How do you find inspiration for writing?

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  1. janey1129

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    I am a very observant person and even the most mundane thing can trigger the writer in me. Just now when i saw your post, it gave me an idea that when you write, it should come from deep within, something that brought out such strong emotions when you saw it. I am a young grandmom and just seeing that my grand daughter trying to sing and dance to something that she saw on t.v. made me see that i should be more careful in the things that she watches. We parents and caregivers to the young one's are responsible for what they become some day. Then as i was perusing the news on CBS, i felt sadness overwhelming me because of the shooting in Vegas. This tragedy brought out the protector in me thinking that there are a lot of crazy people out there and would hope to advocate real time measures for protecting the kids of today!
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    It can be frustrating to have a project deadline looming over your head, as you stare at a blank computer screen with an equally blank mind. This can be so upsetting because the harder you try to come up with something to write, the harder your mind plays at staying blank. Lucky for me I have devised a three-step strategy that helps me come up with inspiration for writing.

    The first step is to clear my work area of any distractions. No cell phones, no television in the background, no checking email and definitely no visitors. My work desk is usually as clean as a whistle with only my computer screen looking back at me. Having this clean working station allows my brain to focus on the task at hand and get the job done.

    The second step is to keep a notebook and jot down all the interesting and quirky things I see on a daily basis. You never know when you will need to write an article on a beached whale rescue. Thankfully, you had your trusty little notebook handy and jotted down some notes on how the rescue team got that gigantic whale back into the water safely.

    The third step is to stay current on the news locally and around the world. I make sure that I stay current on most current affairs and know what is going on. Following this step has really improved and increased my knowledge on local and international issues. I am now more comfortable and confident in writing about topics that I would have never tackled in the past.
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    Inspiration is a big factor in writing. It is the process of being mentally stimulated to do something creative. Experience is one of my inspiration, I consider that as my number one because I was able to express the feeling I encounter, the joy and the pain. If im aiming or want something, that serves as my inspiration. I need to focus on that thing or need to exert more effort for me to get it. I should be determined to what I want. I should know why I want it and for what that I want to have it. Finding or looking for something interesting, trying something new is also a way for me to find inspiration for writing.
  4. Leotwin2

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    What is something you can write about for hours and smile and laugh at your own comments? That would be your topic. Is there an interest that you keep searching, reading or even talking about and didn't notice? That is an inspirational subject for you. Is there something that your friends come to you for advice about all the time? You have an inspiring message somewhere!
  5. Krizzy

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    I seldom write. But once I do, I usually base it on my experience, or on what I feel during that moment. In that way, I find writing much easier, as everything would come out of my mind naturally. Most of the time my writings are just random thoughts, so they are short and simple.
  6. pager

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    Music music music. Nothing like it
  7. Ronald257

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    Inspiration can come at any time due to any number of factors. Usually, when I'm relaxed and in a good mood, ideas may flow so fast my writing speed may not be able to cope up. In that case, I try to write keywords. Others try to record their thoughts and write it later. Of course, prayer and meditation can help to bring a calmness that may trigger thoughts well worth writing. God is the source of wisdom and we can ask Him to teach us according to the book of James.
  8. Realistic

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    Iam inspired to write by the turmoil of my thoughts and feelings. Confusion to me is creativity. When in a mixed emotional situation I find thought racing through my mind. They are great ideas that I transform to interesting stories which obviously involves some emotional touch. Also observation makes me write a lot. As a kid I witnessed mum hit my dad. I expected a retaliation, from the current family feuds it was always the opposite. Dad didn't retaliate ,this observation made me have a different perspective in life. I had a burning sensation to write about it because I really wanted people to know my perspective. That's how my first written story came about.
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    Ideas comes to me everywhere when i am away from my computer, so i have to do a mental summary of what i want to write and how i want to write it, and as soon as possible i have to put it on a papper. With some luck, when i reach my computer i can shape the idea just as it was in my mind
  10. vy rose

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    Finding inspiration is a great step toward writing and producing great content. I find inspiration from reading widely. This gives me more interesting ideas that i write on. In the process, I also read inspiring stories that motivate me. I also find inspiration from listening to music as it helps me relax and focus more.
  11. Roma Delgado

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    When I was young, I cannot express myself well in writing. Maybe because I didn't have much experiences to share and to write. But now at my age, I encountered so many trials in life like: financial problem, family problem, marriage problem, and others. I just realized that those experiences I encountered in life made me tougher, wiser, and expressive in conversation orally and in writing. I just remember the quote: Experience is the best teacher. And, I think this is very true because I learned so much from my experiences. I join the postloop because I feel I'm equipped with so much energy and knowledge about anything due to my experiences. So, whenever I write something I always look back to my past and present and trying to figure out something that I learned from it and put it into writing. My experiences, God, and my loved ones are my inspirations in writing.
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    My inspiration just comes from within, maybe from experiences. I just write my thoughts and ideas about anything from the books I read, from the lessons I learned in life or from the lessons I learned from the people older than me. I think the best inspiration comes from within. When you are so full of love and dreams you become very inspired.
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    As someone who keeps on dreaming to be a professional author someday and materializing steps towards it, I draw inspiration from my experiences, family and favorite writers. I always make it sure that each stories and poems I'm doing have souls. Although I want to be the next and as amazing as J.K. Rowling, I must put in mind to create my style. I'm also driven by the fact that we are not in a stable state of living, inspiring me more to keep on moving. :)

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