How do you describe Book in one word?

Discussion in 'Books' started by Serdiek, Apr 11, 2019.

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    How do you describe book?
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    Yazzzz! A book is a tangible thing that have many types and include different varieties of information. Different informations that we could use to add up more knowledge is our information bank (brain).
    * i know it specifically say to describe it in one word but i hate rules. ( JOKE!)
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    Books is infinite. I have to say because the knowledge that we can get from books will never ends. Book is life it turns imagination into a very creative piece. The primary source of learning will always be coming from a book. Well, people may think that everything can be found on the internet oh yes! But for me books is way better. Original ones are written in books and the learning that we can get from it seems to be more remarkable in our minds. I just love the smell of the pages and I always carry some book in me. It makes me more relax and it turns my imagination more and more realistic.
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    Because like a compass, a book takes you from different directions or places you want to go as far as your imagination takes you
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    For me, defines as my "Everything"
    Books provides me source of knowledge and strength against ignorance.
    It is my source of happiness and joy.
    It helps me explore great things in life.
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    words to describe books. ... a person who likes adventure, takes rish to have an adventure
    My one word is weapon
    For short the mean a weapon for the mind
    I can read a book and kill someone easy
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