How Do You Entice A Potential Client to Hire You?

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    As a freelance writer in the field, how do you go about to ensure that you get hired by your targeted client?

    There are many ways to make yourself stand out from the crowd of candidates, such as making a blog, listing your writing experiences and expertise in the writing field, having clients leave back feedback on your profile, etc.

    Here's my technique to enticing clients: I say what I can deliver, and what they want to see.

    Before I write a proposal to a potential client, I look at their job listing and what they demand for a writer and assess whether or not I am the person they are looking for. If I am, then I proceed to tell them that I can deliver the job and how.

    Honest and simple as that.

    It does seem like it is common sense, but some writers opt for jobs so much higher than what they can do that sometimes, if they're not so lucky, end up with a dissatisfied client and a terminated job.

    Agree or disagree? Got any more tips and suggestions to give?

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