go to my psychiatrist regularly and follow religiously her instructions regarding the medicines I take. I also am having CBT or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. It helps me equip myself with skills that will become handy whenever I am having an episode. One thing I learned is that you need to be willing to feel and not just accept the situation you are in. Meaning, you are willing to feel the depressive episodes but you are not letting it get to you and paralyze you. Moreover, I research about what I can do in order to improve my condition. For example, exercising, eating healthy, getting early morning sunshine, socializing with friends and keeping myself busy and having a routine helps a lot. It is also helpful that I have supportive friends and family around me. They are the people that I talk to without reservations about what I feel. They listen and that is the one of the best feelings that someone who has depression can experience.

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