How do you find inspiration for writing?

Discussion in 'Freelance Writing Challenges' started by Ana Dilan, May 26, 2017.

  1. Ana Dilan

    Ana Dilan New Member

    I am a freelance writer and I am always trying to find inspiration. If you happen to have a writer's block, get away from the computer for a couple of hours. Go for a walk to clear your head and try again later.
    I discovered that I have more inspiration when I am working outdoors. I love to be in the nature when I write.
    Another good tip is to start working early in the morning. Complete most of your work then because your power of concentration will be higher during the first hours.
    How do you find inspiration for writing?
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  2. Vyck

    Vyck New Member

    For me, nights are when I'm at my best. I cannot write in the mornings for my life. I also love writing outdoors. If I cannot go outdoors, I love listening to music while writing. Some good instrumental music usually helps me keep motivated and inspired
  3. ZoeEllen

    ZoeEllen New Member

    I also work better at night. I find I don't have much motivation during the day, and writers block starts becoming a nightmare! Music I find very inspiring, as well as taking a break from the laptop. I find if I'm online for too long then I start to get bored and start to lose motivation.
  4. hwarren126

    hwarren126 New Member

    As a rule, I will get a jolt of inspiration from going on a sightseeing ride here in rural North Carolina. We are only a few hours from the Atlantic Ocean one way and a few hours from Asheville and the mountains the other way. Plus the natural beauty of the rolling hills along the way will most often set my mind going in a new direction that puts some words where they need to go.
  5. SimplyD

    SimplyD New Member

    I have my full-time job, so finding an inspiration for writing is a must. I don't have actually so much time to think of what I write.
    However, on my way to the office or even in going home already, I have time to ponder on things while the jeepney I am riding is on the road. Usually, the sights that I see, the people on the road or my co-passengers inside the jeepney, gives me the topics to write.
    I would jot down a word or two in my mobile. Then, when I arrive home I would expound them using my iPad.
    Sometimes also whenever I go out, I would take pictures of anything I find interesting. From those pictures, I would make topics also.
    My everyday experiences in life is an inspiration for me too, to make topics.
    When I am sharing my experiences in life, I type so fast on my laptop or on my iPad.
    Sometimes too, I make another topic out of the discussions I get from writing sites.
    Actually, we can get a lot of topics from the things and people we see and encounter every day.
  6. Kanderson

    Kanderson New Member

    My best ideas seem to come to me at the least opportune moments. I almost always have brilliant thoughts in the shower where it's nearly impossible to write anything down (unless you count writing in the steam on the window which I have done). Basically, if it's an inconvenient moment, I will have the best idea ever.
  7. smresar

    smresar New Member

    Keep Calm and Manufacture Inspiration

    Hi all,

    I'm new to this forum and would first like to say hello. Next, writers finding writers to share with and to peer review with is an excellent start to keep away the dreaded inspiration leech. Since each one of us has a unique set of circumstances finding inspiration will be different for all. For myself, I need to view my creative writing projects as writing tasks. I organize them just as if they were client jobs. I organize, sort, outline, and research. Then I begin to fill (write) in the blanks until I have nothing more to add under a particular bullet point. Soon, I find that I have a decently organized roadmap (outline), and that is what I consider my zero draft.

    Draft one is where I begin to look hard at the character arc's, and more deeply into my characters personas. I find that having solid knowledge of the archetypes helps a great deal as the writing progresses, changes and evolves. In screenwriting, we call the first draft, the vomit draft. It's terrible, and we know it. Writing is rewriting so don't get wrapped around the axle. It's a process—small bites only. And, remember to outline. Outlines can be as simple as bulleted lists or as complex as using a dedicated software tool. Find what works best for you and keep calm and write on.

    Nice meeting you.
  8. Sweetdays

    Sweetdays New Member

    I think taking a break and working on something completely different can really help. That might mean switching to another writing piece, watching some TV, or leaving the house for a bit. When you come back to your writing, you can then get a fresh start!
  9. Reyginus

    Reyginus New Member

    I look around things and it is solved. I look at the furniture, the kitchen or whatever is around me. The kids playing around, the trees, the buildings, everything. Studying every aspect of life also gives one an edge over writers block.
  10. passionatewriter

    passionatewriter New Member

    Finding inspiration for writing starts with the discovery of oneself. It is always good to start your writing when you can concentrate with less distractions. For some that might be late in the night while for some that might be the early hours of the day. Everything goes down well when your mind is free from worries and lots of distraction.

    You can also learn to take a break from writing when you are experiencing writers block by engaging in fun and relaxing activities.
  11. Robbie626

    Robbie626 New Member

    I tend to search for purpose and having my voice heard for inspiration. These are essential elements to inspire yourself to write because if must have a purpose for writing a topic or expressing yourself. I have some key questions you should ask yourself before writing a formal academic paper or even an informal paper.

    1. What is my purpose to deliver to whoever is reading my paper?
    2. Why should anyone care that my ideas matter?
    3. Will my purpose and ideas writing this will help future generations?
    4. Will expressing my thoughts help my anxiety or depression?
    and so on...

    My greatest inspirations are to keep my readers open-minded and someday help society become a better place for everyone. In my point of view, no purpose of writing creates no inspiration to write.
  12. Savingthebees

    Savingthebees New Member

    You could use your life experiences as an inspiration, as because most of our thrilling and challenging moments make up who we are as a person. But i really like Charles bukowski and Chuck palahniuk,they are my inspiration on why i still write books and is planning to post an ebook soon. These men are a classic and geniuses in their own fields.
  13. Cristiane Santos

    Cristiane Santos New Member

    I work as a freelance writer for over 2 years and I am very happy professionally. Many people ask me how I can find inspiration to write. I usually say that being a successful writer requires more than inspiration. Writing requires discipline, commitment, and personal organization. I write every day and even though I'm not inspired to write, I sit down and just write. Usually, in the first 10 minutes, I write automatically and as I write I feel that I start to concentrate and the ideas start to flow better. The key is to not wait for inspiration. Just get one blank paper and write without thinking. The words will begin to pop into your mind and the ideas will always appear.
  14. sspi

    sspi New Member

    Most of the time I am assigned titles or keywords by the client himself. However, when I need to come up with something myself I do find it a bit difficult, especially since after several years you tend to run out of ideas even more I guess. A good way to go about it is to do some brainstorming, and also to do some research online so as to get some ideas, especially when it is related to a particular topic where there may already be plenty of articles for inspiration. If all else fails, I just keep away from my computer and try again later when my mind is fresher and ideas tend to come more easily.
  15. Humphrey Akwabi

    Humphrey Akwabi New Member

    How are you good people, I trust you are keeping well?

    I draw inspiration for writing from Mother Nature and all it has to offer. Early mornings are best for me to cast out a stage where I will form an outline for my draft. I am able to fully concentrate at this time and let ideas flawlessly pour out as I scribble away.

    One thing that helps with my concentration is sensual and cool classical music. It blocks away all distractions and helps me stay the course in drafting away my outline.

    Once the outline is ready, which is nothing more than a sketchy bullet point document, I take a break to refresh outdoors under a tree listening to the hustle and bustle of the birds and generally ingesting what nature has on offer. This is where I form characters and contextualize whatever i am writing. Essentially, nature provides fodder for my writing and it’s pretty much anything from a playful puppy to fighting cockerels etc. That’s where I draw my inspiration!
  16. munchi

    munchi New Member

    It all depends on what your writing about.Everything can help you once you have the topic in mind.Mine comes with cool music's,track by tracks I must pick points I need, or I go to the cool water sides to think.
    Jotting helps alot too.
  17. streettallest

    streettallest New Member

    I draw inspiration for writing in three ways

    Firstly, once I decide on the topic to write on, I go on to discuss or brainstorm on such topic with my fellow students. During the brainstorming section, I gets opened up to a lot of valuable ideas which I goes on to develop. I having this brainstorming section however, I make sure am in control of the discussion so as to achieve my aim.

    Secondly, I gets inspired by doing the writing itself. This has worked a lot for me also. I discovered that a lot of ideas starts coming to my mind when I starts writing. It really validates the saying that nothing moves until we make a move.
    Finally, I have written a lot of wonderful piece when I visits mother nature. Places like beaches, beautiful landscapes, new places have opened me up to a lot of inspiring topics and ideas I have developed in time past.

    I hope this helps!
  18. smarthands

    smarthands New Member

    As for me, I get inspiration and uninterrupted flow for writing when I am in a serene environment. It could be under the shades of rustling trees or in the quiet comfort of my study. I get ideas from nature, happenings around, and relatable personal experiences. I try not to get distracted, I pen down as much as it flows from my heart. However it could sometimes be in gushes or in trickles. It doesn't have to come all at once, that's what I've learned.
  19. dankol12345

    dankol12345 New Member

    I have always been someone who loves secluded places because I get inspired when am in a calm and comfortable place. And like most persons here said, the early hours of the day is usually perfect for critical thinking and quality writing. But more importantly, I get inspiration in weird places like in the toilet and of recent, I have been inspired to write by virtue of critical events and happenings around me, I find funny, touching or emotional. Also, I do get inspiration to write when I get angry sometimes.
  20. dahunsi

    dahunsi New Member

    Personally, I find inspiration from just anything. I do most of my work in my room, so to get inspired, I most likely have to get out a bit and see the outside world. All I've got to do is take a walk on the street and see other people in their normal and daily routines. From there, ideas just seem to come in. Other times, it could be much more difficult. These are times when I have topics or jobs that require extensive research or those jobs that I don't really know much about. If I get these, I might have to take a bath or a nap...or maybe even call a few friends to hang out. I get to clear my head and leave to open to new ideas. Eventually, they get to come. I believe people have different ways of getting ideas. It all comes down to doing something that makes you feel relaxed and calm. The ideas are usually there; you might just be too stressed to find them.
  21. mbrown1

    mbrown1 New Member

    Finding inspiration I think really depends on the person. I find inspiration in every day things. It can be as simple as driving down the road and seeing a dilapidated old farm house or a homeless person holding a sign. It can be anything which makes your mind race to the innumerable possibilities which could have lead to this happening or to what could happen later. It could be the shape of a cloud or a flat tire. I think writers are given the gift to see beyond what is just there to what could be there and to tell the story behind it. Finding inspiration is worked into who we are as people. Although, I will say when we let our normal lives clutter our minds, it can be much harder to find or be inspired to write, because we are bogged down. Working, raising kids, marriage, etc, all take their toll, but writing can also help with that if we just sit down and write. Another poster said it and I agree, it's just a matter of taking time to sit down and actually write.
  22. rheaperducut

    rheaperducut New Member

    As an freelance writer, finding inspiration would definitely motivates you to write. I do believe that everything in this world is inspiring not only to a writer but also to a natural individual whether a writer or a reader. It could be your family, you friends and anyone and anything that can inspires you to write. In my case, my one and only inspiration to write is my family. They are my source of happiness because I do believe that a happy writer writes the happiest writing.
  23. Armari28

    Armari28 New Member

    Inspiration can come from anywhere. It is just up to us on where we get our inspirations from. Having a full time day job, I get my inspirations on the little things that happens through my day to day activities. Creating new ideas and topics based on how my day went. Appreciating the view every time I travel from my house to the office. And ultimately, seeing the owns I love, the real people that I get not only my inspiration but my strength to keep on moving forward.
  24. peppy8

    peppy8 New Member

    Finding inspiration in writing can be through a lot of ways. Could be from experiences, books that you have read, movies that you have watched, from art, from your family, children or from your travels. To be passionate and motivated in writing is also crucial in order to achieve your goal in writing together with your inspiration. To love writing and doing it passionately yields great work.
  25. Johndaryl16

    Johndaryl16 New Member

    I am a writer and during the times that we are requires to write a creative writing in school, I just closed my eyes and suddenly my family popping up in my imagination and feels like they telling the thing that i should write.
  26. Beverlyn larita

    Beverlyn larita New Member

    Generally, I take a look at what’s happening around me with my friends, my peers, the world at large, and I try to tap into what’s inspiring. I think it’s important to really feel what your characters are going through, but also be able to separate your own reality from their fiction. For example, in my new book, which chronicles old college friends who reunite for an uneasy reunion, I could very much relate to characters at mid-life wondering where all the time had gone and questioning whether or not their lives lived up to their youthful expectations, but their stories are not mine. In fact, I find it much harder to write about something that is culled a little bit from my own life: too many of my own memories get in the way. So I guess I try to focus on what’s emotionally resonant to me (ie, turning 40 and all the existential stuff that comes with that) and then taking the leap to a fictional world. It’s kind of like therapy that way: put your characters through all the things you haven’t been through.
  27. Nazroth

    Nazroth Member

    It really depends what you are writing. But one general source of inspiration is nature. It always gives a relaxation that can open the mind to creativity and relaxation. One other thing is people. Understanding their lives and who they are, and the personality they embody makes them a living book. Get to know them and it is like reading a book. Getting into their lives and it is like living a book. There are many other things like God, family, events, art, and many more.

    VINROSE New Member

    Writing is so important and powerful for effective way of communication that can make a huge effect to a reader .
    Every one can write but there should be a inspiration to do it ,then how to find inspiration ? For me best source are reading, and the experiences .
    Most writer can get inspiration for writing from their experiences. Experiences is consider as best teacher ,therefore this is one of the best source. The writer can easily describe the details event, direction, and feelings what ever he want because they actually experience it.
    Reading is very powerful way of gathering any information you need ,it is the basic fundamental source of all knowledge in world, it has proven for many years. Many people become successful in their life through reading. Therefore writer need to read more to get inspiration to write.
  29. higbreeze

    higbreeze New Member

    There is a song by the Degenerated with the title "Johnny Can't Read Johnny Can't Write" The lyrics went on to say that Johnny's mind has been degenerated and vegetated.

    Yes, the song title says it clearly. So for me I get inspiration from reading and reading. Somehow we have to feed our minds to be able to draw something out from it.

    I am also a believer of journal writing in any form. Finance journal, one sentence journal or bullet journal. I just love them all. So when it comes to real writing I go back to them and find inspiration.

    Yet I normally welcome writer's block when it comes, I just let it pass and hope the word deadline does not exist. I just do new things like cooking a new dish, scouting a new herb to plant in my herb garden or simply cleaning the house. At times doing so brings back my writing juice easier than pushing my self to write.
  30. Adrienne Lessie

    Adrienne Lessie New Member

    I find my inspiration through certain types of music. For instance, if I want to be inspired to write a short horror story I listen to eerie music on Youtube. The ambiance instantly jogs my creativity and I am able to write for as long as the music sets the mood to what I want to covey on paper or Notepad. The factors of where you are and what's going on greatly influence your style and thought process. Writer's block is a scary thing indeed but overcoming it is hit and miss even with the right settings. When that does come about just sit it out and fill your day with something different. Sometimes change can be the right key to knocking writer's block out of the park!
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