How do you discover new music?

Discussion in 'Music' started by AmyRangel, Jul 16, 2012.

  1. Warren1967

    Warren1967 Well-Known Member

    For me, if it sounds good, then it is good music.
  2. obliviona

    obliviona New Member

    Nowadays I discover new songs through social networking because a lot of people are into sharing their fave artist's songs and sometimes out of curiosity I listen to it. There are also times when I discover songs when watching videos because a lot of entertainment shows make use of songs for their background music. If it's possible, I open my Spotify app and ramdomly pick songs and listen to them in my leisure time.
  3. wkndroyal

    wkndroyal Member

    Mostly through social media or entertainment news on tv. The entertainment new channel or segment of a news show always gets to feature new artists, new music, new music releases and all the information about the new release on their shows. The same goes for social media which has a more up to minute or up to the second update demand for whatever new is happening or about to happen out there. Social media almost instantly catches wind of the latest on-goings anywhere, so new music is definitely something I would know about through this medium.
  4. iceejay

    iceejay New Member

    I don't think there's anything new out there anymore. Recent hits are mostly remixes or music that was just given a more upbeat version of the old. However, if strange music can also mean new, i think the macabre form of rock would fall under that category. How the listener feels the music is still the bottom line. No matter how old or new the music is, or how many times it is listened to, the feel-good effect makes it always feel new to the listener (ergo the repetition). But if the ultimate goal is searching just for the fun of it, common sense dictates to go to the menu list of genres.
  5. shaina14

    shaina14 New Member

    Youtube helps me discover more musics especially the channel of full of lyrics, sometimes it's on my recommendation. This leads me to different kinds of music, different artist and I think it's fun... discovering new musics,artists and even new friends that has the same taste in music just like you.
  6. vincedprince

    vincedprince Member

    One of the innovative and best way to discover new music online is by watching some live streaming performances of artists, like Sound cloud, Pandora, Spotify etc.
  7. sofiathefirsttt

    sofiathefirsttt New Member

    I have different ways to discover new music but most of the time it's through Spotify, Instagram, TV and Youtube. On Spotify, there's a playlist called "Today's Top Hits" which has new music, so I would listen to new music and if I liked it, I'll add it to my playlist. Same as on the TV, there's a music channel on TV that I always watch, they promote new music and if I liked it, I would search for it on Spotify and add to my playlist. While on Instagram, I follow the musicians I love. They always post their new music to their feed or in their stories. On Youtube, I don't know if it is just mine or for all the viewers but every time there's new music, it's always at the top of my Youtube account then I would listen to it. That's how I discover new music. It's always fun to discover one.
  8. Hosseinyhas

    Hosseinyhas Member

    This constantly changes for me as new bands are formed and new sites/blogs/services are started every single day. It can be really hard to keep up with. Luckily, I am a designer and I pretty much cannot work without music in the background, so IThe best thing overall is to never get complacent with one thing, ever.

    • Spotify The music headquarters for me right now. Totally worth the $5/$10 month to have access to it whenever I want. I use it over iTunes because I can store my mp3s in it as well as all of the streaming media and it fits in one place. I use it over Rdio simply for the amount of music that's available plus all of the apps available on here are great for music discovery. I check in with the Pitchfork one daily, wether it be on the app or the site itself. I also use Classify, Tunigo, Soundrop,, and several others.
    • Blogs like Pitchfork are nice. There are so many out there that I can't really think of general ones to recommend. Also, I can't believe I'm about to suggest this because I really don't like music "labels" but try to categorize the kind of music you like as best you can and google away. You're bound to find a community that is into the same thing you are and probably has a few resources and blogs to boot.
    • is great for keeping track of things you've heard and listen to and it's also really helpful to find people with similar tastes as well as similar artists for ones you already like.
    • can be hit or miss depending on what room you find. The idea though is that you take turns with up to 5 people playing songs. You can find them in a huge database or upload your own which is nice. Rooms usually go by theme/genre and can be more social than most music sites.
    • 8tracks is pretty great for discovering playlists, it's that simple.
    • Soundcloud is a great resource for DJs and other musicians who are just starting up. Stuff usually isn't quite as polished but it can be pretty great. Best for remixes/mashups.
    • Bandcamp similar to Soundcloud and great for the same reasons.
    • Vimeo/Youtube are an obvious ones but I can't leave them off the list.
    • is a new one I've been messing with thats nice because it's more visual. It's essentially a youtube but with a guide attached.
    • Record Stores Duh. There's nothing like physically sifting through records or cds if you're in a good store. It's also really important for me to get off the computer. The staff can usually be helpful if you like something but want an actual human recommendation.
    • The New Myspace is not bad actually. You can make playlists, connect with artists and follow other users. It's also just much prettier now with the new redesign.
    • Soundtracking is a fun little iPhone app where people attach songs with photos. It's nice one-off discoveries.
    • Friends This can only be good advice if your friends like good music I suppose :)
    • HypeM is good but I think the structure leaves something to be desired for me. Can't quite put my finger on it.
    • Who Sampled is just a must! There's nothing more infuriating than hearing someone talk about how "original" a cover is without knowing who wrote it first. Also, artists usually cover artists they like and who knows, you might like them too.
    • Noisey was bought by Vice and it's great for reviews of stuff that's a little under-the-radar.
    • Metacritic is another one that I'm weary to recommend but can help provide some insight on if something is worth listening to. Though, my advice, listen to it anyway and form your own opinion.
    • TuneGlue has a fun design and it recommends similar artists.

    Overall though, the trick is just taking time and having the patience to just get lost and sift through stuff. I will try to update this list as I come across more things but in the meantime, happy hunting!

    (Also please note I did not forget to include Pandora, I simply chose not to. I like the Spotify radio station option much better, especially since I'm already paying for it, and Pandora has never really been that great for me, but, it is an option nonetheless.)
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  9. wanderstarr15

    wanderstarr15 New Member

    If it's not from a friend who would like to share a song with me, I get to discover songs from movies. Rarely, from a co-worker who plays some music while working.
  10. diazvac

    diazvac Member

    I love listening to random radio station when I am bored. There are times that some of the new music they played got my attention and that is the time when I got curious to that song asking what is the title of that song and who sang it.
  11. Strip100

    Strip100 New Member

    Radio, the Nightclub, and Youtube. I heard a song on the radio today and bought it off Google Play.
  12. katemacam23

    katemacam23 Member

    For me, the best way I discover new music is to stream on youtube because all new music is uploaded in that site and it feels good to hear to new music on your ears.
  13. I get the new songs on TV and social media. I seldom listening to radio nowadays. When the song is viral, we keep on playing that song. We call it LSS,Last Song Syndrome, I may right?
  14. pdlocke

    pdlocke New Member

    When I drive to work daily I'll flick through various radio stations and if I like any of the songs I make a mental note to look it up later. I then often find the same song on Youtube and usually check out the other artists songs or check out the recommended videos / songs that are on the side. If I'm after a particular genre of music I will look at Sub-Reddits on Reddit (Separate forums for specific things where fellow users post submissions) and check out a few highly rated threads or search the pages.
  15. DannyCockburn

    DannyCockburn New Member

    Through YouTube for the most of the time, especially the "recommended" videos/songs, sometimes it's useful, sometimes it's not.
  16. iceejay

    iceejay New Member

    Got me into streaming music online. I don't necessarily get anything new but randomly searching into different genres at a time lets me to listen to interesting tunes that I haven't heard before, like Trance for instance.
  17. veradan

    veradan New Member

    When i was younger and in the absence of technology that we have now radio has been the primary source for new music. They basically dictate what people should hear. However, in the advent of technology comes the overwhelming capability of people to be connected. Hence, artist can easily reach out to their target audience and vice versa to share the beauty that is music. It bridges the gap that otherwise would have derailed the music industry to what it is now. It became more accessible to more and more people thereby can seek out whatever their soul craves.
  18. michaelcarr

    michaelcarr New Member

    I usually find new music on the radio and then just look up the name on Spotify and add it to my playlist or I would just hear people talking about a song and I would listen to it.
  19. ChiiChobitx

    ChiiChobitx New Member

    When I check sites like Youtube and Facebook. I see post about new songs. I like pages and subscribe to channels for the genre that i want so if there is a new songs I can check it right away.
  20. Pineapple112233

    Pineapple112233 New Member

    I discover new music through youtube since it's an easiest way to promote and release music nowadays, sometimes by tv shows as well, they somehow use new released music (kind of trendy music too) as their theme and also to attract viewers to watch their shows.
  21. kg0903

    kg0903 New Member

    I discover new music in various ways. The first one is through Spotify "Rising Hits" playlist. You can also discover a lot of new and underrated music in here if you search hard enough. Secondly, through music channels on television like MTV,Myx and Channel V. Those channel feature new music as soon as they release it. The third way is through Youtube Music and trending list, it shows the hottest music that people are listening to right now and lastly, is through of course the original through radios.
  22. diazvac

    diazvac Member

    I think social media has a big contribution nowadays since its part of our daily lives already. I discover some of new music by noticing it as trending and most of the people talk about it. Out of curiosity you will search this song and want to hear it because its very famous.
  23. yungjanmark

    yungjanmark New Member

    I go through alot of mediums, most common ones are Youtube, Spotify and alot of Facebook niche groups but if you really want to dig deep and immerse I suggest BandCamp.
  24. Ameyjing29

    Ameyjing29 New Member

    I discover music through online and offline, from the radio, on the anime I watch (their OPs and ESs), even movies I watch. Sometimes I get to discover new ones from my friends' playlists. And when surfing online. Specially, when I'm bored. I love those songs where I can relate and feel, like I'm connected or something.
  25. cozhart

    cozhart New Member

    Back in the day, I usually listen to the radio to discover new music. However, right now, my radio broke and I had to find new ways to do so. Youtube and Spotify usually do the trick. Youtube sends me different recommendations time to time and Spotify has a lot of features that recommend their artists time to time.
  26. DocJ

    DocJ New Member

    I discovered new music by listening to Spotify. In the app, there is a playlist called, "Release radar"wherein when you go to that playlist you can find a lot of music which are newly released.
    I also watch on MTV channel wherein they also featured new songs and their music videos.
  27. emax2000

    emax2000 Member

    I discover music through online blogs, even form the movies I watch. Sometimes I get to discover new ones surfing online.
  28. JosieB

    JosieB New Member

    I usually discover new music through the Spotify "Discover" playlists. Since the app provides a lot of choices of music genres, I can easily find new and top released music.

    Aside from Spotify, I also find myself intrigued with new music when my younger brother updates me. It's a great help when you have someone who's way more eager to discover new music.

    Moreover, the least way I discover but is also a great help is through YouTube. The search bar is of great help for unearthing latest music releases.
  29. NMac

    NMac New Member

    I listen to music on You Tube, and that is where I discover new music. When I look up songs to listen to You Tube learns my likes and dislikes and suggests music I might like based on what I listen to.
  30. jeda30

    jeda30 Member

    I discover new music form my officemate, my friends and my siblings. When i find out that it's good and new, I ask them the title of that music and search it on youtube.

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